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  1. Star Trek: Discovery

    Release Date: September 24th 2017 (We'll see! :P) http://www.startrek.com/article/star-trek-discovery-sets-premiere-date
  2. Anyone getting logged in as someone else?

    Same situation for me.
  3. Star Trek: Discovery abbreviation?

    At first I thought the title was Star Trek Discovery Aberration, thought it was quite fitting! Anyways, I am on board with DSC as well. STD is an unfortunate pairing of letters for a Star Trek show, and because of that it will most likely be the one people use who don't like the show.
  4. OL Chats 2003

    I was looking through some of my old files the other day and I found these old transcripts from the OL Chats we used to have on AIM. I found copies for October, November and part of Dec 2003, careful some of the content is a little bit cringe worthy! ( I was a lot younger then, haha) Enjoy! OL Chat - October 2003 OL Chat - November 2003 OL Chat - December 2003 (Partial)
  5. Star Trek: Discovery

    Trailer - http://www.cbs.com/shows/star-trek-discovery/video/LeDfVOm_JkJcYJF9ju2izuFJBnF_qJsG/star-trek-discovery-first-look-trailer/ Youtube (Region Locked) - Non-region locked, https://streamable.com/pmp54
  6. Anyone getting logged in as someone else?

    It's been happening for me for the last week or so. It might be an issue with the SQL database returning the wrong information, but I haven't played with BBoards before Let's roll the dice and see if this comes out as me!
  7. 15 (!) years later...

    Back in the day when I went by 'Captain_Helburn'.... That was so long ago, I've grown a lot since then!
  8. Hello!

    Hey it's you! It's been a long time! I also dropped off the side of the earth for quite a few years until I rediscovered the bookmark in the "old Bookmarks" section of my browser! Life is great, start a new job next month. How has life treated you?
  9. Star Trek: Discovery

    Some Actor Fluff pictures from on set in Toronto. (Non-Spoilery) http://trekmovie.com/2017/03/17/star-trek-discovery-cast-and-crew-tease-behind-the-scenes-photos/
  10. Star Trek: Discovery

    I've heard rumours that the new series may be in the form of an Anthology series, with each season being dedicated to a different story (and era?) Has anyone been able to collaborate that?
  11. Where is the TOS Engine Room?

    Trekyards brings up an interesting question, where is Main Engineering on the USS Enterprise? I've always imagined the Engine room should be in the Secondary Hull, and then he pulls out a set of Blueprints signed by Gene Roddenberry which throws that out the window! Thoughts?
  12. The Expanse

    Yes, Second season started in January, it picks up right after the end of season one.
  13. Share your favourite Websites

    Yea, Checking Twitter and reddit? Time to grab the popcorn! Another website that I've used to compare parts and pricing when building computers is, http://pcpartpicker.com/
  14. The Expanse

    Hey, has anyone else watched this series? Last year I watched the first episode without knowing what I was getting into and was pleasantly surprised! Some of the things in the show that pleased me was how much detail was put into the universe in relation to ship physics and with building a living breathing solar system. Ships don't magically start and stop in space, inertia is a real thing, when accelerating the crew has to strap into crash couches and take drugs to keep awake, and when they are almost at their destination they have to flip the ship around and accelerate in the opposite direction to stop the ship. The entire show takes place in the Solar system and there are Two major powers and a Third minor Power, Earth, Mars and the Belt. Earth acts like the Old Guard, it will do anything to keep things in line with their goals, even if that means destroying a protesting mining station to make a statement. Mars is a newer Power, having overthrown Earths rule, whole generations had been dedicated to terraforming Mars, but soon realized they needed to build a technologically superior Navy to keep Earth in check. The Belt is where all the water and materials from the Outer Planets get funneled into and then shipped out to Earth and Mars, there is growing unrest in the Belt due to the rationing of water, food, and increasing taxes from Earth and Mars. After watching the first season I went out and bought the Book series, the show was very true to the book (with some changes to make it a TV Series), and I would recommend the book to anyone looking for a new Sci-Fi series to dig into. How about you? Have you watched The Expanse? What has been your experience?
  15. Star Trek: Discovery

    Two new actors, Jason Isaacs (AKA, Lucius Malfoy) as captain of USS Discovery, and Mary Wiseman as a Starfleet Academy cadet. http://www.startrek.com/article/discovery-adds-two-more-cast-members Thoughts: I thought that the Captain of the Discovery was out of the picture and that "Number One" took over command. I guess that early on everything changes fast!