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  1. Once again, credit goes to io9 for the list and I've removed animated movies like The LEGO Batman Movie and Cars 3. October Friday the 13th (Oct. 13) Geostorm (Oct. 20) Insidious Chapter 4 (Oct. 20) Untitled Cloverfield Movie (Oct. 27) Saw: Legacy (Oct. 27) November Thor: Ragnarok (Nov. 3) Justice League (Nov. 17) December Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Dec. 15) The Six Billion Dollar Man (Dec. 22)
  2. Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek?

    I know it's very, very early to be saying this, but I don't like the idea of an R-rated Star Trek movie. It's just not right.
  3. Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek?

    I think I've seen one Quentin Tarantino movie, so I don't know what he's like as a director. Which means I don't know what to make of this news. I do wonder what it means for the rumored fourth movie in the current reboot series.
  4. Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV 2017-2018

    This week's episode of The Orville felt like a mashup of TNG's "Where No One Has Gone Before" and "Remember Me." I wasn't a fan of the ending. It felt like a cop out. I continue to watch all the DC shows on The CW. Even Supergirl, which it has gone off the rails this season. So boring to watch. Arrow feels very tired. Legends of Tomorrow is okay but nothing special. The Flash is maybe the best of the bunch and it's not great.
  5. The 2017-2018 network television season started yesterday. That means the return of the Arrowverse on The CW and various other sci-fi/fantasy TV shows in the coming weeks. The Orville has already premiered on FOX. Three episodes have aired. I'm enjoying it. The promos made it look like a Galaxy Quest spoof. It's really more of an homage to Star Trek. The music is especially spot on. Anyone else watching? I'm looking forward to The Gifted on FOX. I'll watch Marvel's Inhumans, or at least the two-hour premiere. It doesn't look good. I'm also going to watch Ghosted on FOX. I've given up on Once Upon a Time. I can't decide whether to keep watching Supergirl. The first season on CBS was hit or miss; the second season on The CW was mostly miss. I will keep watching Arrow, The Flash, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Also, Supernatural. I'm still watching The Walking Dead but I did give up on Fear the Walking Dead. -- Here's a list of sci-fi/fantasy/horror TV show premieres, courtesy of Collider: Tuesday, November 14 Future Man (Hulu) Tuesday, November 21 Marvel’s Runaways (Hulu)
  6. If you're watching Star Trek: Discovery and want to discuss all episodes with unmarked spoilers, this is the place for you.
  7. Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV 2017-2018

    I'm enjoying The Orville. I especially like playing the "Star Trek did it!" game while watching.
  8. Star Trek: Discovery

    Not a surprise at all. There is literally no way CBS could possibly cancel the series after one season. It has too much riding on CBS All Access. Cancelling Discovery would basically be giving up on the streaming service.
  9. Star Trek: Discovery

    Question for those who are watching Season 1: Has the show toned down the lens flare and odd camera angles that annoyed me so much during the series premiere on CBS?
  10. 2017 Movie Megathread

    Trailers for Justice League and Star Wars: The Last Jedi were released recently: Justice League looks awful. No plot, just explosions. The trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is confusing. I'm entirely spoiler-free, so I have no idea what the movie is about. The trailer doesn't do much to explain what's going on.
  11. Remember AOL Instant Messenger (aka AIM)? It's shutting down in December. read more at The New York Times. It's a little sad to think about. Bittersweet, I suppose. I spent so much time on AIM in middle school and high school. Even during college and a few years after that. I was still using it around 2010/2011. Life on the Internet was easier back then.
  12. The Son's of Mogh. the ending bothers me.

    I don't remember much about this episode but I know I didn't like how Kurn ended up being wiped of his memories. It felt liked a weak ending for both the character and the episode.
  13. Star Trek: The Next Generation celebrated its 30th anniversary a few days ago. The series premiered in syndication in the United States the week of September 28th, 1987. I actually forgot all about the anniversary until I saw a tweet from Wil Wheaton yesterday. To celebrate, here are some early promotional spots and news coverage from 1987: I'm only slightly older than TNG, so this makes me feel ancient. Happy 30th, TNG!
  14. Three new sci-fi series coming from Amazon

    I haven't heard of Lazarus. I am familiar with Snow Crash and Ringworld but have no interest in watching TV shows based on them.
  15. Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV 2017-2018

    Anyone watch Marvel's Inhumans last night? It wasn't as bad as reviews made it sound. But it wasn't very good. I think there are only 8 or 10 episodes. I'll probably watch them all. I'm a sucker for Marvel TV.
  16. It's entirely possible but I don't know of any, personally. I used to keep in touch with a few people outside the OL but lost touch with over the years as people migrated from IM to Facebook. As far as I know, they're still alive but haven't returned to the OL.
  17. I still occasionally check out his blog. I only recently learned he's really into tattoos.
  18. 15 (!) years later...

    I was 16 and in high school when I joined the OL in 2001. Now I'm I'm 32, married, and have a five week old baby.
  19. Anyone else try out 3D printing?

    My local library has one. There used to be a display of trinkets and models created by the 3D printer. Most of them weren't very impressive. A single color plastic with rough edges and not much detail. Maybe it's a cheap 3D printer. Or maybe only kids are using it and they don't know what they're doing.
  20. Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV 2017-2018

    I watched the first season of Fear the Walking Dead, hoping it would get good. Then I suffered through all of Season 2 before finally throwing in the towel. I'm still watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 was a mixed bag. The first arc (Ghost Rider) was awful. The second arc (LMD) was pretty good. The third arc (Agents of Hydra) was great. I'm tentatively excited for Season 5.
  21. Anybody else go to comic cons?

    I went to ConnectiCon once about with a friend of mine. We were expecting a comic book convention but it was all about anime. There were tons of cosplayers. Lots of wooden or foam weapons. Not our thing so we left and went to see Superman Returns. I also went to a Twilight Zone Convention in New Jersey. I met the late Lois Nettleton, who starred in "The Midnight Sun," and got her autograph. I saw Mickey Rooney across the room but didn't approach him or get his autograph, which I now regret. I also spoke briefly to Mary Badham, who was in the very last episode of the Twilight Zone ("The Bewitchin' Pool). She's better known for playing Scout in the movie To Kill a Mockingbird.
  22. Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Doctor

    I also started watching when the series picked up again in 2005. I thought Eccleston was great as the Doctor and hated to see him go. Tennant did fine work as well. Smith was okay. Capaldi has been mediocre.
  23. Every so often I think about binge watching TNG or DS9 via Netflix but it is such a commitment and I already watch so much TV that I never do it. The other day I ended up wasting 30 minutes reading about VOY episodes on Memory Alpha and that got me somewhat excited to rewatch VOY. So that led me to create this poll: Which Star Trek series do you want to rewatch the most? I am torn between DS9 and VOY at the moment, only because I have only seen most of those episodes twice compared to three or four times for most TNG episodes. I can honestly say I have never considered rewatching ENT. As for TOS, I think about it occasionally but am not sure it lends itself to binge watching.
  24. Has it ever been stated why Q was so afraid of Guinan?

    I could've sworn there was an explanation given in one of the novels. Maybe one by Peter David? Didn't he write a lot about Q? Maybe I'm remembering wrong.
  25. Star Trek: Discovery

    Announcement: I've created a Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Discussion thread for those of you watching the entire season who want to talk about it with unmarked spoilers. I only watched the series premiere, not the second episode. The premiere felt like the first half of a two-parter, which it may have been. The cliffhanger ending bugged me. Clearly, CBS cares only about driving subscribers to CBS All Access and not about presenting a complete story to entice potential viewers. I never planned on subscribing to CBS All Access and the first episode did nothing to change my mind. The theme song and the opening credits are underwhelming. If the producers wanted a theme that doesn't sound anything like Star Trek, they did a great job. It's bland. It doesn't have the excitement of the TNG theme, the mood of the DS9 theme, or the feeling of the VOY theme. It just doesn't work for me. The credits themselves aren't terrible. But they are a little too cartoony for me. The sketches/blueprints remind of a small portion of the ENT credits sequence. Here are the opening credits, if you haven't seen theme: Perhaps the biggest problem for me, aside from the lens flare/camera angles and the Klingons, were the characters. Aside from Burnham, Captain Georgiou, and Saru, they were all unremarkable. Burnham running off the bridge to contact Sarek was absurd, as was her decision to knock out Captain Georgiou and mutiny.