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  1. Exercise

    Thought I should update this. I'm still cycling, but I haven't been to the gym that much over the past 3 weeks as I've been really busy at work or I've been ill (a cold and not swine flu as my work mates insisted)! But I've got a goal to aim for now. I have signed to to take part in the 10k Royal Marine Commando Challenge on Oct 11th. This involves a 3k road run followed by a 4k off-road assult course (used by the Royal Marine commando's) then another 3k road run to the finish. http://www.commandochallenge.co.uk/ This gives my just over 3 months to lose a bit more weight, build up the strenght in my knee and practice running 10k. I've already started eating better and smaller meals and I have cut out all fizzy drinks and chrisps. So hopefully I will start to notice the difference soon.
  2. Star Wars vs Star Trek

  3. General V Discussion (SPOILERS)

    When is this going to air?
  4. Prophet the writer

    Years ago, when i didn't have a job and had lots more time on my hands I spent some of it writing a few stories. I just found this opening of a story I started but never got to finish (or really get in to the main story telling) But I thought I would post it to see what you thought. And if anyone wants to take it on and see what they can make of it they are welcome to. ?Captains log, supplemental. The Orient has been at starbase 51 for three weeks now, while undergoing minor refitting, and while at first shore leave was a godsend to my crew, I feel that the level of unrest is rising. Hopefully we will only be here for a couple more days before we start a two week patrol of the Romulan Neutral zone border.? Aerys Jol sat back in her chair and glanced over her desk, stacked high with padd?s with security reports, repair and refitting estimates, intelligence reports, latest ship deployments. The list went on and on, and Jol had to read and sign off on all of them, before she could even think of taking the Orient out of dry-dock. She took a deep breath, before standing and walking over to the replicator. She stood for a moment before deciding what to order. ?Red leaf Tea.? She said. ?Unable to comply. Replicator systems are off-line.? Replied the computer. ?Damn.? She said. What the hell is wrong now she thought. ?Aerys to Ashcroft.? ?Ashcroft here Captain.? A young male voice said over the intercom. ?Lieutenant, I just tried to order some tea, but the replicators are off-line, why was I not informed?? She asked, sounding sterner with every word spoken. ?Err, Captain I submitted a report this morning saying that all replicator systems will be off-line until twenty-one hundred hours for repair. You did get it didn?t you?? He asked sounding very nervous. ?Ah, it?s probably on my desk somewhere. I haven?t had time to get through even half of them. I?m sorry Lieutenant. Aerys out.? The comm line closed with the quietest of crackles. She turned away from a powerless replicator and stared at the number of padd?s on her desk. She sighed, closed her eyes and took a second deep breathe in as many minutes. This isn?t what she had joined Starfleet for, not to read report after report after report. She had joined to explore, to meet and help people. Like she had when she had been assigned to Cardassia Prime as an Ensign. Helping their people rebuild after the Dominion war. She remembered when the war ended; she was fifteen and living on Bajor with parents and her two older brothers. She remembered the celebration party they had had when they heard the news that the war was over. Right now though she was wishing that there were a war, there?d probably be less paper work. She shook all these thoughts from her mind, and tried to focus on the task. Getting all these reports read and out of the way so she could take her ship out where it belongs. She sat down and pulled her self up to her desk, grabbed the closest report, and started reading. Repair and replacement estimate for the primary and secondary controls of pressure regulators on saucer Reaction Control Thrusters. She was in for a long day! Dr. Michelle Goss was a twenty five year old human female; she was about 5?10?? and had piercing blue eyes, and long straight brown hair. She had been out of medical school for seven weeks now; she had been on the Orient for six of those seven weeks. She had finished third in her class, and had turned down a place at Starfleet medical to take the CMO position here. However she didn?t realise that the Orient was due for refitting, and she had spent half of her time on active duty, sitting at her desk reading papers. She was sat behind her desk now, reading a paper on new methods in the field of regenerative neurology. The doors to sickbay slid open and he walked in quite comfortably even though his shoulder was green with blood. He was Commander Raveck, the Vulcan first officer of the Orient. He stood at just over six foot tall, but was by no means lanky. His Vulcan Physiology and Starfleet training had made sure of that, he was broad shouldered and powerful arms, not bad for a man of one-hundred and fifty-four. Michelle looked up from her paper and almost fell out of her chair. ?My god. Commander Raveck, what happened?? She almost shouted as she helped him on to a bio-bed. ?I was in the holodeck, using a Vulcan meditation program.? ?Remind me never to use that program.? She said as she scanned the wound. ?You?re lucky, whatever happened it missed the artery.? Raveck continued his story. ?After approximately two hours I heard movement. I thought nothing of it, until I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. As I opened my eyes I saw standing above me, a holographic Monk with a ceremonial staff, which he was using to stab me.? He was about to carry on when the Doctor reached for the sub-dermal regenerator. ?Hold still now.? She said sounding much calmer than she had moments before. A low hum and a blue light began emanating from the regenerator, and the wound slowly began to close. ?I find it curious.? He said as he was being treated. ?I?ll say. What happened to the safety protocols?? She replied. ?I would say that the repair and maintenance work being carried out on the ship somehow interfered with the holographic systems. I will look into it. However that is not what I find curious.? Michelle finished with the regenerator, took her tricorder and scanned the wound. ?There.? She said. ?All better. So what do you find curious?? ?The staff the monk used to stab me was not part of that meditation program.? He raised an eyebrow and looked at the doctor. Deep in the bowels of the Orient two figures lay next to a relay port. One was Lieutenant Commander Grol?er, the ships tactical officer, and the other was Paul Baker, Orients science officer. ?Look Paul, if you like the girl, ask her if she?d like to have dinner. She?s only been here six weeks, I doubt if she?s knows many people that well. You could be the first.? Grol?er said. ?I will, when I have time.? Paul replied as he put his head back in the relay station. ?What reading do you have on the auxiliary targeting sub-systems?? ?I get?? He waited a moment for the readings on his tricorder to settle. ?One hundred percent. Our work here is done.? He cheerfully answered closing the tricorder. ?Thank god, lying like this all afternoon has not done my back any good at all.? ?A bad back, the perfect excuse to go and see her.? Grol?er said as he began to crawl down the Jeffries tube. ?Does the phrase, ?In my own time? mean anything to you!? ?Paul. The longer you leave it the chances are greater that she?ll find someone else. I?ve seen her, she?s quite attractive?for a Human.? ?Oh no you don?t. You?ve already got two wives, you stay away from her.? Paul said as he crawled after the Bolian. ?And she?s not quite attractive. She very attractive.? Sarah Wright sat at her operations console trying to organise all the maintenance efforts all over the ship, as well keeping all the communication channels in check, making sure that they didn?t get backlogged. And then she still had to worry about making sure that the start up of the new warp core went without a glitch, all on top of being in charge on the bridge. Lieutenant Commander Sarah Wright, second officer of the Orient, was beginning to feel like the dumping ground for everyone?s problems. Where was Raveck when you needed him? She glanced down at the console and saw the comm button flashing, she pressed it. ?Operations go ahead.? ?Commander Wright, we?re ready for initial start-up down here are you ready up there?? Asked Ashcroft from Engineering. ?Yes, Lieutenant. Proceed.? She looked down at her console and brought up the engineering display. ?Magnetic fields holding steady. Opening Matter/Anti matter injectors to twenty-percent.? Sarah kept a close eye on the display screen of the anti-matter injection rate. It was holding steady, that was a good start. Reaction in dilithium chamber, steady at ninety-eight point nine percent. Plasma temperature holding steady, wave-guides conduits at peak efficiency. Plasma coolant systems operational. Good she thought, it was going as it was supposed to. ?Everything?s looking good from up here Jason, how?s it at your end?? ?Perfect, we?re getting the results we should be. I?m going to leave it thirty minutes to check out readings and then if they check out, we?ll increase to standard settings.? ?Understood, I?ll inform the captain. Wright out.? She pressed some controls on her console and moved the engineering display to the side and brought up the standard ops console. Pressing the comm button she called the captain. ?Wright to Captain Aerys.? ?Aerys here. Go ahead.? ?Lieutenant Ashcroft has just started the warp core, if everything checks out, he?ll bring it to full power in thirty minutes.? ?Excellent Commander. I?ve almost finished here, I?ll want a meeting of the senior staff in forty minutes, can you organise that for me.? ?Yes Captain.? As she said that, a panel on her console began flashing, it was a priority call for the captain. ?Captain, I have an urgent message from Admiral Woods of Starfleet intelligence for you.? ?Put it through Commander.? ?Aye Captain, re-routing now.? She transferred the transmission, and went back to her work, which now involved organising a staff meeting. She longed for the days when she was an Ensign with no responsibilities, where all she had to do was turn up for work on time. ?Well? she thought, just wait till you make captain! The conference room, buzzed with the voices of the six senior officers. Well, five senior officers were talking; Commander Raveck sat silently waiting for the captain to arrive, trying not to show any discomfort. His shoulder was still stiff, just as the Doctor had said it would be. But it was nothing serious he would survive. Around the rectangular table sat the rest of the officers. Opposite Raveck sat Lieutenant Commander Wright, operations and second officer of the Orient. She was sitting next too Lieutenant Ashcroft, chief engineer. He was a brilliant young engineer, who had graduated at the top of Professor O?Brien?s engineering class at the academy three years ago, with a score of seventy-two. That had been the highest score from one of O?Brien?s classes since he started teaching there almost twenty-three years ago. Left of Ashcroft sat the Bolian tactical officer, Lieutenant Commander Grol?er. He had a distinguished career in the fleet; three times he had been awarded the medal of honour, for bravery and exceptional valour under extreme circumstances. He had received the first when he was an Ensign aboard the Cortez. He had led an away team to evacuate a Federation colony on a world near the Breen border, when the Breen attacked without warning. Grol?er had evacuated all two hundred colonists to the safety of nearby caves while the Breen landing parties set up transporter inhibitors so that the Cortez couldn?t beam the colonists out of the danger area. Grol?er then went out under the cover of night and disabled enough of the inhibitors so that there was a gap in the field big enough so that the colonists could be beamed aboard the Starship Cortez. Grol?er had been given the medal as well as a promotion to junior lieutenant. The three of them were chatting about the refit and what they were going to be doing on the neutral zone patrol. Next to Commander Raveck and opposite the other three, sat the Doctor, Michelle Goss, and the Science Officer, Paul Baker. Paul Baker was a brash and confident young man. He was a superb man of science and had his first paper on space dwelling life-forms published when he was in his second year at the academy, at the tender age of nineteen. His second paper was published the year he left the academy, this paper was titled: Radiative flux density of artificially created neutrino singularities. This somewhat broad field of expertise meant that when he graduated (top of his class) he was offered research posts, a place at the Daystrome Institute, study assignments in unusual sectors of the Federation. Paul however decided that there would be plenty of time later in life to perform research and so he requested a place aboard a starship. He had been assigned to the U.S.S Babylon, as one of many junior science officers. The ship was sent on a mapping mission to the Argolis Cluster; it was a pretty routine six-month tour, when they returned he put in for a transfer and was offered the position of chief of the science department aboard the Orient, and of course he took it. He and the doctor were just having a general chat. Mostly about her, how she had been settling in, how many people she knew. Paul was working up to asking her out to dinner, when the captain walked in to the room. ?Ok. Mundane business first.? She said as she sat down. ?Department status everyone. Doctor? ?I?ve got sickbay just the way I like it. Not much to report, just a few burns and scrapes. Mostly from the refit crews. Also one injury due to Holodeck malfunction, which the commander was going to look into.? ?Commander?? The Captain asked. ?As I suspected at the time it was due to repair work in the computer core. However the problem has been repaired, there is no need for concern.? ?Alright. Paul?? ?Even less to report than the Doctor. Unless you want a detailed analysis of the composition of the Starbase.? Everyone laughed lightly, except Raveck. ?Needless to say, all upgrades to the sensor arrays are completed and are functioning perfectly.? The Captain went around the other members of the crew and received their reports before moving on. ?Right. I?ve just gotten off the comm with Admiral Woods of intelligence. We have new orders; we?ve been ordered to the border of the former Cardassian territory being held by the Romulans. It seems that the starship Bahala has gone missing on its way to Cardassia Prime. Our mission is to find it.? She took a moment. ?Or what?s left of it.? ?Why was it going to Cardassia?? Sarah asked. ?The Bahala was transporting four members of the Detapa council from a meeting on Earth.? ?What does Starfleet intelligence think?? Paul asked the question this time. ?They think it could be some Cardassian terrorist group, perhaps some disgruntled Federation Colonists near Cardassian space, or the Romulans, trying to destabilise the Cardassian government, the point is we won?t know until we get out there and start our investigation.? ?Seems a bit obvious for the Romulans if you ask me. Doesn?t seem like their style.? Grol?er offered. ?That?s what I said to Admiral Woods, but he ordered the Opaka, and the Prometheus to the border to show the flag. Now we?ve been sent the Bahala?s last known course and heading, so it should be easy to pick up their warp trial.? . . . . . .
  5. It's been a while since I've watched season 2, but my favourite episode of the season (and overall) was "The Fifth Race". I like how O'Neill gets the language of the ancients downloaded into his brain and starts doing and saying things without knowing. Also it's the first time we hear of the Ancients and that they 'might' have built the gate network. That and the Asgard telling O'Niell that the human race shows great potential, and that we are on our way to becoming the 5th race of a great intersteller allianace.
  6. Awesome World Clock

    Sweet. Is that as it was last year (I noticed that the clock has 2008 on it) or Is it as it's predicted for this year? Either way...sweet
  7. Sport

    Well Man Utd didn't win the Champions league. They were completely outplayed by a far better Barcelona team. Congratulations to them. That's the great thing about football...there's always next year. Still not a bad season for United, Barclays Premier League Champions, Carling Cup Winners and World Club Cup winners. It's the F.A Cup final today. Chelsea vs Everton. I think Chelsea will be to strong for Everton, but I really hope Everton can beat them..I hate Chelsea!
  8. Exercise

    In the past 2 days I've cycled over 50 miles around the country side near my house. Back to work next week, which will be 13 miles a day and at least 3 evening down the gym.
  9. Sport

    I straight forward win for Jenson Button in the Brawn GP car in the sun at Monaco today. I liked how he drove into the pit lane after the victory lap, not realising that the top 3 always park on the start straight right in front of the podium in Monaco. I guess he's just gotten used to parking in the pits! I called the Premier League relagations. Newcastle and Middlesborough have been relagated to the cahmpionship. I knew I should have put some money on it!
  10. Exercise

    I've seen those in gymnastic events. I take you you don't attempt some of the positions that the gymnasts do?
  11. Exercise

    What are Roman Rings?
  12. The Official Welcome Back Thread

    You mean I'm not a real boy!
  13. The Official Welcome Back Thread

    Yay...I'm back! I would have been back sooner but there was a problem with me remembering my password, and then the system telling me I didn't exist! But I showed that system, here I am fully existing...hey...why is my hand see-through?
  14. Exercise

    At the beginning of the year that I was overweight (19st, 266lbs, 120kg), fortunately I'm tall 6'4''(193cm) so it doesn't show a great deal. However I was still quite unfit so I decided to do something about it. I started cycling to and from work 13 miles a day 5 days a week, and I attend a local gym (for which my employer pays part of my membership) and try to get there to do some more cardio work at least 3 times a week. It's not been easy, but I have managed to get my weight down to 114kg which I think is roughly 18st. I would liked to have lost more but the trainer at the gym says that I have probably lost more fat, but gained muscle mass. I'm going to keep going but I need to change my diet (both quality and quantity of food) more if I'm going to make more progress. Maybe keeping you guys informed will act as a motivating tool. Does anyone else exercise, or have stories like mine? Share.
  15. SPORE

    Does anyone play this game? For anyone who doesn't know spore is a multi stage lifeform creation game. You start as a single cell organism that has to eat to grow, collect 'body parts' to add. Once large enough you evolve to the creature stage which is where you can have most fun, as you can make you creature look like almost anything you want, but adding removing, enlarging, shrinking and stretching all the body parts and attachments. The role you choose for you creature (friendly or aggressive) dictates what abiltites the creature will have in the tribal and civilisation stages. But it is the space stage (for me) where the game really comes to life. The first thing you hve to do is create you spaceship (Guess what I have created ). The you go off and explore the galaxy...and I do mean the galaxy. There are hundreds of thousand of planets to explore and hundred of computer generated Aliens to make peace or war with, whilst trading 'spice' and building colonies and terraforming or destroying planets (at the later stages there is a weapon that can destroy a planet!) Anyway, I'm sort of addicted to it at the moment. Anyone else?