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    It's a fad.
  2. Official Star Trek (2009) Discussion Thread

    Hey cool, a Star Trek movie. I think I'll check it out.
  3. Caption This 2009 - Round One

    1. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - "Invasive Procedures" "Jadzia, I'm afraid we're going to have to replace your symbiont with a potato." 2. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock "So it turned out Spock was hiding under the table the whole time!" 3. Star Trek - "The Apple" "This is how we dance in the old country!" 4. Star Trek: Enterprise - "Chosen Realm" "Lousy mildew." I guess the round was over a long time ago.
  4. ^ Awesome show. I kind of like the Lena Headey Sara Conner. It's different, but she makes it her own.
  5. Last Movie You Saw

  6. Occurence

    Star Trek: Phoenix-X Occurence, Part II (Kugo runs out to the Bridge, noticing the lights and panels slowly stop blinking. The Symbiont glances over at her) -Symbiont-: Pointy-eared woman! Kugo: ...What the heck are you? Lox: It's the Commander. -Symbiont-: That's right. You take orders from me, no matter what form I'm in! Do you understand? Okay, now, see if you can figure out what's causing these Ship distortions. Kugo: That is what I already am doing. But what are you? Lox: Since the Commander is a Trill, the Gordarions decided to do some experimenting on him... This is what the outcome was; his Symbiont became self-sentient and able to talk and move around. Kugo: How terrible! Where is the Commander? Lox: He's in Sickbay with a gaping hole in his stomach. -Symbiont-: How dare you all speak of me like that!? I will bite everyone's kneecaps! (The two Androids who are RaeLuna's companions, follow both RaeLuna and Ensign Dan as all four of them are sneaking through the Shadowed Ship. They are barely noticed by the aliens in this shadowed universe. Just then, Ensign Dan asks about RaeLuna's species) RaeLuna: Well, I'm half Human, half Klokian. Ensign Dan: Okay, okay. You don't have to go into a whole detailed explanation. RaeLuna: Don't I? You see the Klokian species is a reptilian-like people with extremely unbreakable thick skin that kills omnipotent-beings upon touch. Ensign Dan: Wow! I once had a lizard that gave me a fungus disease, but it doesn't compare to that. (He reads his tricorder, not recognizing any of the shadowed Aliens or the technology) RaeLuna: Hmm. It appears that your tri-corder claims these people as unknown. I suppose an explorer such as yourselves on the Phoenix-X see unknowns like these all the time. Ensign Dan: Us on Phoenix-X, explorers? Hahahahaha! That's a good one. I never realized how funny you were. (The small sluggish Symbiont continues to Command the Phoenix-X) -Symbiont-: You! Recalibrate the calibration tools! You! Swab the Deck! Elly: But it's carpeted, sir. -Symbiont-: I said, swab it!! (The EMH and Lox crouch aside continuing intense scans of the Symbiont) Lox: Oh my God. According to my tri-corder, I'm picking up energy traces of that strange Rift inside the Symbiont. EMH: How did Rift-material get inside of him? Lox: Good question. (Just then, the Symbiont fades away. It looks around suddenly noticing the whole ship falling into Shadow. Lox and the EMH are in shadow aswell) -Symbiont-: Ahh! Help me! (There's no response until the shadow effect falls and everything turns back to normal. Lox and the EMH see the Symbiont fade back to normal) Lox: Commander! Are you okay? -Symbiont-: I think so. Man, I need to lay off the breakfast burritos. Lox: It looks like the Rift-material is causing you to fade in and out. We'll need to conduct more scans before I know what to do... but it's safe to say that you're not safe at the moment. (Meanwhile, on the Shadowed ship, RaeLuna accesses her tricorder deciphering the shadowed Alien's language in the universal translator. They suddenly can understand them) -Bojerk: WwWhat are those other faded Ships out there!? In all my years roaming the Rockono Galaxy, I have never been so angry at something I don't understandDd. Ensign Dan(accessing his tricorder): Weird! What is shadowed to them is real to us... and what's shadowed to us is real to them! RaeLuna: Wait! He said something about some other Galaxy. I think it was the Rockono. Ensign Dan: I've never heard of that Galaxy. RaeLuna: Neither have I, but it may be a big clue as to where we are right now. Ensign Dan: Oh mystery of mysteries! What is the connection?? RaeLuna: Maybe that's where we are at the moment. Ensign Dan: Nah. (On the planet Narendra III, Kayl adapts to routine. She collects food from the rainforest, while the liquid Captain remains in containment in the medical Shuttle. --Across the forest, the Larvekken Ship is almost all back online while Kayl enters the Bridge casually to use their weak communications systems. She finds that there is a nearby Klingon Outpost) Kayl: I knew it! Hey, wait a second. I think I'm detecting Ship's near it... One of them seems to be Federation! Atekkaen(walks by): Do you often talk to yourself in monologue? (Kayl links up a subspace communication that turns out distorted) Kayl: This is Lieutenant Kayl of the Starship Phoenix-X! Two officers down on a deserted Planet, need immediate assistance!! **Rachel: Ttthis is Ccca--pta-nnn Rrr--achel Garrett --of thhe F--dderatt--on Sttttar---ship E--rrr---ppp---!!! Ship under attack by Romulans, need immediate assistance!! (Kayl turns off communications in despair) Kayl: Oh man. (Aboard the disabled Gordarion large egg-shaped starship, Matt and the Away Team approach two large doors. Matt accesses his Armlet, using an adaptive deciphering program to unlock to the door) GoyCho: We're in! Matt: Yeah I know. You don't have to get so excited about it. (The six of them slowly enter the next room, which is empty, but filled with arbitrary tall doorway frames everywhere. The Away Team's previous weird echoing fades away) Don: I have a bad feeling that I'm one of those extra characters that gets killed off first. (Kortos kneels down, finding one of the Slipstream Torpedo Casings stolen from the Phoenix-X) GoyCho: It's ours. What do the Gordarion's intend on doing with our technology? Targon: And what do they want with this squirrel dispenser, that shoots out squirrels? Grath: Who knows! But perhaps one of these door frames will give us an answer. (He accesses one of the Frames, causing an energy field to be activated within the Frame's doorway. Through the doorway they suddenly see a vast arctic World!) Matt: It's a portal to another Planet. All these Frames must be portals to other Planet's! Whoa. Grath: You assume too much. But that's okay because I assumed that too. Matt: How did they make these Portals? They are a lot like the Iconian gateways discovered by Starfleet a while back. Perhaps these are Iconian gateways too. Targon: If that is so, then these Gordarions are big time technology thieves. Big!! (Kayl is walking through the rainforest when suddenly the Larvekken Ship hovers up into the sky, and leaves the Planet without telling her) Kayl: Damn! I knew I shouldn't have jokingly faked my death in front of them. (Alas, she enters the crashed medical Shuttle, Angel Wing, to visit the liquidized Captain) Kayl: I can't stop thinking about that Captain Garrett. I know I heard about her from somewhere... --Computer, what Ship is Rachel Garrett currently assigned to? **Computer: She is not currently assigned to any Federation post. History records Rachel Garrett was killed on duty in 2344. Kayl: That's weird... (The liquid Captain bubbles in anticipation in its Glass Tube as if it were trying to say something) Kayl: That's weird too. (The Phoenix-X sits 1700 metres away from the Rift) -Symbiont-: Okay, so we've determined those malfunctions weren't caused by the Armond Virus Hologram. Kugo: No, I determined that. You just sat there! -Symbiont-: Well I have nubby arms. Kugo: Uggh. Anyway, remember what Theseus said? That Captain Jet on the U.S.S. Shark developed the Armond Virus Hologram. Maybe he had something to do with making this Armond Hologram a virus? Armond: Good idea. I'm contacting Jet now. (A moment later, the screen clicks on to a long-range subspace communication with the Shark) *Jet: Hahahaha. Good evening, Phoenix-X. Yes it was me who adapted that Virus to your Armond Hologram! He was meant to be a replacement, but I added the virus part. I was adhering to my personal goals. Kugo: Which are? *Jet: To expose you, Phoenix-X. I'll expose you yet!!! Hahahaha! Armond: Very conniving. But guess what... It was me who poured an unusual yellow substance into your coffee. Hahahaha! (All of a sudden, the screen statics off. The lights and panels start blinking all over the Ship again. Something bad has just happened, because Red Alert goes on. ---They're notified the Omega Bomb is acting up) Borishnikov: We have to neutralize it's hyper-data link with the particle. Hurry! (They rush to the Torpedo Bay where the Omega Bomb is bulging under its own pressure. Kugo opens it up finding different coloured lasers between motherboards) Kugo: Oh man! We should have never chosen to keep this Bomb safe. I mean, who volunteers to protect a Bomb with the Omega molecule inside of it?? Yeltso: We did. And now we must deal with the consequences! Kugo: Fine! But which one do I neutralize? Red laser, or green laser? Red laser, or green laser? Borishnikov: Uhhh... the red laser! (She places her hyper-spanner to the red laser, neutralizing it. The Omega Bomb is calmed down, along with most of the other Systems on the Phoenix-X) Kugo: Phew... We did it. Yeltso: Crisis averted. Well done. (Suddenly, the Omega Bomb is beamed out by the Gordarions) Yeltso: Crisis not averted. That was not well done. Kugo: I out-rank you, miss. So I order you to keep this shame a secret. (The Symbiont leaps onto the holo-Control Panel at the back to figure out what's going on. He taps at the buttons, having to jump to reach some of the further ones) -Symbiont-: Since my crew is inept. I will have to figure this out. Phinly: Yes, sir. -Symbiont-: So far the Omega Bomb, the communications array, and the mp3-downloading device are inoperatable. This only brings me to one conclusion... The Phoenix-X is a piece of junk! Phinly: Shouldn't the conclusion by that all the malfunctions are being caused by our Subspace equipment? -Symbiont-: You'd like that wouldn't you? You really would! Phinly: But that actually is the cause... Look at these readings! -Symbiont-: Upt--upt-- I will decide when to look at those readings. (Meanwhile, on the Shadow Ship, the shadowed Crew finally notices RaeLuna, Ensign Dan and the Androids) -Derce: I dunno about you, but I'm noticing four strange beings over there in the hallway. -Bojerk(looks over): Oh, uhh, yeah I noticed. I was just waiting to see if you would. Yeah. That's right. Yeah. (RaeLuna, Ensign Dan, and the Androids start making their way to the transporter room) Ensign Dan: We have to get out of here! RaeLuna: That's what we're doing. Your reactions are so delayed. Ensign Dan: But I mean now! RaeLuna: Very well. Let's go. (The Phoenix-X moves in closer to the Rift, getting ready to beam them out. A weird high-pitched noise is heard suddenly) Armond: Does anybody else hear that? -Symbiont-(at Helm): Yeah but I'm ignoring it. (The computers and systems malfunction while small harmless Tears in subspace occur all over the Ship, and on the Bridge in the air) Lox: Subspace Tears! Armond, do something! Armond(looking around): I am. I'm looking at the cool Tears. (Kayl sits bored, beside the glass tube with the liquid Captain inside. The Angel Wing computer is currently scanning the Narendra Sector for Federation Time Beacons) Kayl: You know Captain, I think I want to have kids one day. I just hope I'm not stuck alone on this Planet forever. You know what I mean? (The liquid Captain bubbles in response) Kayl: Okayy... (Suddenly the computer beeps indicating it found a distant Time Beacon) Kayl(gets up): Finally. Maybe I'll at last know if it's lunch or not. (On the Bridge of the Phoenix-X, the Symbiont suddenly phases out again. Everything around him turns to shadow) -Symbiont-: Aaahh!! I hate when this happens. Oh well, I guess it's for the best. (He suddenly has a craving for breakfast burritos. Also, a man from the Shadowed Ship suddenly beams in; in front of him) Derce: I come from the Ship you see in shadow. -Symbiont-: Aahh!! Oh yeah? Well I come from the Ship that can kick your ass. Derce: You have... terrible first contact procedures. (Those of the Infiltration Team are brave enough to enter some of the Portals to the other Worlds. Matt enters a tropical swamp Planet, where a crowd of aliens are cheering on ski-pod racers at their starting line of a racing event. Matt tracks through knee high water, where he finds a Gordarion adapting a Transwarp coil to one of the pods) Matt: Hey that belongs on the Phoenix-X! (He uses his Armlet to fire a black energy ball into the Gordarion, sending him flying into another guy on a ski-pod. Matt takes the coil and heads back through the Portal back into the Room) Matt(looks at the coil): I hope I remember where this goes. (The shadowed Guards on the Shadowed Ship catch up to RaeLuna, Ensign Dan and the Androids. They grab for Ensign Dan's arm, but their hands slowly phase through. They try grabbing again, and through increasing friction are able to get some kind of hold on Ensign Dan) Ensign Dan: Ahhh!!! I'm being captured by shadows! Trunks(just watching): One of them is trying to go inside you and posses you. (Ensign Dan runs around in circles. While kicking a shadow Guy back, RaeLuna puts her mind onto figuring out why the alien Ship is so faded) RaeLuna: If these guys are in another Galaxy right now, then that Galaxy must be existing on a sub-plane of existence! It stands to chance that their Galaxy is passing through ours. Perhaps this Rift is evidence of a minor fold in both Galaxies' interception. Sub Zero: Or perhaps they have bad colour sense? That's the more obvious theory to put your mind to. (The four of them are beamed into Transporter Room 2 of the Phoenix-X. They notice the noisy Subspace Tears opening up everywhere as they make their way to the Bridge) Trunks: We came at a bad time. Sub Zero: Oh well. Just whatever you do, don't touch their personal Subspace Tears. Remember how you broke that vase on the last Ship we tried joining? (Kugo, Armond and Lox are phasering random occurring Tears closed all over the place) Armond: First the subspace equipment and now these Tears. It can't just be a coincidence! It must have something to do with that Rift. I think it may be cutting into normal Space. Lox: That's what I was thinking! But oh well, you got that. (Kayl climbs the trees of the rainforest collecting alien foods. She looks over into an open area and finds Klokian sitting near a shelter and fire he built. He is stuck on the Planet as well) Kayl: Hahahaha... Maybe I shouldn't laugh since I'm in the same situation. (She makes her way back to the Angel Wing, where the computer downloads another stream of data from the Time Beacon indicating a current year of 2344) Kayl: This Beacon is 34 years off... Unless... Captain Garrett is the same Captain Garrett who Captained the Enterprise in this time period. Oh my God! We're not in our normal time period! No wonder I can't see that Rift, or the Larvekkens couldn't contact their Spacedock. (The Captain bubbles in response) Kayl: It must've been when that Rift hit us. We were knocked back through time. The Rift must have some temporal properties to it! (The Captain bubbles in response again) Derce: Since I am part of a species who fears what it doesn't understand, I will destroy you and your Ship! (The Symbiont is confronted by a strange alien man on the Bridge of the Phoenix-X. The Bridge is shadowed indefinitely) -Symbiont-: Since I am part of a species who retaliates offense with hatred, I will destroy you and your Ship too!! (The Symbiont makes its way across the floor to do just that, but Derce stomps his feet trying to squish the Symbiont. The Symbiont hops around as Derce tries grabbing it) -Symbiont-: I know what this place is now. It's a sub-plane of existence! The energy from the Rift that's inside of me is what's causing me to slip in and out of this Shadow Realm. Derce: Hey stop moving and talking at the same time! I'll get you! I'll get you for sure! For sure, I says! (Matt and Targon enter a Portal to a desert area of the ancient Vulcan planet. They find them selves at the outskirts of two converging large crowds of Vulcan's running towards each other for hand-to-hand combat. They look over to see a Gordarion placing the Omega Bomb between the two crowds) Targon: These Portals must not only lead to other Worlds but other time-periods as well. These are primordial Vulcans? I am impressed. (He runs over to the Gordarion, tackling him to the ground and punching him out. Matt retrieves the Omega Bomb before the surrounding fighting Vulcans get it. They dodge jabbing and kicking Vulcans finding their way back to the Portal) Targon: My scans show that these Portals are focused by the energy from the Rift. The energy from the Rift must not be chaotic. Matt: It is logical that the Gordarions just want to use these Portals to test their stolen technologies in other environments. Whoa, we'd better leave; I'm starting to talk like a guy who likes to say 'logical' all the time. (The King of the Gordarions just finishes fixing the panel underneath the main-Bridge computer. He slides out and gets up) King Gordan: Finally! --Computer, begin weapon's rebuilding sequence. (The pulse guns outside the Gordarion Ship start rematerializing, but in the distance the Xena aims, firing) King Gordan: Curses!! Oh well. All that hard work has to go towards something. Yup. I am not mad. (More Tears start ripping into the walls and computers of the Phoenix-X. Armond drops his phaser, leaps over the back control panel and takes the Helm. He's about to take the Ship away from the Rift, but a Tear suddenly rips into him, distorting his matrix offline) RaeLuna: Ouch. That's gyotta hurt. (She leaps over the panel to the Helm and backs the Phoenix-X off herself. The Tears all over the Ship disintegrate away) Kugo: Thanks whoever you are! ...Uhh, who are you? RaeLuna: My name is RaeLuna, and I believe you may know my mother... Kayl. Elly: Kayl is your mother? Yeah right! And I'm my own daughter... I really am. No, seriously. I'm not even being sarcastic. (The shadow Ship engages towards the Phoenix-X, chasing them. The Phoenix-X fires torpedoes, but the torpedoes just pass right through the shadow Ship) Kugo: That's not fair! Of all the unfairness, that is the most fairless of them all. (She tries hailing the Xena, but the Xena is firing phasers at the Gordarion Ship) Aeris: Keep firing!! Don't even stop to answer anyone's possible hail. Wendy: But the Phoenix-X is hailing. Aeris: Did you hear what I said? Don't make me replace you with a six-year old like I did before. (Kayl stands under the door to outside the Angel Wing, looking at the peaceful night sky above the rainforest. The Enterprise in this time period is taken over) Kayl: I can't believe I'm going to be spending the rest of my life on this Planet... My telepathic web ability doesn't even work anymore. (She suddenly gets an idea, grabbing a genetic-sampler device, and heading out into the forest towards Klokian's site) Kayl: Heh, heh, heh... Hahahahahaha!!! ....Heh, heh, heh.......... Heh. (Pause) Kayl: ......Heh. (The Symbiont starts fading in and out of existences again. The Symbiont is seen passing through the walls into the Briefing Room. Lox follows) Lox: Commander! I forgot about you. I mean, I was in so much distress at your absence. Yeah. (In the other Realm, the Derce guy leans in trying to pick the Symbiont off the floor. The Symbiont leaps up, off the table, and up to Derce, kicking Derce across his face) Derce: Argh! Hey! (The Symbiont leaps onto Derce's shoulders, pouncing and beating him up. Derce falls to the floor in pain) -Symbiont-: Got you! Derce: Uuugh. Your realm is painful... (The Symbiont jumps up and down beating Derce up, while phasing in and out of Existences. Lox sees him while working on the data on the medical tri-corder) Lox: Commander, I believe I can merge you with your Host now! (The Symbiont ignores him, while pouncing the unconscious Derce. Lox takes out a baseball glove and catches the Symbiont in mid-air) -Symbiont-: Hey! I had him! You'll get demoted to Doctor for this. Lox: Uh! That was rude. (The Gordarion Ship shakes like crazy under stress due to constant phaser fire from the Xena. The six guys of the Infiltration Team journey in and out of different Portals in that Room, retrieving stolen technologies and unconscious Gordarion Soldiers) Kortos: I beat this guy up good. Look, he has only one eye now. Grath: Uhh, that's his belly button. (The Ship shakes and support beams start to fall; one crushing a Portal Frame. The Ship continues to shake like crazy, ready to explode) Matt: We have to get out of here! What if we use one of these Portal's to escape? They can be the answer to all our problems! GoyCho: No! We can't leave the Jumper's behind! Matt: Are you in love with those Jumpers? GoyCho: Yes. (Life goes on for Kayl, on the arbitrary Narendra Planet. She builds a house with plumbing, beside the crashed Angel Wing. After several tries to catch Klokian, she finally does, tackling him to the ground. She takes a hypo and steals some of Klokian's sperm) Klokian: Klokian feel abused!! (Klokian pushes her off and runs away. He intends on living on the other side of the Planet. Kayl, on the other hand, having just contradicted the right-to-privacy morals she set for herself when her mind was raped a long time ago, goes ahead and impregnates herself with Klokian's sperm) Kayl: Come on baby; show me the latinum. (Months pass by, and Kayl is happily pregnant, and living safe) Kayl: Wohoo! (Armond is brought back online, as the Phoenix-X is being followed around the Rift by the shadowed Ship) Ensign Dan: What are we going to do about this guy? Armond: I have an idea. Ensign Dan: I like your idea. Armond: I haven't even demonstrated it yet. (He takes the Helm, and flys the Phoenix-X around. The Phoenix-X soars around the Xena and Gordarion Ship, as the shadow Ship follows. The Phoenix-X then heads straight towards the Rift, as Tears begin all over again onboard) Kugo: Oh man! (The shadow Ship follows, but the Phoenix-X pulls off to the left, away from the Rift. The shadow Ship goes straight into the centre of the Rift, to be lost on some other plain of existence, never to be seen again) Ensign Dan: That was kind of mean. RaeLuna: Out here, survival is only for the fittest. (The Gordarion Ship suddenly loses its particle stream with the Rift. The Jumpers all boost out there as phaser beams from the Xena blast by them, hitting the Gordarion Ship's weak point. The Gordarion Ship flames of plasma, and withers out escape pods when suddenly the entire Ship explodes. Large pieces of the ship go flying by) Don: Oh no! (One of the large chunks of the Gordarion Ship hits a Jumper and changes its course. An intact door-frame Portal is seen following behind as they all take on gravity from the nearby Planet. The metallic piece, Portal, and Jumper fall through the sky of the Planet and hit the ground of a rainforest hard) GoyCho: We better see if he's okay. It's the least we could do. (The fleet of Jumpers turn around and head to the Planet, landing smoothly in the forest where the crashed Jumper and metallic chunk are. Don gets out alive) Don: I didn't die! Yes! Matt(gets out): Are you okay? I'll take that last thing you said as a Yes. (Targon walks past a couple trees and finds the Portal Frame, still intact. He activates it) Grath: It's the last surviving Portal. Who is going to walk through it? Don: I'll do it! (He walks through the Portal, finding himself in a huge active City. He looks around, finding it to be the 21st Century Earth, in one of the biggest cities in North America. He walks out to the sidewalk where a thug runs over to steal from him. The thug finds nothing to steal and instead stabs Don in the heart. Don dies) Matt: I wonder how Don is doing? (Matt sticks his head through the Portal and finds Don dead on the ground) Matt: Uh oh. Kortos(looks too): That's not good. I wonder if he died with honour? *(Ensign Dan contacts them, and they tell him about 21st Century Earth) *Ensign Dan: I hear 21st Century Earth had some pretty secluded areas. I have an idea. We can disable and hide the Timeship and Omega Bomb there. Matt: Okay. But I think we have to do something about Don who just died. Maybe we can go back in time and save his life. *Ensign Dan: Alright. We'll be right over. (The EMH and RaeLuna enter Sickbay, where the Doctor has completed putting the Symbiont back into the Seifer Host. Seifer sits up) Seifer: Ugh... I feel so much taller now. I think I feel more agile and co-ordinated. What happened to me? Lox: Your Symbiont was changed by the Gordarions. We think it's more evolved. Seifer: Where's Captain Daniel? RaeLuna: Daniel? That's not his name anymore; it's Captain Cell. Seifer: Huh? RaeLuna: I grew up on the Narendra Planet with your liquid Captain. Mom and I were able to communicate with him telepathically for about 3 decades now, and he changed his name. Seifer: Huh? Can I still say Huh? (The Phoenix-X takes orbit around the Planet. Seifer, Lox, RaeLuna, Trunks, and Sub Zero beam down. RaeLuna shows them to the House that Kayl built beside the crashed Angel Wing. Kayl is sitting peacefully in a rocking chair on her front porch. She is very much older) Kayl(surprised): Oh my! You're all here! Seifer: Lieutenant? What happened to you? Kayl: Just a little aging, Commander. I see you've met my daughter, RaeLuna. Lox: You must've been knocked back in time by the Rift. We'd better go back in time and stop this. Kayl: No! I've lived my life, and had my daughter. I don't want to change what life I have made for myself. Seifer: Are you sure? Your plumbing doesn't seem to go very far. Kayl: I just have a request. If my daughter wishes to join the crew, could you let her? I've trained her well, and she has had a couple years experience in space herself. Seifer: Well, okay. But I'm not sure about those Androids. Kayl: Oh, they're okay. I've met them a couple times when RaeLuna has come back to visit me. RaeLuna: I found Trunks and Sub Zero on deserted Planets. They're honourable and trust worthy. Seifer: Who's RaeLuna's father? Kayl: Klokian is. I was pretty desperate and emotional at the time, and Klokian was the only male being around. Seifer: I can't believe all this. I need to take a moment to let it all sink in. Ah well, who cares about sinking in. I'll just go with it. (Kayl and RaeLuna bring Lox into the Angel Wing where the Captain is still a liquid in a glass tube) Lox: You mean after all these years, he still hasn't taken shape? Kayl: We don't understand either, Doctor. I tried everything. I even made funny faces at him. (The liquid Captain bubbles in bad memory recollection) Lox: Well, I was thinking about jolting him with a bio-electric pulse, to make his nano-cells active. I guess I'll give that a try. (He connects the tube up to the computer, and simulates a bio-electric pulse. The liquid Captain is jolted and almost takes shape, but isn't able to) Lox: It's no use. I can't simulate a proper pulse. RaeLuna: What about me? I'm half Klokian, and I have some bio-electric energy. (She unlatches a computer panel and finds the energy transfer coil. She places her scaly hands on it and concentrates. A small weak pulse is sent to the protected coil, which the computer is able to enhance 3x) Lox: Amazing. (The liquid Captain's nano-cells are activated and he is able to move around. He buldges in the glass, shattering the glass into pieces. He pours out as a metallic liquid and takes humanoid shape) Cell: Uugghh. Finally!! I feel like I missed so much. Seifer(enters): Captain... uhhh, Cell? Cell: That's right. Do you have a problem with that? Seifer: No. Cell: Good. (Not too far away in the rainforest is the six Jumpers and the last Portal sticking out of the mud) Matt: Are you sure 21st Century Earth is a safe place for these things? Ensign Dan: Yeah, nobody goes there. Not to mention, we're just saving the Timeship and Omega Bomb until we really need them or figure out how to completely dismantle them. Matt: Hey, I've got better things to do. Ensign Dan: I've picked an island no one has discovered yet. But maybe we should leave someone there to guard the stuff. Kortos: Don't look at me. Sub Zero(walks over): I will go. I have no current purpose, and standing around for eons is something I have done before. Ensign Dan: Well, you've gained my trust, so okay. Matt: He hasn't gained my trust; and for all we know he's a dangerous killer Android planning to cause major destruction and revenge everywhere. But I'm okay with it too. (Sub Zero picks up the disabled Omega Bomb and Squirrel Dispenser and enters the Portal to safe 21st Century Earth) Grath: What a nice fellow. (Matt beams back to the Phoenix-X and gets into the Timeship) Matt: Uh oh. Better make sure I choose the right Paradox. (He selects a paradox on the screen's pull-down menu and takes the Timeship and flashes to 21st Century Earth, saving Don before he dies. He leaves the Timeship with Sub Zero and walks back through the Portal with Don who is alive) Don: How did you know that thug was going to stab me? Matt(shrugs): Eh. (Kugo sits at the Bridge of the Phoenix-X watching onscreen the Xena turning around and Warping back to Federation space. She's suddenly hailed on a secret channel) *Armond: Kugo! It's me the real Armond. Kugo: Armond, are you alright? *Armond: Yeah. I just wanted to let you know that Monique and I are on the team working on the X-Project now. We secretly left the Phoenix-X with Theseus a couple days ago to see if you'd figure out that I was a Hologram. Kugo: Can we come to visit you sometime? *Armond: Sure. Just make sure not to bring any other lettered Projects. It makes the team here jealous. (Matt and the rest of Infiltration Team take the Jumpers and head back to the Phoenix-X) GoyCho: I hope you all went to the washroom before we left. *Targon: I did! Except it was right beside Jumper 3. *Grath: Eeuu. (Trunks pulls the Portal out of the mud and carries it to Kayl's House) Kayl: You can leave that Portal here. Whenever you need to use it, just come over. Cell: Thanks Lieutenant. I can't wait to leave this dumppp--- I mean, wonderful House you've built. Kayl(takes off her commbadge): As for the formalities... I respectively and officially resign my commission. Seifer: That's not a commbadge, it's a Cool Ranch Doritos chip you glued onto your shirt. Kayl: I know, sorry. I lost the real commbadge. (Cell, Seifer, RaeLuna, Trunks, and Lox salvage the Angel Wing, getting the Phoenix-X to beam parts of it at a time back aboard. They beam back themselves after saying bye to Kayl) RaeLuna: See you later, mom. Kayl: Take care, Rae. Don't forget to fight for good and not succumb to evil... and brush your teeth! RaeLuna: Yes, mom. (Cell enters the Bridge of the Phoenix-X where everyone is waiting. The view of the Rift is on-screen, as they continue monitoring it) Seifer: You know that Armond Holographic Virus? He said his actual name is Amp. Cell: The who is the what now? Seifer(goes somewhere else): So... RaeLuna, how's that Raptor doing? RaeLuna: I left it with my mother, in case she ever needed to leave the Planet. Trunks: I seem to have accidentally left my sonic wallet on it. Crap. (The Phoenix-X backs off from the Rift, that seems to be deteriorating) Cell: I don't understand. What's going on? RaeLuna: The Rift, which is actually a Fold, must've been natural in occurrence; caused by the intersecting Existences. Seifer: Does that mean the intersection is over? RaeLuna: Not at all, Commander. It's only the beginning... (Pause for dramatic effect) Cell: Could you imagine two Galaxies colliding? It'd probably look like that. (He accesses long-range visual sensors showing two actual Galaxies colliding in the cosmic distance) Seifer: Yeah, there have been studies. Cell: Oh well. Amp, set a course for get-the-hell-outta-here... Transwarp. (The Phoenix-X turns around and jumps to Transwarp, leaving the random temporal subspace Fold to disintegrate) THE END
  7. Storyboard Illistrations revisited

    These are all awesome.
  8. Occurence

  9. Occurence

    Star Trek: Phoenix-X Occurence, Part I (The Federation Starship Xena treks through space, towards a very large and bright folded Rift in the distance) Aeris: That's interesting! Let's go there. Wendy: Okay. (They notify Starfleet of their change in course. One Admiral whispers it to another Admiral, and another Admiral whispers it to another Admiral; until someone eventually whispers it to Admiral Theseus on Starbase 55) Cid(whispering): [sssp. Ssssp. Ssp] Theseus: The Zeen changed their courts towards a mysterious Ritz? I love those crackers! Cid(gives a padd with the info): No! Here. Theseus: Oh. (Commander Seifer enters Sickbay on the Phoenix-X, where the liquefied Captain is still unconscious in a Glass Tube) Lox: I don't think there's anything we can do but wait to see when he recovers. Seifer: We'd better not tell anyone about this. (A transmission from Starbase 55 suddenly clicks on-screen in front of them) *Theseus: Greetings! I need to speak to your Captain. Go get him. (Lox and Seifer stand in front of the Glass Tube hoping to hide the view of the Liquid) Seifer: --Uhhh. He's kind of busy right now... beating up the crew for being slackers! *Theseus: I see. Well it's about time. Anyways, I know I dropped by on the Manila a couple days ago promising you a break from missions for a while, but I just realized I never keep my promises. Lox: And they say corruption is dead. *Theseus: There seems to be a strange anomalous Rift occurring in the Narendra Sector. It's unlike anything we've encountered before. Seifer: What about the strange anomalous Rift we encountered the other day? *Theseus: That was just a bunch of light bulbs stuck together in space. (Later, the Phoenix-X stretches into Transwarp to the Nerenda Sector. The Conduit begins to undergo turbulence and the Phoenix-X is forced out to normal space. They approach the Xena) Aeris: Our scanners are having a hard time with the Rift as we get closer. But I'm sure as soon as we're right next to it, we'll be able to scan perfectly. *Seifer: What are you basing that on? Aeris: ...Pointless certainty. (As they near the Rift, they notice a very large gray alien Ship sitting beside it. It turns out to be a Gordarion Ship) *Aeris: Aha! I knew our scanners picked them up. I have a score to settle with them for kidnapping me all those years ago... Seifer: Someone's got personal issues. Armond: With the Gordarions here, it can't be good nnews. They must be up to something. (Seifer raises one eyebrow in a classic Star Trek expression of one eyebrow being raised) Seifer: Yes... of course... they must be up to something... But what... The question is, what..... Armond: Commander, what's with your eyebrows? (Gewdeque enters Main Engineering where Ensign Dan is at a computer station sifting through image files) Gewdeque: I can't believe you finally got a mission, Ensign Dan. I give you 10 seconds before you screw it up. Ensign Dan: The Admiral wanted some of our more volatile technologies off the ship for our safety so he wants me to find a good location to store them. Gewdeque(hands a padd): Well he just added the Xena's Timeship to the list. (Ensign Dan takes the padd, accidentally elbowing a button on the control panel that deletes all his research) Ensign Dan: Oh man! Gewdeque: Hahahahaha. (The large Godarion Ship suddenly fires torpedoes at the Phoenix-X and then the Xena) King Gordon: What's all this? What's all this? Eh, mate? (The Phoenix-X moves in front of the Xena to protect them. The Gordarion Ship fires twice as much torpedoes onto the Phoenix-X, weakening their shields) Seifer: At least people will think we're heroic. Kugo: What if they think we're stupid? Seifer: You stop talking now. (He's suddenly beamed out. Seifer re-materializes in the Surgery Chamber of the Godarion Ship where two Guards grab him and slam him against a medical bed) Gordoneley: Sit still!! Gordonahoue: Yeah what that guy said!! (Tubules wriggle out from the sides of the bed and hook into him, another tubule cuts surgical lasers into his stomach) Seifer: Aahh!!! (Matt contacts the Xena to arrange a shield-integration technique) *Aeris: Our shields aren't that well right now either. Over the past few weeks we've been fighting off a being called Klokian. Matt: Look Lady, do you want to integrate or not? (Lieutenant Kayl sneaks past Matt into a back-Control Room where she tries to contact the Gordarion Ship in hopes of making a deal with them to take her powers away) Kayl: Come in. Please come in! (She notices something crawl past in the shadows of the next room. She runs over with her silillian destroyer phaser, finding the crawler is no more than the infamous Klokian wearing nothing but a loin cloth) Kayl: Get some clothes man. (Klokian breaks out the doors into the next corridor, and Kayl runs after. She follows him into Sickbay, where Klokian dismantles the tall but thin Glass Tube containing the Liquid Captain inside) Klokian: Klokian use Captain omni-powers to re-energize Timeship. Heh, heh, heh. Klokian so smart, sometimes Klokian surprise Klokian. Kayl: Hold it right there! (She phasers, missing him and hitting a glass of 9-armed squids in the back. Each of their 9th arms vapourize, rendering them normal again) Lox: Oh man! (Klokian leaps over another destroyer blast and runs off) Borishnikov: Uh oh. (People in the Torpedo Bay strolling by the Slipstream Torpedo casings, notice one or two casings suddenly beamed off by the Gordarions) Yeltso: Uuhh... We'll just say we fired those. (The Bridge is left with few people to control the Ship) Armond: What do we ddo now? Kugo: We have to get back the Commander! Armond: Okay, I'll ttry not to gget in your wway. (Armond statics on and off as if he was a hologram. Kugo takes out a silillian destroyer and aims it at him) Kugo: What is this? Armond: I, uhh... I have the hiccups! (Kugo walks over to a panel and checks the ship's Systems Queue) Kugo: You're not Armond. You're some kind of computer hologram... You're a computer Virus! Armond: Hey, I have feelings you know. (GoyCho grabs Matt and brings him to the Shuttle Bay where all the Jumpers are. Targon, Phinly, Don, Kortos, Grath, and Elly each get into a Jumper) Matt: You don't really expect me to judge your flying techniques from here, do you? GoyCho: No, you idiot. You're coming with us! (Matt and GoyCho leap into a Jumper as they hover like the others off the floor. Their cockpits shut as the Bay doors open and all eight Jumpers jet out into space) Phinly: Hey there's fuzzy dice in my Jumper. (Klokian breaks through the doors into the Transporter Room and activates the transporter. He sets the transporter buffer to underrun after he's gone) Klokian(beams out): Klokian devious. (Kayl runs in too late and finds evidence of the sabotage) Kayl: Argh!! (She makes her way to the Shuttle Bay and finds the Angel Wing sitting alone. Kayl opens its doors and runs in, hovering it off the floor) Holo: Hey you don't have authorization to use that! Oh well, I tried. (The Timeship busts out the Bay doors of the Xena and tries escaping towards the nearby Planet, to the bottom right of the Rift. The Angel Wing changes course and follows the Timeship; they both get closer to the Rift) Kayl: Kayl to the Phoenix-X. I'm in pursuit--- (The transmission is muffled on the Bridge of the Phoenix-X. While aiming the destroyer, Kugo taps at the panels accessing the intricate protocols of the Armond Virus) Kugo: It says here you're supposed to infect most of our systems! I'm going to delete those protocols. Armond: Fine then. See if I care. (The Jumpers circle the Gordarion Ship, disabling their weapons and breaking in. Seifer falls unconscious as the two Gordarion operators have his Symbiont in a very experimental Hyper-Evolution Containment Chamber) Gordoneley: If this thing doesn't work, we're selling it on Ferengi Ebay. (The door busts down and Matt, Kortos and Elly run in. They find many dead failed experiments Trill bodies all over the floor) Elly: Oh man. Gordonahoue: Ah!! Don't shoot me. It was all his idea! Gordoneley: No it wasn't. I'm not an idea person! (Other curious Starships pass by the Rift, the two Federation Ships fighting the Gordarion Ship and the Planet nearby, but keep passing by because they're smarter than that) Vennka: Some people just have to solve everything with violence. (The Timeship is weak enough that Kayl beams Klokian and the Containment Glass onto the Angel Wing. The transport attracts a violent bolt from the Rift, knocking the Angel Wing's engines offline. The Angel Wing loses course and falls down towards the Planet) Kayl: Aaahhh!!!!! Oh well. I'm sure nothing really, really bad is going to happen to me. (The Angel Wing breaks through the atmosphere and harshly crashes onto the Planet surface) Elly: We've got him. (Away Team Guys in two Jumpers head back towards the Phoenix-X with Seifer's Host and Symbiont separate. They notice the Timeship and tractor beam it with them) Phinly: What's this doing out here? Never mind. It's best not to speculate. Seifer-Host: Uhhghghh.... Phinly: Yes, Commander. (One of the many passing by Starships is brave enough to approach; it turns out to be the Silillian Starship Raptor. They hail the Phoenix-X) *RaeLuna: Greetings. Kugo: What do you mean by that!? Sorry, I'm just a little jumpy. *RaeLuna: That's understandable Kugo. I hope Armond's wife is doing well. (They look at each other, surprised at the fact a total stranger knows them) Armond: I'm more befuddled than surprised. (Things seem to calm down a little, with the returned Commander and Timeship, and with the Away Team continuing their infiltration of the weapon-disabled Gordarion Vessel) King Gordan: Curses! Curses!! (He slams his fists into a computer frame, causing a glitch in the circuitry) King Gordan(looks at it): Oh great. Now this thing is broken! (He opens the panel underneath the main-Bridge computer and starts fixing it) -Matt: Heh, heh, heh. They can't even see us. (The Infiltration Team of six guys move invisible on through Gordarion Ship wearing cloaking suits. They sneak past two Guards) Gordge: Heh, heh, heh. This guarding job is so easy. All we have to do is stand here. (The Team turns down the next hallway, looking for possible stolen technologies) -Targon: We're not having any luck just walking around. -Matt: Speak for yourself. I found two light fixtures mysteriously stuck to their ceilings... (Meanwhile, back on the Phoenix-X, the Seifer Host and Symbiont are carefully brought into Sickbay. The Symbiont is still inside the small Containment Chamber) Lox: I couldn't help the Captain, but maybe I can help the Commander. (He takes the Containment Chamber and hits it repeatedly against the wall until the Symbiont falls out onto the floor) Elly: Doctor! You know, there was an eject button on it. (The Symbiont wiggles and starts moving around. It sprouts out two tentacles for arms, and two lumps for feet) Elly: Oh well. The Symbiont seems to be fending for itself now. Kayl: Uuugghggghhhhgg.... (The Federation Med-Ship Angel Wing is crash landed on the nearby Planet. Its structure in tact, as it sits smoking in an open dry field) Kayl: Uuuhhhgg... Wait a second-- no, uuuggh was right. Uuuuuhhhgggghhh..... Klokian: Klokian should stay and help, maybe. (Klokian wakes up and uses this opportunity to escape. He goes out the back hatch to the outside and runs away) Klokian: Klokian change his mind. (The Bridge is left alone as Kugo transfers Armond's program to Holodeck 2 and meets him there) Kugo: Now tell me. Who created you? Where's the real Armond?! Armond: Can't you give me a minute? I just been transferred and I think I need to fix the wrinkles in my uniform. (Kugo aims the destroyer at him without patience) Armond: Okay I'll talk! ...I know I'm here to replace the real Armond, but I don't know who put me here. Those memory algorithms have been permanently deleted. Kugo(puts the destroyer away): That sucks. I really wanted to shoot something. (The Raptor sits a safe distance from the Phoenix-X as RaeLuna and her two Android crewmen beam over. She enters the Bridge of the Phoenix-X meeting with those who are left in command) Ensign Dan: Greetings. I am the temporary Captain of the Phoenix-X. RaeLuna: I heard about you, Ensign Dan. It's a good thing my Ship is sitting a safe distance from you. (BOB walks over, intrigued by RaeLuna's explicit knowledge of everyone from the Phoenix-X) RaeLuna: That's weird. I never heard of you. BOB: I am temporary Commander of the Phoenix-X. There really isn't much to my command position; I'm just an extra guy for no reason. (The Infiltration Team moves onto a lower Deck, deactivating their cloaking suits. They find computer control panels on the walls there) Matt: We can use these to find out what else the Gordarions stole from us. Targon: This Deck kind of looks familiar... Hey! They stole this Deck from our ship! However that's possible. (Matt accesses some unknown Systems, which suddenly affect the control panel he's working on. He suddenly sees instances of his hand, from where it was tapping to where it is idle. He moves his hand around trailing more echoes of his hand in curiosity) Matt: What the...? Kortos: As they say in Klingon... "krgghmeftkh. Mrjkknffh. " Which means, "that don't look right. You need major help you crazy Human." (The small Trill Seifer Symbiont seems to be moving around the floor of the Phoenix-X's Sickbay on its own. It gets onto a medical bed and starts humping the pillow) Lox(scans): This is amazing! The Commander's Symbiont seems to be mutated, or highly evolved in some way. (He takes the Symbiont off the pillow and puts it back on the floor) EMH: We'd better try re-combining it back into Seifer's body. (Lox glances over at the floor to where the Symbiont was, but finds it missing. He shakes his head in confusion and looks again, finding it actually still there walking about) Lox: My eyes must be going in my old age... EMH: You're not old. You use that excuse all the time and frankly I've had it up to here with it! (Kayl pushes past a ton of internal ceiling and wall debris in the crashed Angel Wing, finding the Liquid Captain's Glass Tube. She fixes it on a chamber-pedestal in the middle of the medical room) Kayl: I think we crashed, Captain. There's just something different about the med-ship that tells me that. (She looks around at all the broken beams, burned out panels and other debris on the bridge) Kayl: Oh man. I think this planet is uninhabited. (She makes her way outside the wrecked Angel Wing just to make sure. She reluctantly looks up at the night sky for the bright Anomalous Rift, not finding it anywhere) Kayl: That's weird... I should be able to see that Rift from here. (She notices herself talking to herself and rolls her eyes) Kayl: Oh great. I'm already going through one of those monologue things. (Armond and Kugo both try thinking of what to do next. Kugo goes over to a control panel) Kugo: Maybe I can do an intensive scan of your program. Armond: Right. I'll try not to get in your way. (He stands in front of Kugo, between her and the control panel) Armond(moves): Oops, sorry. (The control panel starts flickering. Kugo turns to see Armond static on and off. The flickering and static eventually stop) Kugo: What just happened? Armond(panics): I don't know! Please don't let me die! Kugo: Well, I'll have to give it some thought. (The flickering stops on the Bridge as well. RaeLuna introduces her two Android crewmen) RaeLuna: This is Sub Zero and Trunks. You see; our lives are lost and astray, so we want to join your crew. Ensign Dan: Yeah right. You brought those Androids here to kill us and take over the ship. Go ahead and try! I know I'm right. (He hides head in his arms waiting to be killed when suddenly external sensors picks up the shadow of an unknown Ship, sitting in the Rift's corona of light. They view it onscreen) BOB: That's probably one of their Ship's, waiting to destroy us when our guard is down! RaeLuna: No it isn't. We've never seen that Ship before! Ensign Dan: That BOB guy is right. You could be working with the Gordarions. We can't trust you so easily... Sub Zero: What about me? Ensign Dan: Yeah I could trust you. (They notice at the back, the Turbolift doors opening and not seeing anyone walking out. They then look down and notice it's a little Symbiont) Trunks: What is that thing? Ensign Dan(annoyed): I don't know; what are you? (The Turbolift doors open again as Lox and the EMH enter the Bridge) Lox: It's the Commander! ...Or more specifically, his Symbiont-part. The Gordarions experimented on him. We think they advanced his Trill evolution. Ensign Dan: Eeuu! Squish it! Trunks(unfolds a plasma launcher in his forearm): Do you order me to destroy it? -Symbiont-: No!! What is going on here? (Everyone looks at the small Symbiont that just talked. A mouth has opened up on it) -Symbiont-: Yeah, that's right. I can talk! Lox(scans it): Unbelievable... (Everyone watches as the Symbiont walks past their feet and hops into the Captain's Chair) -Symbiont-: I'm in Command of this Ship. You will all take orders from me! (Phinly walks by) -Symbiont-: ...Hey, you, anonymous person, start scanning that Rift! Phinly(goes to a station): Aye, sir. Lox: He's very aggressive. (They suddenly notice the Seifer Symbiont fading and disappearing, and then reappearing back to normal) Ensign Dan: Hey! He just vanished! Lox(scans closer): Something's not right here. -Symbiont-: Yeah, you keep putting that stupid tricorder in front of my semi-face! Now, somebody give me a pillow. Lox: Sir, are you experiencing any strange symptoms? We just saw you disappear to somewhere. Ensign Dan(steps back): If this is some kind of government alien conspiracy, I didn't see a thing. I don't even believe in aliens! (Matt leaves the control panel on the Gordarion Ship. The six of them re-cloak and move on through the Decks) Grath: I think we have to go down this way. Matt: Try not to think too much, it distorts the cloaking field on our suits. (They all stop and hide against the walls in the shadows, as two Gordarion Guards carrying a stolen Slipstream Torpedo casing walk by) Kortos: They're getting away! Follow them. Matt(leaning): Hey, their walls are comfortable to lean against. You guys go on, I'll catch up. (Kayl tries getting the systems on the Angel Wing to work, but they keep malfunctioning) Kayl: Damn! (The Captain's Liquid watches. He bubbles in anger of the situation aswell) Kayl: Wait a second... I think I am sensing more beings on this Planet. (She leaps over a broken computer frame and runs outside. She arms herself with a silillian destroyer and makes her way through the nearby rainforest) Kayl: I've been searching for a whole 30 seconds. I guess I'm not going to find anything. (She suddenly finds a similarly trenched area leading to some crashed alien Ship) Kayl: Oh. I guess in my brain, my sensing abilities cancel out most of my attention span. (The two Guards on the Gordarion Ship, carrying the heavy Casing, enter a larger hallway where their physical bodies begin to echo and trail instances of where they just were. They open a locked door and go into another room. The Infiltration Team de-cloaks, finding that they also are echoing and trailing instances of themselves when they move) Targon: This is weird. Are we on some drugs we don't know of? GoyCho: No. Perhaps this is what Gordarion sweat does to us. They were carrying that Casing pretty far. (Matt tries accessing the panel on the wall in hopes of breaking the lock on the doors. Instead he finds the Ship's Active List) Matt: Oh my God. The Gordarions are transferring energy from the Rift into the Ship! Targon: Yeah I think we already knew that. Matt: No you didn't. Targon(sad): No... No I didn't. (Kayl makes her way onto the crashed alien Ship, which turns out to be Larvekken. The five crewmen on it are hesitant, but let Kayl in. Most of their systems are coming back online as they try scanners) Atekkaen: Where is that Rift that shot us down? It should be right up there, along with a couple other Ships. Kayl: Well why don't you cry about it? (She goes over to the communications station where they are unable to contact the only Larvekken Spacedock) Frannek: Spacedock, come in! Spacedock, come in! ...I.... I don't understand. In the whole 15 years our people have been exploring space, we have never had trouble contacting the Spacedock. Kayl: I'm very sorry. Do you want a hug? Frannek: No. (Armond helps Kugo with the Holodeck controls on the Phoenix-X. His holo-program is connected to a more sophisticated System in the computer's System Network) Armond: My program is supposed to be immune to most computer faultiness. Kugo: Yeah ...That's, uhh, pretty interesting there. Zzzzzzzzzz. --Oops, sorry. That was my lazy eye. (She leaves the Holodeck and makes her way through the Turbolift to the back-Communications Room behind the Bridge. Armond appears beside her) Kugo: I have to try to contact Admiral Theseus. He may have something to do with all of this. Armond: I wonder if there are holo-emitters in the girl's locker room. (Through the doorway is the Bridge, where Ensign Dan is taking the Commander's seat beside the Symbiont. The people there look at the dark and light image on-screen as RaeLuna walks over to the Captain's chair) RaeLuna: I'm telling you, we do not have anything to do with that Shadow Ship. -Symbiont-: I'll be the judge of what you have anything to do with! Trunks: Please believe us. We are not evil, although my metallic eyebrows seem to point inwards. Ensign Dan: You know, maybe they're right Commander. -Symbiont-: No! You're relieved! (RaeLuna tries compromising with the Symbiont, but the Symbiont leaps out of its chair and starts humping RaeLuna's leg) RaeLuna: Hey, stop that! (She puts him back and leaves the Bridge with the two Androids. They get into the Turbolift with Ensign Dan who is grumbling to himself) Ensign Dan: Ggrrgh. I can't believe I got relieved. That hasn't happened for a whole year! RaeLuna: Ensign Dan, you must come with me to the Shadow Ship. I have to find evidence that it has nothing to do with us. I really want to join your crew in honour of my mother. Ensign Dan: No! You're probably going to kill me as soon as you gain my trust! (He hides his head in his arms ready to be killed) Sub Zero(shrugs): You trusted me and I never killed you. Ensign Dan(looks at him): Hm, you're right... Have you ever played that ancient Earth-game Mortal Kombat? Sub Zero: What? Ensign Dan: Never mind. (Inside the Shadow Ship, shadowed aliens walk around operating Ship functions normally. RaeLuna, Ensign Dan, Trunks and Sub Zero beam in. They seem rendered normal, in colour, compared to everything else in shadow) RaeLuna: Okkayy... This is pretty weird... (Kugo taps at the panels in the Communications Room, getting a hold of Starbase 55. Theseus appears on a floating view screen) *Theseus: Yes, I did have that Armond hologram installed on your Ship. It's a test-run, and your Ship is an experimental Ship. But I didn't know it was a Virus? Perhaps you should speak to Captain Jet. It was his people that developed the Hologram for me. Kugo: Aye sir. It is also my opinion that the title Starbase 55 has too many various numbers in it. (The screen suddenly statics off. Lights and panels start flickering on and off all over the Phoenix-X. Kugo looks around in confusion) Armond(staticing): Don't let me die! Kugo: Why does the Ship keep doing that? Armond: I don't know. But I hope it doesn't delete me! I was only born two days ago. TO BE CONTINUED...
  10. Destiny's Revenge

  11. Destiny's Revenge

    Star Trek: Phoenix-X Destiny's Revenge, Part III (The inhabitants of Malia are terrorized by what appears to them, a monster, but in reality is a Klingon) Firewall: Yyaaarrrrgghh! (Firewall goes from village to village wreaking havoc) Firewall: Aaaarrrrrhhhhggg!! (Someguy standing in front of Firewall shrugs his shoulders) Lou: Eh. It’s not that scary. (Firewall whacks Lou away and Lou goes flying into a wall) Firewall: Hahaha! (Firewall enters the marketplace of the next Village to waste more of his time) Firewall: Gghghhh... This is the life. (A Teacher brings her students on an outdoor fieldtrip to the Marketplace) Mrs. Leanza: Okay, students. This is the real world now. We are outside the classroom setting and anything can happen out here. Firewall(runs over): RRrraaAAAahhRrrr!!!!! (All the students start crying and running away scared) Yorven: ... (A Blacksmith works at his outdoor shop, peacefully hammering a horseshoe into shape) Firewall(walks over): GGgrrrrrRHHh!!! (Firewall bends his horseshoe out of shape) Yorven: Oh man! (The people of Malia suddenly hear a sonic boom before a Blob that falls from the sky lands in the centre of the Marketplace. Firewall notices it and turns to face it) Shane(taking shape): ....You will come with me. Firewall: No! Shane: Then I will take you by force. Firewall: You can try. (Firewall powers up, flowing strands of energy around him. Shane notices that Firewall is an omni-X, but attacks anyway. He liquefies his arm and whips it around Firewall’s wrist, trying to pull Firewall in) Firewall: Argh! (Firewall pumps out a ball of flame into Shane’s shoulder. Shane’s arm-whip explodes, and he collects the drops back into himself) Shane: .... (Firewall blasts more flames at Shane, who leaps overhead changing into a mutant warrior. Shane lands in front of him and punches him across the face, sending him to the ground) Charn: I’m happy we built this table together, dad. (A man and his son spend some quality time together outside, building a perfect oak table) Cherod: So am I, son... So am I. (Shane launches Firewall through the air, and Firewall lands on the oak table breaking it into pieces. The father is startled and the son starts crying) Daznw: Grgghh. It’s not working! (Some guy rakes a huge pile of leaves to burn, but his lighter is out of fluid) Firewall: AAaaaarrhhh!!! (Shane liquefies by as Firewall pumps out flame after flame missing him, accidentally hitting the pile of leaves and burning them) Daznw: Wohoo! Thanks. (The Blacksmith tries getting the fire in his furnace going but can’t get a spark) Yorven: Damn! (Shane liquefies by as Firewall is blasting flames at him and one flame accidentally gets inside the furnace, igniting the fire) Yorven: Alright dude! (Shane turns into the mutant, kicking off a fence to roundhouse Firewall across the face. Firewall hits the ground hard) Firewall: Aggh!!! (Shane stands before the fallen Warrior. He solidifies his arms as blocks and extends them at Firewall’s head) Firewall(knocked unconscious): ---OOof!!! Shane: Haha. You said Oof. (The Phoenix-X treks through space. One of the recently transferred Officers fights a hologram in the Battle Arena) Joe: Hah! Hiya! Rah! Cheeya! <Michael Jackson>: You gotta problem? Well let’s see what you got. Kayl(enters): Um, excuse me. I need to meditate. Joe(stops): Why do you people always do that here? This is a Battle Arena! Kayl: It is easier to mediate in a room surrounded with a feeling of violence for one becomes the calm in the chaos. Joe: Fine. Your selection of Hologram’s suck anyway. <Michael Jackson>: Come on. What do you have to prove? Come on. Let’s go. Let’s fight. (The Michael Jackson hologram starts dancing instead of fighting) Alegra: Hey. (Jessica meets up with her friend Alegra in the Lounge Room of the Phoenix-X) Alegra: Things are going great, eh? I’m getting used to that smell... and Morris is shining my shoes. Morris: Shine the other shoe govena’? (Jessica looks sad) Alegra: Jessica, what’s wrong? Jessica(cries): I left my boyfriend on the Bochnah! Alegra: Oh I’m sorry. (She smells the air again) Alegra: Wait a minute... I’m not getting used to that smell! (Meanwhile, on the Bochnah. Red falls asleep at the Helm, making the Ship go downwards in space) Red: Zzzzz... Menchez: Wake up!! Red: --Oh, my fault. You wanted to go downwards, right? Menchez: No! (He rechecks the course schedule) Menchez: Okay, maybe yeah. But your idle ways are unacceptable! (Amos and Kortos enter the Medical Facility of the Bochnah) Kortos: I can’t believe there are fleas on this ship! Amos: Get them off me! Get them off me! Terek(doctor): Be still! You Transfers are so pathetic. Kortos: I think I liked it better when we were serving on the Phoenix-X. Amos: I know. The people here are so sensitive. (He points to Housto, who is crying about Jessica) Housto(crying): I can’t believe my parma’chai is gone! Kortos: Yeah, I tried that at lunch too. It needs more cheese. (Kugo enters the Briefing Room on the Phoenix-X) Daniel: Okay, what do we have? Seifer(takes out a plan): Here it is. We take the Ship right into Borg Territory and start joking around with them. They’ll see how good we can get along together and be begging to hand Shane over, out of friendship. Daniel: What else? Seifer(takes out another plan): Okay. We get the Changeling Link to shapeshift into a female Borg Cube. They’ll attract the real Borg Cube and have cubical sex with them, hopefully having Shane transferred over. Daniel: What else? Kugo(takes out her plan): We contact the Borg over long-range subspace and stall them, so that we may attempt a beam out through a miniature Transwarp Conduit. Daniel: Argh! All those plans are stupid!! Kugo: But I really think mine--- Daniel: I said, they’re all stupid... (Joe and Alegra secretly contact Menchez over long-range subspace) *Menchez(puts his toothbrush away): --Uhh, Klingons do not brush their teeth...! Joe: Captain, we respectively ask that we be returned to the Bochnah. *Menchez: Hah! The ease of a Federation Starship not suiting you well? Alegra: No, not really. *Menchez: Oh. Well I am sorry, but this exchange was done through superior authority. You would have to speak to General Verticon or Admiral Theseus. *(He starts brushing his teeth again) *Menchez: To tell you the truth, I am kind of getting sick of the Transfer’s here. They keep trying to separate the Bochnah into three vectors. (Meanwhile, on the Bochnah, some Klingon puts a laser cutter to the wall) Targon(cutting): Heeheehee! Menchez: Stop that!! (Grath gets something on sensors as Targon walks away sad) Menchez: Anyways, I must go. Kaplah! *Joe: Clapa! (The screen clicks off and then clicks back on to a view of a distant Borg Sphere) Grath: Sir, we have found a Borg vessel. They are unaware of our presence. Menchez: Excellent! ...Now, it is just a matter of who assimilates who... Red: Sir, we do not have assimilation abilities. Menchez: I’ll be the judge of what we have and don’t have!! (The Changeling Link wonders the decks of the Phoenix-X. It enters a room with a Bajoran Shrine) Keno(praying): This where we come to honour the deaths of fallen comrades who served on the Phoenix-X. I lost a friend to a Borg attack earlier. -Changeling Link-(nods): We have also lost companions to the Borg. Ensign Dan(kneeling on the floor): Sorry. I lost a contact lens here, during the last Borg fight. (Armond and GoyCho are at consoles in the Shuttle Bay. They control two Jumper’s remotely, making them fly outside) GoyCho: Cool! Okay, let’s battle each other now. Armond: No! We’re supposed to be attaching these Jumpers to the side of the Ship. GoyCho(already pressing fire): Huh, did you say something? (Armond kicks him off and hovers the Jumpers around, outside the hull. The two Jumpers clamp onto the sides of the Phoenix-X) Shane: Move it. (Firewall is escorted to the centre of the Queen’s Borg Cube) Firewall: Let go of me you music career failing toilet fixer!! Borg Queen(walks over): Welcome, Firewall... Firewall: You better be welcoming my foot into your assimilated ass device!! Borg Queen: Don’t you even want to know why I’ve brought you here? Firewall: No. (Shane has a moment of sudden weakness, as his previous willpower tries to regain control. Firewall uses this opportunity to run. He runs out the door to a Walkway at the big open area of the Cube) Borg Queen: Stop him! (Shane goes back to being under the Borg Queen’s control and liquefies through the wall to the Walkway. Firewall leaps off and falls through the air. Shane changes into the mutant and leaps off as well) Firewall: I’m out of this geometry nightmare! (Shane liquefies his arms as whips and grabs Firewall as they’re falling through the air. They both land on a lower Walkway. Firewall starts a ball of flames above his hand and throws it at Shane) Shane: Arrgghh!! (Shane is hit, but reinstates his form, leaping overhead and grabbing Firewall’s arms behind his back. The Borg Queen comes down hung by a bunch of cords) Firewall: Is that fun? Borg Queen: I am offering you more, Firewall. I am offering you a purpose. Firewall: ... (Firewall is suddenly interested in what she has to say) Daniel: Argh--!! (Daniel enters the Bridge of the Phoenix-X, struggling under pain. He approaches a control panel and accesses it. The view of the sparkling Anomaly clicks on-screen) Armond: Captain? Daniel: Grgghh! It’s--- getting bigger---! (He refers to the image of the Anomaly. Ensign Dan enters the Bridge with a weird growth on his hand) Ensign Dan: Aaarrgggh! It’s getting bigger! Lox(walks over): Okay, okay, I’ll end the weird-growth experiment. (Lox heals him and then leaves as Daniel crawls to the Captain’s Seat) Daniel: Uuugghh…. Q said he could help me. Maybe I should let him…. He said the Continuum created that Anomaly to destroy me. Seifer(throws his anomaly-creating-device away): I knew this thing didn’t work! (The Bochnah hikes across a vast cerulean particle stream in space, following a Borg Sphere. The particle stream masks their signature) Grath: Sir, this Sphere is not the one who attacked us. Menchez: This will have to do to fulfill our right of vengeance!! (His scanners suddenly pick up signs of the exact Borg vessel that attacked them before) Menchez: Oh... Well.... Perhaps I was a little too hasty... in my decisiveness. I know I am not a perfect Klingon. But I am a Klingon with mighty feelings. (Firewall lets two Drones push him into an alcove. Four tubules from each side of the alcove wriggle out and stab into Firewall’s neck and shoulders. The Borg Queen is uneasy about this particular assimilation) Firewall: …Are you sure about this? Borg Queen: Yes. The entire Collective took a vote; since we are all one mind, it only took 1 vote. (Shane looks around as a surge of omni-X energy pours into the collective Cube. Computer technology and Drones take on a share of Firewall’s omni-powers. The Queen’s eyes light up with omni-X energy) Borg Queen: Mmhehahahaha!! Shane: Uhh, you should get that checked. (The Phoenix-X just floats through space. It doesn’t even bother to trek) Daniel(just sitting there): I can’t believe we’re not going anywhere and have nothing to do. I feel like Sisko. Armond(at sensors): Captain! I’m picking up a Borg Cube! Seifer: Do you mind? We’re trying to sit here. Armond: Captain, I’m reading another Borg Cube beside it! The first one seems to be the Queen’s Class 3 Cube. Seifer(sits up): Well if the Queen’s on that one. The other Cube’s probably not that ranking. Armond: The other one’s a Class 4! Daniel: Okay, you’ve lost your excitement privileges. (The Phoenix-X speeds upwards, towards the two Cube’s, and starts firing. Two torpedoes hit each Cube. The Class 4 Cube rotates to face, and blasts three phased torpedoes onto the Phoenix-X’s hull) -Borg-: ...Federation Starship, identified; Phoenix-X. (The ship shakes roughly, but regenerates the torn hull. Sensors indicate that Shane is on the Queen’s Cube) Daniel: Yes, we found him! (Her Cube moves overhead, flowing with volatile omni-X energy) Daniel: ...Not under the best circumstances. (A Borg Sphere suddenly swoops by, rapid firing green pulses at the Phoenix-X. The Phoenix-X backs off in confusion when all of another sudden, the Bochnah flys by) Menchez: Hahaha! We have it going on, as they say. (The Bochnah fires disrupters at the Sphere, and dodges side fire from the other two Cubes) -Changeling Link-: We will assist you. (The Changeling Link enters the Bridge) Seifer: Why would you want to help us? -Changeling Link-: Long ago, in a time of--- Daniel(piloting): Uh, nevermind. -Changeling Link-: No! You will hear our explanation! ...You see, we have been roaming the galaxy in search of other Changelings to join us. Since we have been unsuccessful, we feel we should help Shane. (The Bochnah leaves the Sphere because the omni-Cube blasts thick energy currents at it. The Bochnah circles around passing the cerulean particle stream, where a fired omni-current explodes an inside asteroid) Menchez: We will die with honour! Red: Why? Menchez: Look, don’t ask questions. (The Changeling Link liquefies out of the Phoenix-X, into space, transforming into the Winged-Creature. The Winged-Creature flaps over to the Class 4 Cube, disgorging energy beams onto its surface) **Daniel: Launch. (Kugo and Kayl each take a Jumper out of the Shuttle Bay into space. Both insignificant Jumper’s dodge passing fire and quickly park underneath the omni-Cube) Kugo: We made it! (They elevate both Jumpers through openings in the Cube, past coils and cables, until they’re inside far enough) Kugo: We made it! Oh, I already said that. (The Bochnah diverts the omni-Cube’s fire, swinging by the Class 4 Cube whose corner explodes) Menchez: Very good piloting, Red! Red: Thanks. Menchez: ---Which is unacceptable on my ship! (The Phoenix-X is constantly attacked by the Sphere, until the Bochnah flys past calling the Phoenix-X over. They move behind the cerulean stream for a second) Daniel: I don’t understand. How can that whole Cube have the power of the X? *Menchez: A while ago, a warrior in my crew had been paid a visit by the X. He went by the name, Firewall; started becoming very powerful and eventually left us. That dishonourable tlhIngan!! Matt: Captain, the people on Malia said Shane kidnapped a Klingon who was named Firewall! Daniel: When were you going to inform me about this? Matt: I dunno; later, I was thinking. (The Bochnah and Phoenix-X break from the stream and swoop back over. The Phoenix-X heads straight for the omni-Cube, but is rammed off course by the Class 4 Cube’s tractor beam) -Borg-: The Federation Starship Phoenix-X will be assimilated. Its technological distinctiveness will be adapted to serve the collective. Counter attacks will be neutralized. (The Phoenix-X turns to face, blasting enhanced pulse phasers at the Class 4 Cube. The Cube regenerates and adapts) Seifer: Well, I guess they were right about that. (The Class 4 Cube uses phasic torpedoes to disrupt shields while cutting finite lasers into the Phoenix-X’s hull. The Phoenix-X covers itself with L-shields and rotates around the Cube firing disrupter pulses) Daniel: Stupid square ship!! (Outside, disrupter pulses shatter small areas in the Cube’s amoury. Computers onboard the Phoenix-X start blinking erratically as the Borg tries to network into them) Armond: Oh man! My job just keeps getting harder. (The Phoenix-X blocks the networking with a dampening field. The Class 4 Cube beam Drones onto the Phoenix-X, who stab tubules into the control panels. Phoenix-X Security take the Drones down infecting them with viruses and beaming them back) Daniel: Heh, heh, heh. (The Class 4 Cube stops to disinfect itself. The Phoenix-X launches two slipstream torpedoes at them. One hits and tears into a portion of the Cube to wreckage) -Winged-Creature-: Ccccaaaa! (The Winged-Creature dodges fire from the Sphere while clamping onto the back of the omni-Cube. It liquefies itself through the cracks in part of the Cube and busts out pieces. The Sphere rockets by tractoring away the Winged-Creature as it’s re-taking shape) Armond: A Federation fleet even has trouble taking the Borg. What makes us, a single solitary ship, able to do just that? (The Bridge shakes due to three torpedo blasts from the Class 4 Cube) Seifer: Who said we thought we could beat them? Daniel: No! We’re the Phoenix-X. We can out smart them... (While soaring around, the Phoenix-X is hit roughly by a stream of energy from the omni-Cube) Armond: Umm... yeah okay. Seifer: Firewall seems to be feeding the Borg X power. But the omni-abilities of the Borg seem to be confined to only that Cube! Daniel(powers up his own energy): ...Looks like I’m going to have to take care of it. BOB(puts his phaser away): Phew, that was a close one. I thought I was going to. (Shane stands at the side as Firewall walks around hooked to an alcove sharing his power with the whole Cube. The Borg Queen is one with Firewall as he watches a view screen, firing currents at the Phoenix-X) Shane: Argh--!! Must--- fight--- back---! Borg Queen(glances over): Shane! You’re not trying to fight back are you? Shane: ...Uhh, no. Borg Queen(gets back to business): Okay then. (Daniel floats through space, approaching the omni-Cube) Daniel: Hahaha! (He blasts a beam of energy at the Cube, gashing the metallic armour of the omni-Cube) Armond: He’s out there. (The Phoenix-X monitors Daniel’s life-signs) Lox: I believe I should have something to do with this. I am a Doctor. Seifer: No, go away! (The Phoenix-X is hit with two torpedoes. Lox takes Weapons and Seifer takes Helm. The Phoenix-X turns to face the Class 4 Cube) Seifer: Okay you can stay. Fire! (The Phoenix-X fires silencer beams but the Class 4 Cube spins to dodge them. The Bochnah continually comes around firing at the Class 4 Cube, when suddenly the Winged-Creature flaps out of control by having just broken free) Winged-Creature: Ccccrrraaaa!!! <Translation: “This is not good.”> (The Borg Sphere hovers overhead behind the Phoenix-X while it’s busy with the other Cube. The Phoenix-X doesn’t notice the Sphere breaking past their dampening field. Suddenly all the computers blink to Borg screens like crazy) Armond: Not again! They’re tapping into everything! Lox: We’re being assimilated! Seifer: I wonder what the Winged-Creature translation is for, This is not good? Lox: Wait! Maybe we can still activate the Transwarp systems! Armond: Maybe you didn’t hear your previous comment? (The enormous omni-Cube blasts a succession of energy currents at Daniel.Thanks to Daniel's omni-powers he can exist in space. Daniel easily dodges them all. He leans back, liquefying his upper body into many strands and then leans forward flaring his own X energy at the Cube) Daniel: Ha! (Twenty strings of his energy hit the walls of the omni-Cube, but the omni-Cube starts to regenerate the damage while powering up) Daniel: Heh, heh. Oooo, I’m so afraid. (The omni-Cube spins to face an outward direction, launching a static current of reversed polarity energy out into space) Daniel: Okay, yeah you missed me. (The static current hangs out into space for a couple seconds and then suddenly pulls back something bright. It turns out it is dragging the Sparkling Anomaly over) Kayl: This way! (Kugo and Kayl sneak through the preoccupied omni-Cube. They enter the Queen’s Lair, where the Borg Queen and Firewall are too busy to notice them, and Shane is struggling under his own willpowers) Shane: Arggghh!!! Kugo: Shane! Are you alright? Shane(clutches his head): You--- will be assimilated---! Kayl: He seems fine. -Borg Queen(busy paying attention to Daniel): Hahahah!! Kugo: Okay, Shane is overwhelmed with Borg protoplasmic nano probes. Kayl: Duh. Kugo: Maybe we can disrupt them enough for Shane to regain control. Kayl: I think I’m thinking what I think you’re thinking... Kugo: I was just about to ask you if you were thinking what I was thinking. (Kugo and Kayl take out their phasers and set them to level 2. They both fire phasers at Shane) Seifer: Lox is right. I can bypass the Sphere’s network stream through manual Transwarp control. (The Phoenix-X is under assimilation from the Borg Sphere) Armond: I knew that. Lox: Sir, we must do what we can now before we’re taken out! Seifer: No; really? (He activates emergency Transwarp and the Phoenix-X jumps into subspace. The Sphere is dumbfounded but decides to follow the same way) Armond: Now what, Commander? (The Borg Sphere gains on the Phoenix-X, inside the Transwarp Conduit) Seifer: I don’t know--- I mean, don’t ask questions! (The Phoenix-X disrupts the Conduit and drops back into normal space. The entire subspace conduit collapses crushing the Sphere. The Phoenix-X stops as the Sphere debris pop out into normal space, raining past them) Armond: I see. (The Winged-Creature drags its claws across the Class 4 Cube. The Class 4 Cube seems to be getting really damaged) Winged-Creature: Hahahahahaa!! <Translation: “Hahahaha!”> (The Winged-Creature doesn’t notice its movement above the Cube’s torpedo module, as the Cube suddenly pumps out four torpedoes into the Winged-Creature. The Creature is momentumed away in pain, as its left side is liquefied into spillage) Daniel: --ArggGGgghHGghgghh!!!! (Daniel tries to attack the omni-Cube again, but the Killer Anomaly is seen in the distance. He suddenly feels a gravitational pull towards it) Daniel: Oh no! Gghrrrgggh!! (The Borg Queen watches from the Lair in pleasure) Borg Queen: Yes. Hahahaha! We are the bomb, as they say. (Kugo and Kayl stop firing at Shane, who falls to his knees, liquefying into various mutant beings and back again) Kugo: That last one he turned into looked pretty cool. Shane(stresses): Aaaaahh!!!! (He changes his form into standing up, feeling in control) Shane: Hey! Kayl: You’re back! Shane: I didn’t know all it took was phaser fire. Some of my nano probes seem to be damaged now. (Daniel starts to warp out of shape, being sucked closer and closer to the sparkling Anomaly) Q(floats by): I just wanted to bid you adieu. Daniel: Okay, okay! You can take my powers away! Q: Really? Are you sure you don’t have any last minute good to do? Daniel: I’m sure! I’m sure! Do it already!! Q(sighs): Well alright. I knew you’d give in. (Q snaps his fingers taking Daniel’s omni-powers away just as Daniel almost touches the Anomaly) Q: I think the Continuum doesn’t need this anymore. (The Anomaly expands itself into nothingness. Daniel and Q just float there. Daniel’s protoplasm starts to freeze in space) Daniel: Ugh!! Q: You don’t look so good. (The Borg Queen watches Daniel on the Borg screen) Borg Queen: Hahaha! That’s just funny. Don’t you think Shane? (She glances around, not seeing Shane anywhere) Borg Queen: Wait a minute.... Me not seeing you means... You’re not here!! (Both insignificant Jumpers drop out of the omni-Cube and speed off through space. Shane is safe inside one with Kugo. Kayl flys her Jumper over to Captain Daniel, who is slowly freezing to death) Kayl: Captain! (Daniel notices her and liquefies into inside the Jumper) Daniel: I’m okay... I just thought I’d take an outdoor walk. (The Bochnah rages past the two Jumpers, pumping disrupter fire along the sides of the Class 4 Cube) Red: I forgot about us. Menchez: How could you forget about us? We are with us at all times! Red: Oh yeah. Never mind. (Different areas of the Class 4 Cube explode. The Bochnah sweeps by, planting unused torpedo casings onto surfaces of the Cube. The Bochnah then trails plasma around, firing into it. The plasma ignites around the Cube, setting off the torpedo casings. The Class 4 Cube explodes into large pieces, flying past the cerulean stream) Menchez: Haha!! Revenge is ours! ...Kids, do not try that at home without plasma containment ability. (The Phoenix-X returns, firing phasers at the omni-Cube) Borg Queen: Haha! Who needs that Changeling when I have all this power! (The omni-Cube turns around and Transwarps out of there) Seifer: After them! Lox: What about the Captain and the others? (The Phoenix-X receives the two Jumpers as the Bochnah rides over) Seifer: Okay, fine! We’re not a Borg hunting ship anyway. (He crumples up his Borg-hunting license) *Menchez: Bochnah to Phoenix-X. You have survived. Armond: Only thanks to me. Our computers were almost taken over, but I stopped them. *Menchez: Really. How? Armond: I don’t feel like explaining. Stop bringing it up! (The two Jumpers land smoothly in the Shuttle Bay. The cockpit opens on each Jumper and the Shane and Daniel liquids pour out to the floor in exhaustion) Kayl: Eeeuu. That’s more disgusting than the runny nose on the Blair Witch Project. GoyCho: That movie is 400 years old; get over it! Kayl: No you get over it! You’re relieved! Daniel: Uuuhhhgg.... one of my shoulder protoplasmic cells hurt. Shane: Ugghhh.... Haha! ...Uuhgghh... Daniel: Shane, you’re back! Shane: Hey you’re right. I am back! ....Wait a minute. What year is this? I’m not supposed to be here... Daniel: Shane there was no time traveling. Shane: Oh. (The Phoenix-X scans the area for hostility. There are no more signs of the Anomaly, and the omni-Cube’s Conduit is collapsed) Armond: We’re getting a hail on subspace channel 303-point-7. *Theseus(goes on screen): I can’t believe you failed another mission!! Seifer: We weren’t on a mission. *Theseus: Oh. I mean, Who keeps sending me messages!? All these crewpeople keep wanting me to reverse the Exchange Program... And something about too many fleas in their rubber pants? (Kayl goes with Shane and Daniel through the hallways on their way to the Bridge. Out the window they notice the injured Winged-Creature floating towards them) Daniel: I knew I should’ve had the living quarters next to the windows instead of the hallways. (The Creature liquefies through and takes humanoid shape in front of them) -Changeling-Link-: Thank you Captain for everything. Daniel: No prob. -Changeling-Link-: We will be on our way now. Our existence must go on. Shane: And I’m going with them! Daniel: You’re what? (There’s a sudden pause) Kayl(cries): This is so emotional. Shane: Captain, that omni-Cube is still out there and a threat. If it wasn’t for me, none of this would have happened. Daniel: Spare me your explanative speeches. Shane: It was only two sentences. Anyways, my point is, I have to leave to track them down and somehow keep them from causing major damage to the Galaxy. (Superhero music plays in everybody’s mind) Ghraldi: Hey. (The forgotten Onnicon ships go through space, returning to their home Planet) Ghraldi: Our ship isn’t emitting a farting noise is it? Deghl: ...Uhhh, no comment. (The Phoenix-X treks through space) **Daniel: Captain’s Log, Stardate 55994-point-3. It seems that the Phoenix-X Bochnah Exchange is back on; except not all passengers will be returning for their own personal reasons. Yeah, like I care? **(A soft sniffle is heard) **Daniel: --Uhh, anyways. The day I have expected has finally passed; when the Q took my omni-powers away. Personally, I think they’re kind of selfish having to cause my discomfort just so they could balance the Continuum. (Most of the Klingons return to the Phoenix-X as most of the other Federation Officers go back to the Bochnah. Red and a couple other Klingons enter the Bridge of the Phoenix-X) Kugo: Lieutenant Commander Red. It is good to see you again. Red: Thank you. It is good to see this Bridge again. I guess perhaps it seems it was inevitable for me to return. Seifer: It’s good to have you back, Red. Red: Well, I am not returning. I just came back to say goodbye. Seifer: You’re not staying with us? Red: No. I am sorry. This Ship runs into too many weird anomalies, and with my abnormal neural frequency problem I hope to see a qualified Doctor. Lox: Hey! Red: Plus, this whole experience with getting revenge against the Borg has re-energized me to my Klingon self. I have a couple Right of Vengeances to fulfill on the Homeworld. Kayjo and Dorwin for example. Kugo: Ooohhh yyeah. Lox: Who’s going to be the new pilot? Red: I have no idea. You don't need any professionals. A six-year old could pilot a Starship. (Meanwhile, on the Federation Starship Xena) Aeris: That's some good piloting Linda. Linda(six-years old): I can't believe I'm on contract. (The Commander walks over and shakes Red’s hand) Seifer: I guess we’ll catch you around, Red. Red(nods): You haven’t seen the last me, old friends. (He leaves the Bridge) Housto: You’re back! (Jessica meets with Housto in the Drinking Room of the Bochnah) Jessica: Yes. For you. Menchez(standing right there): Hey! I thought you said I was your best Captain? (Housto and Jessica run away) Menchez(drinks): Stupid tlhIngans!! Whatever that means. (Daniel enters the Briefing Room where Kayl, Ensign Dan, Shane and The Changeling Link are conversing) Shane: ...And that’s how I single handedly saved the British. -Changeling-Link-: We find that very interesting. Daniel(walks over): I’m sorry that you’re leaving, Shane. I feel that I might greatly miss another Changeling on the Ship. Shane: I’m sorry too. But don’t forget the friends you have in this crew of solids. They may be a little off sometimes, but their sentience is as real as shapeshifters’. Daniel: Shane, that’s the most intelligent thing you’ve ever said. Shane: Huh? What did I say again? I forget. Ensign Dan(shakes his head): Idiot. Kayl: Captain. You can’t let Shane go on with the micro-cellular protoplasmic nano probes he has; the Borg could easily take control of him again! Daniel: Wait a minute. She’s right. Ensign Dan: Oh no! This doesn’t mean he stays, does it? Daniel: I know. I could link with you to diffuse most of the nano probes into me. Shane: Are you sure? I think the Borg put some enhancements into them. You might be capable of more. Daniel: If we leave them all in you, you’ll be re-assimilated along with the Changeling Link! Shane(shrugs): Good point. Ensign Dan: Yes! This means one less Changeling again. Heh, heh. (Shane glances at the Changeling Link in hesitation, but then walks over to the Captain) Shane: ...Ready? Daniel(nods): Yeah. (They both grab wrists and liquefy into each other. The Borg nano-probes diffuse into the Daniel liquid quickly and they both turn a metallic colour) Daniel/Shane: Uggghh!! (The Daniel and Shane liquid blobs fight around in pain, trying to endure the transformation. Kayl ducks out of the way) Kayl: Captain! (The two blobs stop fighting and clam down. They exist as two sitting blobs of Changeling metallic liquid on the floor. Kayl calls Lox in to scan them) Kayl: Are they...? Lox: They’re alive. They seem to be unconscious. Kayl: Can you revive them? Lox: No. But we’d better let them rest for now. My scans indicate the Daniel liquid has 89-percent of the nano-probes compared to what Shane stored. Kayl: That’s what Shane gave him to reduce the possibilities of Borg control. (The Changeling Link walks over) -Changeling-Link-: We will take care of Shane and hunt down the omni-Cube. Kayl: But you don’t have that desire. (The Link reaches its arm out to the Shane blob and sucks him into themselves. Shane becomes a part of the Traveling Link) -Changeling-Link-: We do now. (The Captain’s Liquid is placed safely in a large Federation Containment Glass in Sickbay. Seifer is given temporary command of the Phoenix-X) Seifer: You have the weapons station, pointy-eared woman. Kugo: Aye, sir. Armond: Commander, the Travelling Link has departed. Seifer: Understood. Matt: They're gong to fight the Borg? Kayl: They may be equal in strengths. (The on-screen view shows the Winged-Creature flying off. It eventually catches up to its mischievous arch-rival, the omni-Cube; to deal with for as long as it takes) THE END
  12. Destiny's Revenge

    Star Trek: Phoenix-X Destiny's Revenge, Part II Kayl: I’m sensing some strong emotions from the Captain. (Kayl enters the Lounge Area of the Phoenix-X where some of the other Senior Staff are sitting) Matt: Well then why don’t you help him? Kayl: I ain’t no counselor; Counselor Lucricia is. Ensign Dan: What ever happened to her? Armond: She must’ve left, just like Wallace, Red and now Shane. Seifer: And just like that BOB guy. BOB: I never left. Seifer: Oh, sorry. Ensign Dan: Not that I care... but if Shane and Shoon have to stay separated to keep from the Borg taking control of them, then wouldn’t that mean the Borg kidnapped them now just to eliminate that purpose? Kugo: It is logical. Ensign Dan: You’re not a Vulcan. (Kugo gets up and punches Ensign Dan in the stomach and then goes back to her seat) -Drone-: ...UuhHHhh... (Shane and Shoon are escorted back to the Queen’s Lair in the Cube) Borg Queen: Perhaps you need a little persuasion... (The screen clicks on showing clips of many inhabited Planets) Shane: I hope this isn’t what you people call popular TV. Borg Queen: These are seven inhabited technologically slow Worlds. Normally, the Borg would leave them alone. Shoon: She’s right about that. Borg Queen: But in light of your recent attitude, I hope to go to each of these Worlds and eradicate them... (The Borg Cube approaches one of the Planet’s and locks a medium level tractor beam onto a tectonic plate) Legita: Ahh... What a beautiful day. (She sets up dominos along the ground, making a creative design. The ground starts shaking and all her dominoes are knocked down perfectly) Legita: Aaaaahh!!!! Earthquake!! (People in the towns and villages all over are in panic. A nervous guy runs around in circles) Gago: Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. (A tree falls on top of him due to the earthquake) Borg Queen(reads the data): Oh well look at that. 43, no 44, no 46 people are already dead... Well, Shane? (Shane and Shoon glance at each other. It’s like looking into a mirror since they both look exactly the same) Shane(looks back over): Alright. We’ll do it. (The Cube stops the tractor beam at the Planet. Shane liquefies, and his exact Double also liquefies. They form into one being) Borg Queen: ...Good. (The Phoenix-X treks through space. Daniel and Seifer enter the Bridge. Daniel looks untangled) Seifer: You were a paperclip again? Daniel(nods): Yeah. (Armond gets to Sensors, as Seifer gets to Weapons, and Daniel takes the Helm) Armond: Captain. I’m picking up a Borg ship not too far away. (The Phoenix-X powers up and jumps to Transwarp. They drop back into normal space approaching the Borg Cube in the distance) Daniel: Not this guy again. (The Winged Creature is seen flapping around the Cube, firing its energy. It starts to cause major damage to the Cube) Armond: It’s our old friend. Seifer: He’s not my friend. Daniel: See if you can find any signs of Shane on that Cube. (The Winged Creature claws into the edges of the Cube, and tears off coils and armour piece by piece. It bites into the side of the Cube, ripping its teeth through the manifolds and decks) Seifer: I think it’s hungry. (They watch as Borg debris float off into space. Armond finishes his scans) Armond: No signs of Shane. (The torn Cube loses all power and just sits there. The Winged Creature stops and then jumps off the Cube. It flies off without a trace) Armond: It looks like there are minimal survivors. (The Phoenix-X approaches the half destroyed Borg Cube) Seifer: It’s too bad we can’t use this to find the Cube that Shane’s on. Daniel: Wait a minute! We can! Seifer: Oh. What did I say, can or can’t? Daniel: If we hide the Ship inside the Cube and access their systems. We might be able use it as a sheep’s skin to get close to the Borg where Shane is! Seifer: If he’s still alive. Daniel: Why do you have to be so negative? (The Phoenix-X starts cutting light phasers intricately at the Cube, so that the ship can fit inside. Matt enters Engineering) Matt(hands a padd): We’re going to need to set up a dampening field. Gewdeque: Understood. Matt: Here, take this padd. Gewdeque: Nah, I don’t want it. (She walks away for no reason. Elly enters Engineering) Elly: You have a transmission via long-range subspace. Matt: I’ll get to it later. I’m really busy right now. (He picks the dirt out of his fingernails) Matt: Arggh. I hate it when this happens! (Ensign Dan walks down Deck 14 with one of the new Federation Officers) Joe: This is a cool Ship. Things are exciting already! Don’t you think? Ensign Dan: No. Not really. Joe: I’m just happy to be out in space. Ensign Dan: It doesn’t take much for you, does it? (Kugo meets with a couple of the new Federation Officers in Transporter Room 2) Kugo: So how do you like the Phoenix-X so far? Alegra: It’s great! What’s that smell though? Kugo: You get used to it. (Seifer checks the computer on the Bridge) Daniel: Report? Seifer: We’ve beamed some people over to the Cube. They’re going to see what they can do. Daniel: You know these new Federation Officers are really efficient. Seifer: Yeah, one of them is shining my shoes right now. Morris(shining Seifer’s shoe): Shine the other shoe govena’? Daniel: Stop that! (Morris leaves as Kayl joins Armond at a different computer station) Kayl: What’s up? Armond: I’m trying to think of different maneuvers against the Borg. Kayl: We should just move out of the way when they fire at us. Armond: It is not so easy as that. Kayl: Why not? It should be. I want it to be! Armond: Okay, you need nap time. (The Shipmaster meets with the President, on the Onnicon Homeworld) Ghraldi: Nice day today, sir. Don’t you think? (They stand before flaming wreckage of buildings and burned down forests) Ghraldi: This wasn’t just the work of the Borg.... it was that Federation ship that lead them here, that Phoenix-X!! Mrunha: Yrruuhhh... Ghraldi: I swear, Mr. President. I will find them and have our revenge! Mrunha: Yyuuurrrhh.... we are the Borg.... Uuuhhh.... (Science Analyst Yehkm approaches Ghraldi) Yehkm: Sir, we were hoping to use your ship’s facilities to continue our research of the Temporal Anomaly. Ghraldi: Forget about that Anomaly! It’s not like it’s hurting anyone. (Meanwhile, some Ship approaches the sparkling Anomaly) Jevaun: Hmm. I wonder what this is. (His Ship suddenly is sucked in, never to be seen again) (The Bochnah rockets through space. They are at a loss of luck with finding any Borg activity) Kortos: I swear, Ensign Dan has seen more action than this. Menchez(pacing): We have to focus our scanning on Borg recognizable signatures only! Grath: What do you think I have been doing?! --Oops. Wait. Let me start over. Red(at the Helm): Permission to go off duty. My shift ended like two hours ago at 0-36-hundred. Menchez: All right, fine!! (Amos walks the decks of the Bochnah in search of his new living quarters. He finds them and enters, noticing cushions on his bed) Amos: That is good. (He feels the fluffiness of his cushion, making sure that no one is watching him feel the fluffiness) Targon(notices): Hahaha! (Red enters the Drinking Room) Keyla: So, it is the top Klingon Officer from the Phoenix-X! Hahaha! Red: Why is that so funny? Keyla(confused): ...I don’t know. Necktos: So, Red, how do you like being back here? Red: It’s not bad. Necktos: You know, the Bochnah was 48-percent more efficient when those Federations were serving here. Red: That is interesting. When we were serving there, the Phoenix-X was 48-percent less efficient. (The Phoenix-X puts up a dampening field around the ship, incase of any Borg data streams. Matt monitors the output in Engineering) Matt: What the heck do all these numbers mean? Matthew(walks over): Sir! Reporting with a transmission from Malia, sir! Matt: Hey, you’re the guy from the Bochnah with almost the same name as me. Matthew: Sir! My full name is Lieutenant Matthew Bonita Screeta Lilita Monifa Lactalos Bonchaviks Don Marrie Es Paso El Nino Kent! Sir! (Matt walks over to one of the small view screens. A familiar face goes on-screen) *Dice: Matt! Our Planet is in great danger! Matt: So? *Dice: Another monster threatens us everyday and things just keep getting worse! He’s running a muck! Matt: Didn’t you understand my “so”? *Dice: Please! We need help from anybody! This monster goes by the species Klingon. He calls himself Firewall! Matt(thinks for a second): ...Uhh, it’s nobody I know. But okay, I’ll talk to my Captain and see what I can do. *Dice: Thank you! Thank you! Matt: So? (The Phoenix-X slowly moves inside the Borg Cube. A right space has been cleared for the ship) Seifer: We’re like a sheep in wolf’s clothing. (He makes the Phoenix-X lock tractor beams to the insides of the Cube so that they can move it. Daniel takes the Helm) Daniel: Don’t ever use that analogy again. Seifer(walks over): Alright Armond, let’s link it up. Q: Does anybody ever notice when I pick my nose in public? (On one of the decks on the Cube, Kugo and her away-Team adapt a Federation computer filter device to the Cube’s computer’s) **Kugo: It’s activated. (Daniel notices Q on the Bridge of the Phoenix-X) Armond: ...We’re receiving the connection. (The Federation LCARS computers on the Phoenix-X start blinking into Borg screens) Q: Uh oh. Looks like trouble! (Armond counters the assimilation with a ZL-virus cleaning program. The computers blink back to normal) Armond: I guess that link-up isn’t going to work. Q: We have a bright one here, Captain. Daniel: Go away, Q! Q: Umm... no. (Daniel and Seifer are called to the Battle Arena in emergency. They find Kayl sitting at the centre, clutching her head in pain) Seifer: Are you alright? Kayl: --Grggh!! The Drones on the Cube--- I’m telepathically reading them--- (Q pops in to continue bugging them) Q: She’s seems to be in real pain. Uh oh! How does this further your plot? (Lox gives Kayl a temporary hypospray) Kayl: --I can-- find out what Cube Shane is on... Argh! Q: Well that answers my question. Haha! Daniel: Arrgghh! (Daniel finally gathers his X-power and blasts and energy pulse at Q, knocking Q out of corporeal existence) Daniel(feels better): I bet Picard would’ve wished he could do that. (The Borg Queen approaches the new Shane on the Cube) Shane: ... Borg Queen: You are now one with us... Well, half at least. We’re not that good at assimilating Changelings. Shane: I serve the Collective. (The Queen activates a screen, showing the view of a certain Planet) Borg Queen: I have a mission for you... (She just thinks the mission details over through the powers of the Collective) Borg Queen: Phew. That is much easier than talking it to you. (Shane nods, then liquefies through the ceiling and takes shape outside the Cube in cold space. He crouches looking around for the right direction and then leaps off, growing propulsion gills to accelerate) -Borg-: We are the Borg. Lower your shields and prepare to be met with Borg Drone representatives. These Representatives will negotiate assimilation treaties with your personnel. Resistance is viable. (The Cube with the Phoenix-X controlling it inside, speeds through space. Seifer plays with the Borg voice changer) Daniel: Stop that! Seifer(-Borg-): I was just coming up with new intro’s. (The Phoenix-X Cube approaches the other Cube) Borg Queen(notices them): You’re link to the Collective is severed. Like seriously, what’s with you? (The Queen’s Class-3 Tactical Cube hovers over, attempting a mending data stream when suddenly the Phoenix-X Cube blasts a Quantum Torpedo at them) Daniel: Fire Torpedoes! Oh, you already did. (The Tactical Cube backs off) Borg Queen: What!? How dare you!? ...Wait a minute... You’re the Phoenix-X!! (She notices the small Phoenix-X Copyright Inscription on the side of the other Cube) Seifer: I have to stop labeling everything. (One Cube locks a Tractor Beam on the other Cube, and tries to tear the metal. The other Cube ruptures the Beam and circles overhead, firing rapid Pulse Torpedoes) Borg Queen: Maximum Armour! (The Tactical Cube strengthens itself, rendering the Phoenix-X Cube’s Torpedoes ineffective. The Torpedoes just go splat) Kugo: Her vessel is more advanced than ours. (The Phoenix-X Cube hovers back and jams a Focal Beam at them, draining the Tactical Cube’s main power) Seifer: Yeah, but our’s looks more square. (The Tactical Cube rotates around at an angle, and blasts three heavy green Pulses at the corner of the other Cube, sending the Phoenix-X Cube twirling away in momentum) Borg Queen: That’s what you get! (An Onnicon Starship de-cloaks in the distance, locking their intense scanners on the normal Cube) Deghl: I’m reading signs of the Phoenix-X. We should strike! Ghraldi(nods): ...Agreed. (The Phoenix-X Cube stops itself and re-approaches the Tactical Cube, which fires another three heavy Pulses. The Phoenix-X Cube is pushed back a little, but absorbs the damage) Seifer: We’ve adapted. Daniel: Good. Now, let’s assimilate them... Seifer: Uhh, we’re the good guys. Daniel: Oh yeah. Then just get Shane. (The Phoenix-X Cube launches two Jumpers, which fly for the Tactical Cube to look for Shane until they’re hit by distant Onnicon fire) GoyCho: Jumper 4 to Phoenix-X. We’re under attack! *Daniel: So? You don’t have to complain about it. (Both Cube’s circle each other on a tilt, firing Pulses and distracting Beams at one another. They don’t notice the Onnicon Ship suddenly swooping in-between them) Armond: Captain. One of the Jumpers has been destroyed! Daniel: Damn! Armond: Captain. Something else is approaching! Daniel: Darn!! (The Winged Creature arrives out of nowhere and clamps its dragon-claws into the sides of the Tactical Cube) Borg Queen: Not again! Doesn’t this Creature have a life!? (The Tactical Cube blasts a heavy Pulse into the Creature, exploding it into seven liquid Blobs, two of which vapourize) Armond: They’re Changelings! Kugo: They appear to be the free Changeling Link we encountered a while back. Seifer: Well, duh. (The remaining five Changeling Blobs shoot themselves safely at the Phoenix-X Cube to take sanctuary. The Onnicon Ship comes about, focusing their fire at the Phoenix-X Cube only. The Tactical Cube also fires at will) Kugo(holds on): We’re taking on heavy damage! Our Cube is going to collapse!! (Q flashes in, freezing time. It’s quiet as all the chaos of the star wars and everyone else is paused, except for Daniel) Q: I can’t believe you knocked me out of corporeal existence! Daniel(turns from the helm): Your face is becoming so annoying that people are actually enjoying the company of the common fly. Q: Oh come now, aren’t you the least bit interested at what all your stress is about? Daniel: No. (Q changes the on-screen view to a sparkly white Energy in space) Daniel(stands): The Anomaly.... that’s what’s been causing my irritation? Q: It was created by the Continuum especially for you. It will eventually get close enough to you to kill you... unless... you let me return your powers to the Continuum! (Daniel thinks about it) Daniel: I can’t--- not yet. Q: You never cease to amaze me, my liquid Captain. Daniel: Shut up! I use my powers for good, and I need them to get back a member of my crew. Q: Excuses, excuses! You know, I think that ‘common fly’ analogy fits in here somewhere. Daniel: ---Be gone, Q!! (Q flashes away, unfreezing time. Loud noise ensues as the Phoenix-X Cube shakes like crazy under attack. Structural integrity weakens and the Borg Queen gets a data-stream to the interplexing beacons of the sleeping Drones on the Phoenix-X Cube) Seifer: We have to get out of here! Armond: Yeah, that guy is right! (The Phoenix-X backs out of their occupied Cube into space. The Onnicon Ship swoops around, firing at them in satisfaction) Ghraldi: Hahah! (The Phoenix-X is damaged badly, but not enough that it can’t cloak. The dilapidated Borg Cube explodes due to a late blast from the Queen’s Tactical Cube) Borg Queen: Oops. Oh well, nobody’s perfect. ---Oh yeah, we are. Let’s just pretend I never said that. (Soon after, the Phoenix-X drops Transwarp and drifts through space. The Changeling Link gathers together as a single person) Armond: Well it looks like the Onnicon got their revenge. They ruined our second chance! Daniel: ...We deserved it. -Changeling Link-: You people are after Shane... That is our goal too. Seifer: It’s talking. Let’s kill it! Daniel: Wait! It’s the Traveling Link. Remember, we’re friends with them? Seifer: I don’t think I’m the remembering type. TO BE CONTINUED...
  13. Destiny's Revenge

  14. Destiny's Revenge

    Star Trek: Phoenix-X Destiny's Revenge, Part I (A person falls through the atmosphere of a certain Planet. He blazes across the blue sky and slams into the ground) Firewall: Aarghh!!! (He gets up, and dusts himself off) Firewall: That wasn’t so bad. (Firewall looks around having no idea where he is and having come to a point in his life where he is confused of his purpose. In a sudden rush of adrenalin, he runs through the tall grassy fields towards a small Village in the distance) **Daniel: Captain’s Log, Stardate 55994-point-1. The Phoenix-X is en-route to rendezvous with the Klingon Bird of Prey Bochnah. It has come to my attention that our short-term officer exchange program is unfortunately at an end. The whole Klingon half of my ship is to return to their ship, as the whole Federation half of their ship is to return to mine. It’s like separating a half cat and a half dog after they’ve been sewn together! ...Not that we’ve ever done that before. (He turns off the wall-control panel in Sickbay beside the catdog experiment. People are looking at him weird) Lox: Why do you always do your Log entries here? Daniel: This is my ship and I can do them wherever I want! Lox: Yes sir. (Lox goes back over to Shane, who is sitting on the medical bed) Shane: So how am I? Lox: My scans show that your nano cell-implants are remaining dormant. There is maybe 40-percent harmless electromagnetivity. Shane: Tell me about it; sometimes things like spoons and forks will magnetize to me out of nowhere. Even when there aren’t any in the room! Daniel(walks over): What’s going on here? Shane: I’m just getting a check up on my changeling self. I was hoping to ask you to link with me. Daniel: Well keep hoping, and maybe, one day, you will ask. (He’s about to leave Sickbay) Shane: No I mean that was my asking, just now! Daniel(leaving): Oh. Okay we can link later if you want. (Daniel enters the Bridge where Kugo and Seifer are at the back going over data) Kugo: We’ve been detecting this Anomaly for a while now. (A white Energy in space is shown on the small screen) Seifer: Why wasn’t I informed about this sooner? Kugo: ‘Cause you put that Don’t Inform Me About Anything Right Now sign on your door. Who knows what you were doing in there. Seifer(puts his anomaly-creating-device away): I wasn’t doing anything! (The Phoenix-X speeds through Onnicon Space) Red: ETA-- 2 hours until we meet with the Bochnah. Daniel: 2 hours? You know, we have Transwarp. Red: I thought we were told not to use it here, since the last time we were in this part of space we ruined it with too many Transwarp Conduits, which in turn caused the Onnicon Ships to emit a farting noise whenever they flew around.. Daniel: Oh yeah... Our ship isn’t emitting a farting noise, is it? Armond: No. Our thrusters are of a different technology. (The sensors proximity alert for a second. A dragon-like Winged Creature is momentarily seen in the distance, but disappears) Red: What was that? Armond(checks): I don’t know... I saw it for a second, but we passed by it too fast. Daniel: Red, how may times do I have to warn you about speeding? To avoid sparking our curiosity, always go really, really fast! Red: Aye, sir. Daniel: You guys keep the ship heading for the Bochnah. I’m going to regenerate. Armond: Understood, sir. (Daniel leaves) Armond(plays a tape): ... ::Understood, sir:: Armond: I’m going to play that from now on every time he tells us he needs to regenerate. No more extra talking for me! (Daniel sits in the Battle Arena, meditating) Daniel(meditates): .... (As he strengthens his omni'X power, he can’t help but feel as if something or someone is watching him) Daniel: Ahh!! (He stops caring about it and goes back to meditating) Daniel(meditating): .... (The Phoenix-X roars past a few asteroids) Seifer(takes a seat): I’m sorry that you’re going to be leaving us soon, Red. Red: Sorrow is not a Klingon emotion! Seifer: Well sorry, I was just making conversation. (They receive a broken up transmission) Armond: Commander, it’s from the Bochnah! Seifer: On screen. *Menchez: Ppphoenxxxx-XX wwwe’ve beeeennnn--- aatt---kked bbbby ttthe----!! (The screen clicks off) Armond: There’s subspace interference interfering... you know, with the subspace. (The proximity alert, alerts again. This time with a more serious beep) Kugo: That beep sounded pretty serious. Armond: Commander, we’re being approached... by the Borg! Seifer(stands): Oh my God... did you say a piece of board? Armond: No, I said the Borg. Seifer: Oh. That’s even more worse. (A large Borg Cube speeds over along side with the Phoenix-X) -Borg-: We are the Borg... (Pause) -Borg-: ...That is all. (The Cube fires two torpedoes onto the Phoenix-X as its raising L-shields) Kugo: Those bastards! Seifer: Take the Weapons station, pointy-eared woman. Kugo: Aye, sir. (The Phoenix-X flips underneath the Cube, locking the focal-beam onto them, draining their power) Daniel(awakens): We must be under attack. (He liquefies through the floor of the Battle Arena to the next deck) Shane: Hey Captain. (Shane’s liquefies over and they both take shape and start running through the corridor) Daniel: What? Shane: You think we can have that link now? Daniel: Argghh. Not now, Shane! (He liquefies up through the ceiling. Shane just stands there looking sad) Shane(frowning): ..... Kayl(walks by): Awww. (She gives him a hug) -Borg-: We are the Borg. Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded... Did we mention we were the Borg? That is all. (The Phoenix-X moves around, firing pulse phasers. The Cube detaches the focal-beam, momentarily weakening the Phoenix-X’s shields. They use the opportunity to beam over three Drones into a hallway) Ligus: The Borg! (He faces a Drone, about to take out his phaser. The Drone smacks him across the face and jabs two tubules into his neck for assimilation) Ligus: Uugghh! Kayl: Stop that! (She blasts her phaser at maximum into the Drone’s chest. The Drone goes flying into the wall with a smoking hole in his chest) -Drone-: --!! Shane: Watch out! (He liquefies over between another Drone who is about to get Kayl. Shane upper cuts the Drone, sending him flying through the hallway) Kayl: Thanks. He could’ve really ruined my complexion. (The ship is hit with another torpedo, blasting a wall inside to pieces on one of the lower decks. Daniel takes shape noticing someone trapped under the debris) Phinly: --Argh! (Daniel starts moving the debris off of him when he suddenly feels as if something or someone is watching him again) Daniel: .... (Phinly looks at him) Daniel: ...Q? Show yourself! (There’s no answer) Phinly: Captain, I don’t know if you noticed but I’m about to die here! (Daniel goes back to helping Phinly out until more people arrive to handle the situation, so that he may keep heading for the Bridge) Kayl: Shane! (The last Drone activates an anti-Changeling device, and puts a transporter tag on Shane’s shoulder) Shane: Hey I’m not into that kind of thing! (The other two Drones work on the ship’s control panels, distorting the Phoenix-X’s shields while Shane is beamed out) Armond: We’re losing shields!! *-Borg-: The Borg will destroy you now. That is all. (The Borg fire three torpedoes, causing damage to the Phoenix-X when suddenly a Winged-Creature flaps in, breathing energy beams onto the Borg ship) Armond: Okay, I did not see that coming. Daniel(enters): What is that thing? Seifer: Unknown. (The Winged-Creature flaps around all sides of the Cube causing major damage. The Cube starts moving off in plasma flames and then speeds out of there. The Winged-Creature disappears without a trace) Daniel: Follow them into the Transwarp Conduit! Red: Unable to do so. They’ve collapsed it. Daniel: Crap! Seifer: They never said they wanted to assimilate us. Armond: It’s possible they where afraid of the Captain’s omni-powers. (The Phoenix-X sits out there in space, regenerating, as they’re approached by the Bochnah. Menchez beams aboard) Daniel: It is good to see you again, old friend. Menchez: It is good to see you again as well! (Pause) Daniel: Uhh... You’re eyes are closed. Menchez(opens his eyes): Oh, sorry. It is just that I’m keeping my ship on a 36-hour day schedule. Kayl: Captain. We’re going to have to put an end to our research on that Anomaly to look for Shane now. BOB: How come nobody put an end to research for the last anomaly when I was kidnapped? Ensign Dan: You were kidnapped? Menchez: I must tell you; the Borg attacked my ship as well and took Shoon. Seifer: Who's Shoon? Menchez: You know, that other Changeling. Shane's identical brother! Seifer: Oh yeah. Armond: We have the weirdest coincidences. Seifer: The Phoenix-X is nearly regenerated, but the Bochnah is going to take a little longer to get battle-ready. Menchez: Yeah, some Ships here aren’t overloaded with technology. Daniel(slams his fist on the table): We have to find the Borg!! Kayl: I am sensing strong emotions coming from somebody in this room. (Everyone avoids eye contact with the Captain, and tries to think of a way to get to the Borg) Menchez(ponders): I wonder what is it they want with Shoon and Shane...? Seifer: Probably not to chat. (The Borg Cube speeds through Transwarp. Shane is shoved into the Queen’s Lair of the Cube, where Shoon is) Shoon: Hey. Shane: What’s up? Shoon: Not much. Shane: Oh. (The Borg Queen assembles herself) Borg Queen: Everyone thought I was dead. But now I am back. Alive! Hahaha! Shane: Yeah, how do you keep doing that? Borg Queen: Fools! Ever heard of cloning? Shoon: What do you want with us?? (The Queen paces and stops, glancing over at them) Borg Queen: That is just simple... I want you two to link. (Armond enters Engineering where Matt, Daniel and Seifer are) Armond: My butt is itchy. Matt(walks over): What’s going on here? I thought we were examining that Anomaly? Armond: We have to put that on hold for now. Seifer: Relax. There’s one other World studying it right now. They’ll send us their information... you know, if they don’t get assimilated by the Borg. (He points to the screen with a picture of an alien Planet) Matt(reads it): The Onnicons? Armond: They’re technologically advanced, but not as much as the Federation. That’s probably why the Borg never assimilated them. Matt(scanning the Anomaly): Huh? Did you say something? Seifer(turns it off): Stop that! Daniel: ...Wait a minute. If we can make the Borg think the Onnicons are technologically advanced enough to be assimilated, then they’ll come to us! Armond: I cannot begin to tell you how many ways that could backfire. (The Phoenix-X and the Bochnah turn left towards the Onnicon Homeworld) *Menchez: We must get ready for the exchange of our crews. Daniel: I haven’t really had a chance to say goodbye the Klingons here. They’ve been with me for so long. *Menchez: Klingons do not say goodbye! Daniel: Yes they do. *Menchez: Okay, maybe sometimes. (Red walks over to the back of the Bridge where Armond and Seifer are) Armond: We’re working on a few tactical maneuvers. You should probably help us since you’re the only one who can pull them off. Red: Giving me more work? I challenge you to a fight!! (Another Klingon enters the Bridge and walks over) Kortos: Commander Red, aren’t you supposed to be getting ready to move? Red: Don’t tell me what I’m supposed to be doing. I challenge you to a fight!! Kortos: I’m sorry, it’s just that there isn’t much else for me to do. Ensign Dan(walks over): Hey, Red, you’re lucky to be leaving this ship. Trust me. Red(nods): Yes. I’ll finally be away from you. Ensign Dan(pats him on the back): The feeling’s mutual, old friend. Red: Don’t touch me. (The Bochnah and Phoenix-X approach the Onnicon Planet. The Phoenix-X starts trailing false signatures around) Menchez: This is a waste of time. They don’t know what they’re doing! Derok: Oh. Menchez: Well maybe they do. I don’t know! I am a Klingon. (The Phoenix-X trails back and forth) Armond: The technology signature is being emitted. Daniel: Do you think we should’ve told the Onnicon about this? Armond: Nah. (The Borg Queen sits at her throne on the Cube, waiting for the two Changelings to link) Shane: If we link, then our nano probes will be in close proximity to each other. Shoon: Yeah, and then we’ll be assimilated! Borg Queen: That’s the whole point. I swear, some people just don’t get it! Shane: Two and a half years ago, I saved my friend Daniel from your Changeling-nanoprobes by taking them into myself and then splitting me into two. Shoon: Yep. Shane: So we refuse to link! (The Queen turns off the anti-Changeling device so that they’ll link. Shane and Shoon glance at eachother and instead, liquefy through the ceiling and out of there) Borg Queen(gets angry): They won’t get far... (The Cube, speeding through normal space, is suddenly accompanied by that Winged Creature. It fires energy out of its mouth at the Cube) -Winged-Creature-: CCcchhhaaaa!!!! (Shane and Shoon liquefy out the sides of the Cube, taking partial shape to look around) Shoon: What now? Shane: I don’t know. You’re the thinking half of me! (They notice the Winged Creature flying close by. It shoots out its leg towards them, which turns into a liquid. A Drone from inside the ship clicks on a handheld anti-Changeling device) Shane: Aargghh!! (The field grabs Shane and Shoon’s feet as they’re trying to jump out into space, and starts to pull them back in) Shoon: You know what, I’m thinking this is bad. (They notice the Winged Creature extending a liquid part of its foot to them. Shane reaches and links his hand with it) Daniel: ..... (Daniel sits in the Battle Arena meditating. He once again feels as if the Q is watching him) Daniel(opens his eyes): Q! I know you’re here! (Matt enters the Battle Arena) Matt: Okayyy... Who are you talking to? Daniel: Uhh, no one. (Sticking out the side of the Cube, the Drone continues to pull Shane and Shoon back in, as they’re trying to fly through space. Shane holds his small link with the levitating Winged Creature) Shane: <you’re a changeling!> Winged Creature: <yes.> Shane: <sorry, I’m just so surprised> Winged Creature: <your surprised reaction is alien to us.> (The Drone increases the field and pulls Shane and Shoon back inside. The Winged Creature is fired at, so it flaps away in pain) Shoon: Aw crap! (He continues to say more bad words) **Daniel: Captain’s Log, Supplemental. I think all this stress is making me think Q is watching me. To relieve my stress, I’ve shape shifted as an untangled paper clip. It’s helping a little. In the meantime, the Bochnah re-exchange is complete. I’m sorry to lose my Klingon crew, but I’m sure that the old Federation crew will be just the compensation. Kind of like two cat brains filling in a dogs’. ...Not that we’ve ever done that before. (The Bochnah breaks orbit of the Planet Onnicon and flys over to the Phoenix-X) Menchez: We cannot stand this waiting. We are going to look for the Borg ourselves. *Armond: Understood. Let us know if you engage battle, so that we may also join you in the honour. Menchez: Stop patronizing the fact we fight for honour! (The Bochnah warps out of there as the Phoenix-X continues its patrolling) Daniel(enters the Bridge): Any signs of the Borg? Seifer: The who? Daniel: We’re trying to attract the Borg! Seifer: You must be having an off day, because I've never heard of this "Borg". Armond: Long-Range sensors indicated Borg activity not too far away before we started. Seifer: Oh them! Yeah, they’re never going to come. (A Borg Cube suddenly approaches the Phoenix-X) Seifer: Oh okay, there they are. Well, it looks like our job here is done. Red, take us home. Daniel: No! Now we fight them for Shane! Seifer: Understood, sir. Red, belay that order! (No one is sitting at the Helm) Daniel: He transferred to the Bochnah two hours ago!! Seifer: I see. Well good for him. Daniel: Arrgghh! (Daniel pushes Seifer to the side and takes the Helm. The Phoenix-X hovers over behind the Cube as the Cube is advancing towards Onnicon) -Borg-: We are the Borg. Your world will be assimilated. Your distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile. (A couple Onnicon Ships fly out of the atmosphere of the Planet and fire photon torpedoes at the Cube) Ghraldi: Wait a minute. Did they say resistance was futile? Deghl(shrugs): I dunno. Ghraldi: I’m probably wrong. Continue firing! (People are beamed out of their cities and into the Cube. Drones beam down to force-fielded buildings and break in. The secretary glances at the Drone) Eela: Do you have an appointment? (The Drone assimilates her as more Drones enter) Armond: They seem to be focusing on the Assimilation. Seifer: Yeah I think we’ll try to stop themmm..... now. (The Phoenix-X hatches off Vector 1. It swoops around one side of the cube and the bottom-two-thirds of the Ship move around the other side) Daniel: Fire! (Vector 2/3 stabs a focal beam, draining the Cube’s main power, while Vector 1 throws out rapid disrupter fire to the other side) Daniel: This is taking forever. Why didn’t we get a copy of Janeway’s special Borg-killing weapons? Seifer: I think she wanted to keep those for herself. Daniel: Greedy b%^#@&-- (Two Drones walk onto a movie set, where an Actress is being chased by two Zombies) Sezeli(girl): AAaaahhh!! --What the? Who are you? Mhoen(director): Alright that’s it. Cut! Cut! Gentlemen, you’re on the wrong set. I’m trying to create a masterpiece here! (The Drones assimilate him and the movie equipment) Seifer: Yes! The Cube is weakening on both sides! (The Borg Cube rotates 90 degrees so that its stronger sides are facing the two attacking halves of the Phoenix-X) Seifer: Damn!! (A mime is beamed off the street and into the Borg Cube. The Drones look at the mime in curiosity) Chevk(mime): ...? ...! ....! .....!! .....? ....”....”..... (The mime communicates fear through action. The Drones grab him and assimilate him) Mrunha(president): I will lead this Planet to freedom! (The President addresses a crowd of political followers. A drone beams down and assimilates the President) Mrunha: Aaarrrggghh!!! (His eyes scramble and skin turns pale as he re-addresses the crowd) Mrunha: UuhHhhh.... We are the Borg. You will be assimilated... UuHhhhh... (The Cube blows up an oncoming Onnicon vessel so that it can have room to tractor another Onnicon vessel. They pull it in) Jheka: Perhaps a fate of death is much better than this assimilation... Szehn: I think now’s the time to tell you... I am your father’s husband. ' Jheka: Oh my God! ...I have a confession aswell. I’m your daughter’s biological daughter. (The Phoenix-X re-assembles and blasts Slipstream Torpedoes at the Cube) Armond(scanning): The Away Team we beamed over isn’t having any luck finding Shane. Daniel: Crap!! Let’s just hope the Borg don’t catch on to our plan. (The Cube fires at the oncoming Slipstream Torpedo, causing its tear before it reaches them. The Cube backs off and beams all the Drones on the planet off) -Borg-: There is no required intelligent or technological distinctiveness to be adapted in Species 9901. Assimilation aborted. (The Phoenix-X moves in after the Borg Cube as the Cube is about to leave) Seifer: Yeah I think they’ve caught on. Armond(scans): The Away team is back. (The Cube Transwarps out of there, collapsing the conduit before the Phoenix-X can follow) Daniel: Argh!! (The Phoenix-X just drifts there) Seifer: Look at it this way. We haven’t lost a chance in finding Shane; we’ve gained the possibility of a second chance. Daniel: I can’t take this anymore...! Bring the ship out of here and start thinking of a new plan. You have the Bridge. (The Captain enters his Ready Room. His anxiety and irritation increases) Daniel(paces): ..... (He looks around the room) Daniel: Q! ...Q!! I know you’re here! (Q suddenly appears, sitting behind the Captain’s Desk) Q: Alright you got me. Okay, now you hide. Daniel(leans in): Why do you keep following me? You’re driving me crazy!! (Strands of energy flow around him in anger) Q: You think that’s stress that’s making you so irritated? Hahahaha. No, no, my liquid Captain.... it’s something much more. Beyond your trivial thoughts, beyond your futile search for Shane... Daniel(steps back in curiosity): The upcoming Superbowl? Q: No! (Q flashes, switching positions with the Captain) Daniel(sitting): You’re here to take my powers away... Q: Yes! (Q dances in excitement) Q: You knew this day would come. Well no time say goodbye-- Daniel(stands): Wait! (Q stops) Daniel: I can’t let this happen. Not yet. Q: Trust me, you don’t want to put this off. Daniel: I said not now! (Daniel leaves the Ready Room) TO BE CONINTUED...