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  1. Is the OL dead? Do we neet to upgrade to the new movie?

    I've yet to watch it
  2. Is the OL dead? Do we neet to upgrade to the new movie?

    Yeah, it'd help if a Trek were on the air too. Too bad SGU doesn't generate traffic.
  3. I check out of the show mentally in the middle of the last season, but finished it because I wanted to give it, I don't know, a sixth chance, and to be confectionist, to see how they'd end the season. The whole thing was such an insulting, stupid affair, I've left the show and never gone back. I reeeeeeeeeeally don't regret that choice.
  4. Anyone got a Xbox 360?

    Unfortunately no, but seeing as they stopped manufacturing them two or so years ago, it's mote. As for the PS3, they're still losing money on every system they sell, somewhere between $100-200, which factors into that division of Sony losing over a billion dollars since the launch of the PS3. They're still not positioned to lower the price, building the system is still too costly to produce.
  5. Anyone got a Xbox 360?

    Usually the rumours pileup around E3, but rather than just not say anything or saying 'no comment' as is usual, Sony repeatedly and emphatically deny all of it. Even today, like, an hour ago: http://www.joystiq.com/2009/07/08/stringer...rom-activision/ It's a response to Activision's CEO, now the largest game publisher in the world, saying that if Sony does not lower the price of the PS3, and soon, Activision will stop producing games for the system. A big bluff? Probably. But there are reasons to go ahead with that threat, not to mention flex their muscle as an industry champion. Yeah, me too. Anything on the shelf now should be the newest chip. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_360_hardware#Motherboards Look at the flap on the box, it should have the power consumption labeled, letting you know what version it is. Unless you're at a small store with little product turnover though, you'll most likely end up with the newest. Are you talking about the peripheral? They don't make those anymore, and I'm not sure you'd be able to find them on store shelves anywhere. Not that it much matters, as with that, you have to still put the disc in your system and not the addon.
  6. Anyone got a Xbox 360?

    Like Teelie said, models in store are no longer compatible with PS2 games, if that's what you were going for. BUT back in December, there was a software emulation solution patented by Sony, causing speculation that it might be patched into newer systems sometime in the future (fingers crossed) That's mostly what I use mine for. Unless they're patching the player with the console's firmware updates, I haven't experienced any of that. If you're wanting to get into gaming, I'd go for the 360. It's got a bigger library at this point, it's graphically on par with the PS3 for cross platform games, and in most cases, it runs better. The Blu-ray player is a factor that's personal. It just depends on how many videos you're planning on watching on it. Based on industry news, I'd be very surprised were Sony to drop the price before spring 2010. How old is it? I've got one of the first editions, which are farking loud as all get out, but since then they've released two more interations of the prosessor, shrinking it each time and making it quieter, and cooler.
  7. Unintentionally Unsympathetic Characters

    I find Jack Baurer to be laughably ridiculous. I hate when people tell him to chill, he yells at them, and someone that causes them to change all their lifelong morals and values. Awesome.
  8. 1992 Deep Space Nine Promotion Brochure

    Ah yes, I guess that makes more sense
  9. WTH was this?

    It was a program that Karma was working on. It started a timer as soon as the page was opened... it was going to be a solution to the unfair timezone business while doing Quiz Tournaments. The skin, if that's part of the question, was an April Fools thing I did that is probably still an option, but I haven't looked in a while.
  10. Star Trek 12 Brainstorms

    It didn't sound like he'd gone there. There was a line by either him or a crew member where they said they'd waited on that ship for 25 years. Nero wasn't interested in strengthening Romulus, otherwise he would have gone there and stayed waiting for Spock to show up. He also wasn't interested in power, otherwise with his ship and technology he could have seized control of the empire. His entire plan involved waiting for Spock so he could force him to see his homeworld destroyed. That's all he seemed interested in.
  11. Star Trek 12 Brainstorms

    I really like the idea of Doomsday, but I also think that might be a little too similar to the planet buster they just used. But then, it worked for Star Wars, right? I can see them dealing with the Vulcan problem more in the next one, but I don't think it'll be the main focus. I can also see them not wanting to bring Khan back, just because that's so ingrained in the public lexicon already, and redoing it wouldn't really accomplish anything. Plus the movie was already pretty bloody brilliant What if they went a little bonkers and had an Enterprise from the future come back and try to fix what had happened in the last movie? Have future Starfleet be the enemy for a change? Or have a group of Vulcans go bananas and try to avenge their planet somehow. Whatever it involves, I hope it has one of those nifty "let's steal the Enterprise" scenes, where someone ends up stuffed in a locker.
  12. Official Star Trek (2009) Discussion Thread

    (I didn't know this off the top of my head, so don't look at me like that) Tuvok was born in 2264, Vulcan was destroyed in 2258. It's possible that his parents would have survived for him to have still been born. T'Pau was high ranking, so I would assume she would be one of the first to be evacuated (maybe even one of the ones that Spock saved). Saavik probably wasn't born yet, since she was just a cadet at the time Kirk was ready to retire, but she was also only half-Vulcan too, so that probably won't happen anymore. Sybok doesn't and hasn't ever existed. I wonder if T'Pol was still alive at this point, and where she would have been were she.
  13. Official Star Trek (2009) Discussion Thread

    Ha, I totally missed that! All I heard was Admiral bleah bleah's beagle, and I didn't put the two together. I blame the accent ...Actually, that's sort of sad now. He was one of the few good parts of that show We could start talking about Vulcan reproduction and how frequently they see fit to have children, but I find that pointless. I don't think there's anything wrong with that number, and there can be any number of reasons for it. Because it's just that. A number. They needed to have Vulcans endangered for the sake of this movie, and it'll certainly feed into the next movie. In the end it doesn't matter why it is the way it is, just that it IS. It's not a mistake, goof, or oversight. It's the fact of the matter. You can be sad and upset about it, and that's good. In fact, it's the entire reason they did it.