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  1. Concerning Lower Decks site content

    All good ideas. My suggestion would be to look at forthcoming SciFi TV shows for the upcoming season and attempt to focus on one or two (or three). That way the OL / Lowerdecks can attempt to appeal to the mainstream audience of these new TV shows (assuming they are a hit and take off) before there is an overabundance of websites covering them. The OL itself isn't really 'Star Trek' centric anymore. Have some generic stylized skins created for the forum (one light / one dark).
  2. Star Trek Online

    Bumping thread. Has anyone seen the recently released STO video? It is looking pretty good. I know I am planning on picking this game up. Perhaps we should look at creating some sort of OL Group?
  3. Fringe - 1x18 - "Midnight"

    I gave this an Average rating. I quite liked the episode and like forst mentioned, the revelations learned worked well with the Monster-of-the-Week that made complete sense. Given the type of experiments that are being conducted, it made total sense for someone at some point to want it to stop. Because of this betrayal, they went after his family to keep him working for them. Makes sense to me. And, logical. (.. for Fringe) Nothing in the episode was particular startling, however. Hence, why I gave it an Average rating. It isn't like anyone should have been surprised that William Bell (Nimoy) was somehow going to be involved in ZFT. We've been given a number of hints throughout the series that Bell is far more involved in Fringe-esque type happenings than he may attempt to lead people to believe.
  4. I am so very torn about this show / episode. I have already stated a lot of my thoughts above. This is a show that I want to like but there is so much idiocy surrounding the characters and plot that it is hard to grasp. The premise of the show is phenomenal, yet they destroy it by creating a world that does not make any sense. Then, when you think some sense of the show is about to be redeemed the characters don't even follow established facts that were already shown. Argh! Okay. So, the finale has already been aired. Nothing can change that. But, is "Heroes" savable? If the whole "Claire's healing blood" thing was an oversight, why not somehow address it in the next season premiere? Obviously the body of Nathan would have been moved by Noah and Angela (or someone under their guidance) as way to preserve the fake-Nathan they created. So, lets have Noah and Angela attend some remote location - some sort of morque-like refrigeration unit where the body of real dead-Nathan is stored. With a vial of blood (presumably Claire's) a comment made that they hope this works. Blood is placed inside Nathan and voila Nathan is healed. He's back. Yes, this is a cheap cop out. But, what is worse? Using a cheap way to bring back a main character or have the characters not use an already established way to prevent death? The next issue? Well, we already saw the timeline advance three weeks and fake-Nathan starting to feel all Sylar like. To address this, upon Nathan being healed he's not quite himself. At first he's disgusted that anyone would have bothered to save him after what he had done / started. Secondly, he can't believe Noah and Angela would keep Sylar alive let alone have him parade around as himself. Angela attempts to urge him to take his Senator role back so that Sylar can be dealt with, but Nathan refuses to play her games. Due to the fake-Nathan's pull in the government, Angela refuses to have Sylar dealt with before Nathan 'comes around'. It's too risky. The Company is still in its infancy and any change could simply have all powered people become under attack by the government. She, of course in her typical manipulative ways, refuses to share with Noah the Sylar-isms that fake-Nathan is showing. In a fit of anger, the newly healed Nathan flys off. Angela and Noah are unsure as to where. *** Fast forward three weeks... Angry Tracy continues her killings seeking revenge against all who were against them. Noah and Peter are anxious to find out who are committing these killings and causes them to seek out all known water-related abilities. While Noah wants to imprison the more violent powered people, Peter is a bit more optimistic. He believes there is a better way. Fake-Nathan begins to remember Sylar (kinda). Reflections in the mirror. His hand starts to do its morphing thing, but stops before fully changing. Fake-Nathan knows something isn't right, but cannot quite put his finger on it. Tracy now goes after her fifth victim - Senator Nathan Petrelli. The confrontation does not go quite as expected when fake-Nathan doesn't quite realize who she is. He initially calls her Niki, which makes her wonder what type of game he is playing. Regardless, she wants her revenge - but, killing him like the others would be a bit too easy. She wants him to feel the pain she felt. Suffocating him with water, Fake-Nathan goes limp. She releases him and walks away about to go after her sixth. But, Fake-Nathan exhibits Sylar's healing ability - which startles them both. She attacks again, but this time Fake-Nathan is angry and attempts to resist her with even more effort. At this time, he exhibits Sylar's blue electric power - which, significantly hurts both Tracy and Fake-Nathan. As Tracy flees, Fake-Nathan watches the electricity burns on his body heal before him. In Tokyo (yes, time for our ambiguous Hiro / Ando time), Hiro is encouraging Ando to use his powers for good and to fight crime. I really have no use for either of these characters, so let's pretend when Ando gets himself in a bit of a 'situation' he his aided by another younger powered Hero. Finally we see the real Nathan walking through a jungle - being led by a smaller eager kid. As we come into a clearing, we find Nathan meeting up with the Haitian. When the Haitian asks what Nathan wants.. he simply asks for his help to stop Sylar once and for all. **** Ya, so I don't know. Throw in a few Claire scenes and maybe a Matt Parkman scene with him returning to his new family (?). Seems like a typical Heroes episodes to me.
  5. But, how eager will Peter be to touch another person with powers?
  6. Poor, poor Heroes. What has happened to thee? I did semi-enjoy this episode. I did like how the 'Heroes' were converging on a single mission (kinda) and they finally decided to take a proactive approach (finally working together) to try and take down Sylar. An argument could be that Peter and Nathan should have been much smarter in realizing that their flying powers aren't exactly a suitable match in fighting him, though. With the help of Angela and Noah, they should have been able to recruit a few others. Why not grab Ando and let us feast upon a scene where the blue lightening is attaching the red lightening? That could have been visually 'cool' to see. Why not let Hiro make the ultimate sacrifice and stop (or slow down) time for a better attach against Sylar? Have the finale end with Nathan dead and Hiro dying. That said, why not have Peter and Nathan grab a hold of Claire and use her as a human shield as they fly towards Sylar? A bit morbid, yes. But, hey she heals. We good have a nice scene with a scorched Claire healing herself. Yet another visually 'cool' moment. The problem I have with this show is that they've created this world yet don't seem to follow it. Let's face it. No matter how you look at it, Peter and Nathan with only their flying powers would be no match for Sylar and his buffet of powers. It would even have been more believable if they threw Matt into the mix to 'confuse' Sylar for a moment as they flew in. Argh... Claire's blood and its healing power is a huge misstep. This is something the writer's created as a scapegoat. Their first mistake was healing Noah with it way back when. That was the first issue. Nathan dying.. fine. I have no problem with that. Claire's blood being able to heal.. okay, I can deal with that. But, why make it be able to bring people back from the dead (a la Noah) and then not use it to save Nathan? They should have originally said that Claire's blood can heal.. but only when the brain is still active. Not the best way to explain it, but then they could have had the scene with Noah where he was shot in a critical area, but still having brain activity when Claire saved him. As for Nathan. Him dying in the fight with Sylar.. understandable. His flying powers suck against him. Sylar becoming Nathan. Hmm.. another dumb move. I can understand Angela's motivations, but what about Noah? If I had to deal with that situation, I would have made Sylar think he is Nathan.. let fake Nathan go speak with the President and "set things straight". Once things are set, I would kill fake Nathan. Surely fake Nathan without the full realization of his powers would be easy enough to deal with. Yes, it would suck. Yes, Angela would be pissed. But, come on. Whether or not "Sylar" is gone for good (memory wise), his powers are still in fake Nathan and have evidently already begun to exert themselves. It would only be a matter of time before fake Nathan is unable to control his 'thirst' for powers. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. So, let's see... next season: (my predictions) 1. Fake-Nathan acting strangely.. Angela / Noah / Matt worried. 2. Tracy is back. Angry. Killing people. 3. Noah starting up the company.. again. 4. Peter working with Noah to stop the violent powers. 5. Peter / Noah try to stop Tracy before people begin to blame powered people. 6. Hiro's health is constantly questioned. His powers begin to go out of control. 7. Mohinder attempts to help Hiro. Perfects the way to remove Hiro's powers. Hiro objects. Ando insists.
  7. Meh. Smallville bores me.
  8. Heroes - 3x24 - "I Am Sylar"

    I believe had they stuck to the idea that Sylar was simply unable to control his 'thirst' for powers and it was this thirst that ultimately led him to murdering all those people, than an argument could be made for some level of redemption. But, this continuous back and forth that they portray Sylar as simply makes him a psycho where people stop caring and no longer view him as a victim of his own powers. Thus, making him unworthy of redemption.
  9. Drive to Revive the Observation Lounge

    I think it rhymes, but yes.. it does have a good rhythm to it.
  10. Fringe - 1x17 - "Bad Dreams"

    I voted Best of the Best. Great episode. Loved it. We learned more about Olivia's (Olive's) past - which seems to make clear she was, in some fashion, being recruited to be a soldier in the forthcoming parallel war. The emotion-control guy gave us plenty of "The Happening" type scenes - which were again great. Let's be honest here. The episode went from being Great to being Amazing at simply hearing Nimoy's voice on the old video.
  11. Fringe - 1x17 - "Bad Dreams"

    Apparently forst missed this and created his own thread. Simple delete and/or merge.
  12. Fringe - 1x17 - "Bad Dreams"

    I guess I should just stop creating threads on these episodes. I think I'm stepping on forst's toes!
  13. Remember when....

    haha.. I remember that. I believe you also used it explain all the mispronunciations of your name.
  14. Just saying hello (first post)

    Welcome to the board JoeyJam. Usually The Bronze forum is used for the 'Welcome' posts and simply hanging out with other members, but no worries. Where are you from? Canada.. USA.. ?
  15. Heroes - 3x24 - "I Am Sylar"

    He was the guy who had his power taken by Sylar tonight. His character could shatter / disintegrate and object.