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  1. Ok, the correct ranks should now be showing, based on the group that you are affiliated with. Might be another couple of weeks until the ability to change your group comes along. If you're really desperate, ask an admin to do it for you.
  2. Selectable races is something I'm probably going to have to rewrite the board software a bit for (as I had done with the old software). Unfortunately, my schedule is a little packed at the moment, so I can't guarantee when this is likely to happen, but I'll do my best to implement the feature when I can.
  3. Weird thing

    When you say "IP service", if you just mean her internet provider, then it would be rather odd, but perhaps possible. If you mean that you were using some kind of IP address redirection service, then it's certainly very possible. Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you find that you regularly have problems. Feel free to email me if you do.
  4. Weird thing

    When you say that you were using your Aunt's connection, were you also using her computer? These symptoms would be typical if her browser was configured to not allow cookies to be set. This could be in the browser or possibly the effects of some kind of internet security software.
  5. Moving (completed)

    The move is now completed.
  6. Moving (completed)

    Just a quick update that the move should take place sometime tomorrow. Hopefully downtime will be kept to a minimum.
  7. Welcome to Lower Decks v2.0

    No problem. As you've both said, there's not really the demand for it at the moment, but if this changes I'll see what I can do.
  8. Welcome to Lower Decks v2.0

    Well if there's a sufficiently large movement for a change, I'd be happy to do the technical things required to change the colour scheme. However, it's probably best if you don't leave the colour choice up to me! Personally, I'm fairly indifferent about the current colours.
  9. Well believe it or not, one person has already asked me to change their name, so I'm going to post this back again. If you want to change your name at any point in the future, you can do so by emailing me at tcn@lowerdecks.com. You should provide your current username, the new username you want, your account password, your member number and you should email me from the address that your account is registered to. Note: you may only change once every six months. Unlike back at the old OL, changing your name WILL change your login name. Not all places may update themselves with the new name. Also, should problems occur, you accept the possibility that your name may be changed back at any time. I'll post notification of name changes here. Change 1: Omega -> Naquada
  10. Remember when....

    Some of us still keep to that tradition! <----- I think my fondest memory is all the AIM chats actually (both 1-1 and groups). The trivia quizzes were also a lot of fun. If anybody's feeling nostalgic, you can still trawl through the last generation of the board (though there were many more before that one) here.
  11. YouTube embed in thread posts?

    Ok, I've set this up for you. To embed a video you need to use the new "youtube" tag with the ID of the video, e.g. you type [youtube]puXPozd-kuc[/youtube] to obtain puXPozd-kuc You can get the ID of the video from the URL (web address) in YouTube - it's the bit that follows the "v=". If there's sufficient interest in this, I might look for a way of making it more intuitive (e.g. putting the whole URL between the tags). Any problems, let me know.
  12. YouTube embed in thread posts?

    Hi Digitalfreak. This query has been referred to me and I'll try and look into a secure and safe way of doing it sometime this weekend.
  13. Upcoming Maintenance

    Starting tomorrow at 5PM CDT, our hosting provider is moving us from one server to another. Consequently, I will be taking the OL offline sometime shortly before this time. Our nameserver records will be updated sometime after the move is complete (this will probably take a few hours) after which it may take upto 48 hours for the new records to become effective, dependent on your geographic location and local policies. See you on the other side!
  14. Upcoming Maintenance

    Welcome to our new server!
  15. The map is back

    That would be this one, then? (can't remember if this is the most up-to-date one, but it was the first one I found!)
  16. Help!

    This might seem like an obvious suggestion, but have you checked "Keep cookies until" under Tools->Options->Privacy? This is separate from the option about clearing private data upon exit, and one of the options is "Keep until I close Firefox". I'm assuming that you're running the latest version when I point to this menu option. If not, upgrade and it may solve your problem.
  17. Vista Release

    It's called "User Account Control" and it's an on or off setting. Basically, when it's on, for a program to do anything that might possibly affect your system in any way, Windows asks your permission. The idea is that it shouldn't pester you about day-to-day tasks, but the reality of the situation is that most programs will try to do something that it deems dangerous (e.g. any kind of setup program modifying the registry or loading DLLs to the system32 directory). Microsoft "strongly" recommends that you don't turn it off, but I got fed up with it very quickly and turned it off within a few hours of having my system up and running. Oh and Dan, my machine runs Aero no problem, though it does turn it off for a very small number of incompatible programs (so far I think the only two I know that turn it off are RealPlayer and 3DMark05). Then again, my GPU is a 7900GTO, so it's not likely to struggle with Aero!
  18. Vista Release

    I've tried some sharing with my XP laptop and it hasn't exactly been problem-free. First off, there's a weird problem using the Vista machine to copy from the XP one. For a significant number of random files from my XP machine, Vista refuses to write, claiming something about insufficient file permissions despite the fact that: a) it copied the other files to the same place without issue b) every conceivable security option and program was turned off and the directory was taken ownership off and given maximum permissions. Interestingly enough, doing the procedure on the XP end of things (i.e. sending the files to the Vista machine from there) worked absolutely fine. I've googled this particular problem and have found a few people with the same issue, but no fix yet. Additionally, I haven't got printer sharing (printer connected to the Vista machine) working yet, though I haven't spent long at that.
  19. Vista Release

    C'mon, dude, it's a family board. Sigh...
  20. Vista Release

    Yes, it's lovely isn't it? Ah well, at least it makes the effort...
  21. Vista Release

    Well I'm running Vista Home Premium on my new machine. I decided to go with Vista straight away, as I decided that I'd want it ultimately anyway and didn't want to pay for XP now and then have to buy an upgrade to Vista later (and the express upgrade programme was too much of a headache to register for - apparently I have to register as a system-building company with Microsoft and agree that they can audit my business and all sorts...!) In most respects I'm pleasantly surprised actually. Granted, some of the hardware compatibility isn't perfect yet - I'm still waiting for better graphics drivers mainly (although it actually recognised my Bluetooth dongle without 3rd-party drivers, unlike XP). However, it's fast, responsive and mostly reliable (usually only failing when I fiddle with beta drivers and the like) and it has a lot of nice features. I actually like the new user interface (which I didn't when XP came out - I always used classic on that), though I still prefer the classic Start Menu. All in all, I rather like it! On the other side, for those who haven't seen it, live demonstration of the speech recognition is rather amusing...
  22. cadet uniforms

    Personally I always thought of it as something "formal" that he (or his mother or Picard) had chosen for him to wear, but something that wasn't supposed to correspond to a Starfleet uniform because Picard/Starfleet Regs dictated that he couldn't wear one without a proper commission.
  23. VGR - "Cathexis" Discussion

    Call me strange by all means but I really enjoyed this episode for some reason, despite whatever "creative licence" was taken with the science of it. Never spotted the costume problem - will have to watch out for that the next time I see it.
  24. VGR - "Heroes and Demons" Discussion

    The first time I saw it I found it a tad dull, but it's grown on me a bit. Doesn't really stand out for me though - there were plenty of S1 episodes I preferred (e.g. Cathexis and Learning Curve)
  25. New Computer

    I wish I were so lucky! If you want to do serious gaming, a laptop is (usually) never the answer, however good it is. Even if it runs games now reasonably, it's not likely to keep up for long and you'll always get much better performance from a desktop machine that's of comparative monetary value. Interesting that you're building a laptop though - I'd always heard that it's usually more costly to build them than it is to buy them straight. I've been using an Dell Inspiron 1150 for the last few years myself which I've upgraded a fair few times with parts mostly from eBay (first a 40GB 5400RPM HDD to a 60GB 7200RPM HDD then, all last summer, Celeron 2.4GHz->Mobile Pentium 4 2.8GHz, 512MB DDR333->1GB DDR333 - unfortunately both run a 266MHz owing to the mainboard limitation and no ability to change the settings - and finally I installed an Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG where it was previously using a PC card wireless card). It unfortunately has always had integrated Intel graphics, which is something I can't change, which has really made its gaming performance crap (which does perhaps bias my perspective on laptop gaming a little, though I stand by my initial advice). However, the processor and memory upgrade made a HUGE difference to the extent that I'm actually able to run Tomb Raider Legend on it to a just-about-acceptable standard, albeit on minimal graphics settings (wasn't a bad upgrade for ?40 - about $80 - for the CPU and ?30 - about $60 - for the memory). Anyway, I'm building a new desktop from the money people generously gave me for my 21st (plus a little from my savings) and can't resist posting my new specs! -Antec Solo Super Quiet case with Antec NeoHE 500W PSU -Gigabyte GA 965P-DS3 Mainboard -Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz/4MB L2/1066MHz FSB -2GB RAM: 2x1GB Corsair XMS2 DDRII-800, CL5. -MSI NVidia GeForce 7900GTO, 512MB DDR3 -640GB HDD: 2xSeagate Barracuda SATA 320GB, 7200RPM, 16MB cache, Av. Latency: 4.16ms, to be configured in RAID-0 configuration. -Hauppauge Win TV Nova-T PCI DVB digital tuner -Philips 19" LCD Widescreen, 5ms response time, 850:1 contrast ratio, wide viewing angle. -Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Additionally, I'm using an IDE DVD-Rewriter that I currently use with my laptop, and nabbing a normal DVD drive that my parents have (hopefully!) finished with. Also nabbing a floppy drive from them... (yay!) A standard Logitech keyboard and the Dell optical mouse from my laptop are (almost) not worth mentioning... Just gotta wait for the delivery now! Unfortunately they're still waiting for stock to come in for the motherboard, the monitor and a USB panel for the motherboard - to expand the number of USB ports on the back from 4 to 6 (plus there's a further 2 on the front of the case). I was looking for a panel of 4, but the place that I'm getting everything from (Dabs) didn't sell them.