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  1. Star Trek Trivia: Trivia Wolf 359

    StarTrekFans.net is having a special Star Trek trivia event. It's called Trivia Wolf 359 and it will be conducted for the entire month of June. Everyone is welcome to play. The amount of points everyone makes during this month will be tallied. Honors will be given to the first, second and third place winners with the most points earned during the month. Play Trivia Wolf 359 and win Star Trek DVD's! First prize - Star Trek Fan Collective - Borg Second Prize - Star Trek: Insurrection Third Prize - Star Trek: Nemesis Click Here For Overview Prize Info (For general rules & guidelines Click Here.) Questions & comments can be sent to trivia@startrekfans.net The competition will have four message board trivia weeks: • Week 1--- Starts on Friday, June 2nd and runs through Saturday, June 10th. (Please submit answers to this week BEFORE 8:00 PM, EST, on Saturday. The sooner the better.) • Week 2---Starts on Saturday, June 10th and runs through Saturday, June 17th. (Same as before, and from here on out.) • Week 3--- Starts on Saturday, June 17th and runs through Saturday, June 24th. • Week 4--- Starts on Saturday, June 24th and runs through Saturday, July 1st. This gives everyone plenty of time to be able to participate. (We are sure you can spare a few minutes sometime every week.) To play you will need to be a member of StarTrekFans.net. You can do so by Clicking Here. We hope you join in.
  2. StarTrekFans.net will host a special chat room session with Roger Nygard, director of Trekkies 2, this Sunday [4/18] at 2:00pm EST! StarTrekFans.net's "Trek-News-Talk" is planning for many more special guests...
  3. Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition

    Star Trek Enterprise Petition http://www.startrekfans.net/petition/
  4. Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition

    Arcade Games - Click Here Here you can play arcade style Flash or Java games (there are some neat flash games if you click that link) StarTrekFans.net Chatroom Link (Non-members can access chatroom) Because the startrek.com chat room is closed many of the startrek.com chat room regulars are now using the startrekfans.net chat room . . . and you are more then welcome to join in Hope you join the community
  5. Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition

    I'm glad that all of you like it. When we add some more stuff to the site (and we are in the progress of doing so) then I'll be sure to post it. I hope some of you consider joining the community (as a second community you can go to besides this one - which btw - I think is a good community... complements to the chief).
  6. Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition

    Ferengi Rules of Acquisition (including Zek's Revised Rules) StarTrekFans.net recently added the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition to its community. It also includes audio sound bites. Note: You need to have flash to view the rules Click Here Please note that it is a work in progress, but I would what like to know what all of you think. The Community - StarTrekFans.net Sample of the Neat Posting Features - http://www.startrekfans.net/index.php?act=...f=36&t=713&st=0 StarTrekFans.net's Global Web Award:
  7. StarTrekFans.net Upgrade

    I’m sorry to post under this topic again, but StarTrekFans.net just won a Golden Web Award! If you go to the following address you can see conformation of this http://www.goldenwebawards.com/cgi-bin/sea...s.net&command=1 The admin (VBG) and all the mods have made that community really feel like a family.
  8. StarTrekFans.net Upgrade

    We've upgraded to Invision's v1.2 software along with some extra modification (like someone’s trivia rank showing, spell check, and more). Everyone is invited to come check out the board and any suggestions or comments will be more then welcomed. http://www.StarTrekFans.net Edit: Here are some of our posting features: (These posting features still work with our new version) http://www.startrekfans.net/index.php?show...wtopic=713&st=0 I hope you check it out
  9. StarTrekFans.net

    I understand that. I too can’t go to multiple boards all the time. Sometimes I am able to go to two maybe three (if it is a easy week), but other then that I don’t have the time. But keep StarTrekFans.net in mind, please
  10. StarTrekFans.net

    I’m glade to see you all like it! Of course if there are any suggestions it would be more then welcomed Anyone else interested in joining (or joining for the role playing / games / trivia / Klingon language / . . . )?
  11. StarTrekFans.net

    Do you like it? Any comments or suggestions from anyone?
  12. StarTrekFans.net

    StarTrekFans.net For another great community go to StarTrekFans.net It is a medium sized community growing fast. It has lots of neat features and people to chat to about Star Trek. We have people learning how to speak Klingon, we have Star Trek games, trivia, role playing, and more. I hope you check it out!