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  1. 15 (!) years later...

    What's up, everybody. I was recently going through files on an ANCIENT memory stick and found a bunch of things related to my time at section31.com (the 2nd iteration, not the first that eventually became this site). That got me thinking about how it was now been somewhere around 15 (!!!) years since I first discovered the original section31.com, which inspired a huge nostalgia kick. I'm so glad to see this place is still around and kicking.
  2. I was on a nostalgia kick tonight and started trying to find all the old sites I used to visit and post on back in the 2002-2005 days. I know I never posted very much here since most of my Trek time was spent on the reincarnation of Section 31 and its Helix board, but I am so, so happy to see that this site still exists. It's essentially the only one I visited that's still around in any form, and it makes me happy.
  3. Drive to Revive the Observation Lounge

    I have no idea. A quick attempt at typing it into my address bar didn't work, but I have no clue what the ultimate fate of that place was. I haven't really talked to any of the old group from there in at least a few years.
  4. Official Star Trek (2009) Discussion Thread

    All very good points, although I still don't really buy Nero's motivation. He was a "simple miner" before Romulus was destroyed, and he feels an intense hatred towards Spock for "allowing" his wife to die and he seeks revenge by destroying Vulcan. This is understandable, although not very well fleshed out in the actual script that just didn't give Bana enough screen time to establish much of a character. And yes, there are lines about him believing the Federation just stood by and watched it happen, but they just feel like empty lines. At no point does the script ever give Bana enough to work with to make me believe he is angry enough to want to basically destroy the entire Federation. I understand on an academic level what these motivations are, but the actual movie itself doesn't succeed (in my opinion) in establishing them with any real credibility. Like I said, though, the plot comes second to the character work in this movie, and the character work is an incredible success. So I can let it slide and still enjoy this movie, I just hoped for more.
  5. Official Star Trek (2009) Discussion Thread

    I'm not sure if I should post this in this thread or the other one a little farther down, but as this one has seen more recent activity, I'll just put it here. This is my review of Star Trek (2009), based on two viewings (one on opening day, one a few weeks later). I have very mixed feelings about this movie. Let's start with the good, of which there is quite a fair bit. The casting choices and character interpretations from the cast were surprisingly excellent (with one notable exception that I'll discuss below). These are iconic characters fully ingrained into popular culture, and for the casting decisions and character interpretations to succeed as fully as they did is, in my opinion, a phenomenal achievement that is significantly underestimated and overlooked. Going hand-in-hand with this is the degree to which the story focused on its characters - particularly the relationships between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy - but even among the "lesser" characters as well. I thought the choice to pair Spock and Uhura romantically was a bit of a gamble that ultimately did pay off, for the relationship between these two characters as they are portrayed in the script and by the actors on screen works better than one would expect based on the original Nimoy/Nichols version of the characters. This movie managed to walk a very fine line between imitation on one side and outright disrespect for the original vision of the characters on the other side - I honestly did not expect such a success at this tight-rope act, but this is really the crown achievement of this movie. There was plenty of other good things as well, including the special effects (finally Star Trek has looked the way I always imagined it could given the right budget and production team), the gravitas added by the presence of Nimoy, the tastefully done nods to what has come before ("I have been, and always shall be, your friend," etc), Michael Giacchino's score (he's no Jerry Goldsmith, but the score is competent and the main theme fits the mood and tone of the movie quite well), and the overall high production values compared to previous Trek films. However, with all that said, I also find significant flaws in this film. First and foremost is the clunky plot. The plot comes second to the characters in this film, but no movie can succeed without a plot that is at least serviceable. The exposition relating to the plot itself falls unbelievably flat. Apparently there is some giant shock wave headed for Romulus, Spock promises to stop it with red matter (in other words, plot device #166349), fails, Eric Bana's pale imitation of a Romulan villain misses his wife, wants revenge, destroys Vulcan, and than decides that wasn't enough and wants to take out Earth next. I can ignore the awful science, cheesy plot devices (red matter?), and horrible exposition (whatever happened to the old movie axiom "show, don't tell?"). What I can't ignore, however, is the same complaint I had with Nemesis - suspect motivation on the part of the villain. Just like I found it difficult to follow Shinzon's logic that the only way to pay back those pesky Romulans for casting him into Reman exile was to destroy the Federation, I also found it difficult to follow Nero's similar logic. The motivation for his actions just wasn't there, and even those actions that did have motivation (destroying Vulcan) were not fully fleshed out. I don't really fault Bana for this, his character just wasn't given much to work with in a script that forgot it needed a story to go with its excellent character work. I had other quibbles, but the only other one worth mentioning was Simon Pegg's Scotty. I liked all of the other character interpretations, and I generally enjoy Pegg's work in other, more comedic films, but I just didn't buy him as Scotty. It just didn't work for me. So, overall, I have mixed feelings. It could have been better, but it could have been much, much worse. I'm sure I'll be in line for the sequel whenever it comes out in the future.
  6. Drive to Revive the Observation Lounge

    Hey there Waterloo, nice to see a familiar face. Well, a familiar alias at least. Yeah, all the drama with my (admittedly poorly handled) departure from Section 31 and the Helix and the way I was absolutely villified over there, along with a declining interest in Trek and most other garbage sci-fi out there today, kind of turned me off to being part of here or the helix for a long while. Some random impulse when I ran out of sites to visit the other night to continue my procrastination sent me here to see if the place still existed. I'm glad it does. I might try to participate in some of the discussions.
  7. Drive to Revive the Observation Lounge

    Word reached my ears of a drive to revive a certain message board that was never my prime hangout back in the glory days of my youth, but was my favorite place to lurk. I'm glad to see this place is still alive and kicking! p.s. Check out that signature. Was that really 6 and a half years ago?
  8. section31/helix no more?

    In the grand scheme of things, probably very few people care if that site is gone. Which site was the "real" Section 31 always seemed a silly debate to me. Each site had its content, loyal members, and BBS communities. Who had the more legitimate claim to a name never really mattered as far as I was concerned. Those of us old enough to remember the Tim Hansen days will always remember and appreciate the role he (and all the members and staffers of the original S31) played in the history of Trek fan sites. EDIT: Wow. My signature really shows how long it's been since I was active on this and other message boards I used to post on...
  9. section31/helix no more?

    I do! You were one of the very first people I ever remember posting with way back... what was it, 5 years ago? Time sure does fly.
  10. section31/helix no more?

    Oh well, it was worth a try. I haven't really visited any of the old Trek message boards I used to post on in awhile, and have lost touch with all the people I met through them, so I didn't know where else to try. I passed by there as a guest once or twice a year, on average. Same here, as a matter of fact. Was just surprised to see it was suddenly completely gone. My departure from the Helix staff and membership might not have been the smoothest, to put it mildly, but there was a time several years ago where that site, along with a few others, occupied a significant portion of my free time. The nostalgic part of me just wondered where it went.
  11. section31/helix no more?

    Don't really know where else I might possibly find people who know the answer to this, so... anybody know what happened to Section31.com and/or the Helix BBS?
  12. Section 31

    To set the record straight: Despite what is being said about us at the Helix, there was no malicious intent on the part of Omega or myself. The reasons for leaving are not important, but at no point did either of us mean to disrupt the Helix. The fact that all of our posts and topics were deleted was an unintended consequence of our actions, regardless of what some would have you believe.
  13. Section 31

    Let me tell you, it's always a very bizarre thing to come across a thread on a message board you lurk on from time to time (but very rarely post) and see your name coming up repeatedly. And not just your online alias either, but your real name. Creeped me out a bit... Just to clear up some stuff with the open-again closed-again nature of S31 - this is the second time the site "shut down." If my memory serves me correctly the first was actually due mostly to Michael Austin growing tired of dealing with running the Helix, and once other staff members stepped up and took that off his hands, he decided to keep the main site aspect going. This most recent was the second time it happened, and the site would have closed if I didn't come up with this crazy idea to offer to keep it alive. Basically, it came to me not wanting to see all of the hard work our various site contributors have invested just disappear (and of course it was slightly selfishly-motivated, as I have some of my own work on there I wanted to see remain online!) Although I did visit Tim's old S31, I wasn't at all involved in the OL so I don't know any of the politics and such behind the site closing down. I hope that there are no hard feelings to the point that prevents anyone from here at the OL from visiting the current incarnation of S31. I don't pretend it is anywhere near as good of a Star Trek website as the original S31 - that site will live forever in the legends and memories of those of us that visited it - but there is a nice (and always growing) amount of material and information to play around with on the current version.
  14. Section 31

    There are plans in the works to continue the site, at least in some form or another. Hopefully, not all will be lost.
  15. Quarks on Deep Space Nine

    Thanks for the feedback!