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  1. Star Trek: Discovery

    I'm just not sure that CBS's business model is smart here, instead of licensing the property across the board, as Net Flicks, HULU, etc. No they go and pull properties back and start a Star Trek channel with this new series as the flagship show. I'm worried this is not going to end well.
  2. Star Trek Into Darkness Reviews (SPOILERS)

    They added 400 meters to the ship? That is one weird refit!!!
  3. BSG: Blood and Chrome

    Much better than the webisodes, a little too much cgi for me. but content is really good.
  4. General Star Trek Into Darkness Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Now I'm seeing reports of Capt. Robert April, and augments of some sort trying to find/save Kahn. And or Gary Mitchel being a wet works/assasin. Getting confusing. Has anyone read the prequel comic books? They did it for the first JJ movie and it explained a lot.
  5. General Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Discussion Thread

    That is a shame, the Thrawn Trilogy, or any Timothy Zahn stuff is really worthy to be canon.
  6. General Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Discussion Thread

    That's weird, the scar Anakin got in gendy's Star Wars from cartoon channel showed up in Revenge of the sith.
  7. anti-virus software

    AVG seems to be the best, it stops stuff that just goes right thru MS programs like tissue paper.
  8. JJ Abrhams to helm new Star Trek.

    Star Wars prequels for the most part lacked soul, I don't know if it is possible to act in front of a green screen and have a relationship with the environment. And except for Revenge of the Sith , and assorted light saber battles new SW is like pizza, even bad pizza has it's points. (Excepting any pizza from that isn't from Chicago, NYC, NJ then it is all bad.) With New Trek JJ used real locations, well designed sets, and added some humor, and some monster FX, but it wasn't really plot driven IMHO. Star Wars (original trilogy) is in essence 'the heros' journey' Luke starts as a dumb farm boy, moves to able military pilot, and then moves to spiritual leader and moral center. The prequels dealt with economics, using a child in a dangerous race, and the blindness of the Jedi council and arrogance that it always did what was right. Seperating kids from family did a lot to make Anankin into Vader. What the Jedi couldn't go back and free his Mom too? Not enough plot, too much subplot and background that made no sense. Oh sorry Anankin the order has millions , but just forget about your Mommy she's just a slave... Anyway, JJ has his work cut out for him. This could kill the franchise and his career, Lucas did more with less as the original trilogy shows us. More money is not always good. District 9, Moon, and a few others did amazing work with small budgets. Well here's to hoping for the best. and JJ could really start off on the right foot by bring back Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie and all our faves. Maybe just maybe, if he's enough of a fanboy we could get a movie like Avengers, a movie by fans for fans, that hits all the right notes..
  9. JJ Abrhams to helm new Star Trek.

    JJ to helm new Star Wars as well as New Star Trek... Now don't get me wrong I like the reboot, just not as regular trek fare, (no cerebral plot twists, no intellectual or soul searching, just an isane amount of things blowing up.) Trek to me, was always the interplay between Spock's logic, McCoy's inate humanism and Kirk trying to navigate the two poles of human existence. JJ gave us none of that, but yes it looked cool (lensflares aside). And now we get Star Wars with even more explosions? Star Trek and Star Wars were about hope and love, and trying to be better. JJ should remembet that CGI and explosions don't equal a good script or good acting. I mean come on, JJ's trek had a deathstar (hey let's blow up Vulcan!! YAY), planet Hoth, wampas. Echh. Maybe Luke will find a phaser, maybe Solo will upgrade to warp engines. Maybe Leia will make a formal declaration to join the Federation of Planets. JJ, don't mess this up too.
  10. So that was fun.

    Good job DMD!!
  11. 25 Years of Star Trek: The Next Generation

    I was in my living room with my Dad (Mark Sr) and brothers TJ and Chris and we watched the pilot on "Wpix-11" NYC. It was good, not great (not until season 3 IMHO). And then we had the lovely days with Wpix running old TNG, and new DS9 and WOR 9 NYC playing VGR.
  12. Another look at Star Trek: Enterprise

    I do enjoy the show, aside from the NX-01 looking like a AKIRA Class, (there were so many good designs they could have gone with). But overall with the exception of some awful episodes and Bakula's acting it wasn't that bad. I don't understand how Bakula could do a terrible rendition of his evil mirror self!! But in a good move the last season's writing was stellar using Trek writers who were faithful to the source material, except for the finale, (tragedy) all in all it was moving in the right direction.
  13. General Star Trek Into Darkness Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Now there are reports of Klingons, but that is just the rumor.
  14. Seen William Shatner's "The Captains" ?

    I saw it today, very good work from Shatner. All the actors were treated with class and you could feel the love. Shatner as usual is a bit over the top, and Brooks was maybe a little 'altered'? My wife was watching and she was like: "Is Sisko baked or what?".
  15. Seen William Shatner's "The Captains" ?

    Coolness, thanks!!