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  1. Three Things

    So I was curious about all the walls of text that I have now forgotten writing, and searched using my old user name to try to find some of them. From this search, I have learned three of the most fundamental facts in the universe. Firstly, I really really really need to be more creative with my passwords....if I can log in without forgetting it ten years later; it means I don't change my passwords for other things either. Secondly, since I can't find the relevant walls of text I was looking for, I automatically assume I was right about it all and stick by everything I said. It seems the safest course of action. Thirdly, and finally, I probably won't find the board for another ten years; so I should probably say that I remember fondly the many thought provoking exchanges we shared. I hope the next ten years are as thrilling and productive for all of you as the last ten have been for me. Take Care, Weyoun10
  2. Elections

    Precisely. In my case, it's just too mind-numbingly ridiculous to argue with people who honestly think that 12,000 terrorists out of 25 million Iraqi citizens represents "all of the Iraqi people wanting their country 'back' and fighting to get it" .... it's not worth the effort. We're living in two completely different realities and they are irreconcilable.And... hello Stefan.
  3. Elections

    Buwahahahahahahahahaaa..... stew, stew, stew in your own juices. Oh.... and have a pleasant day, everyone.
  4. Star Trek Online

    Action and combat, eh...... perhaps this isn't what I had asked for, it may just be another shoot 'em up clone which I have no interest in.
  5. Star Trek Online

    I asked for it a long time ago....
  6. pssst...

    Just a minor matter, but the upcoming Enterprise episode mentioned several places all over the site is actually "Azati Prime", not "Atazi Prime".
  7. Gay marriage?

    I am against abortion, and I don't use an organized religion or its document to justify my stance. In the minds of some, I'm still part of some shadow "religious right"....
  8. 3ds max

    Visit www.scifi-art.com , they used to have a forum where you could get very good advice and answers for use of 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Truespace, Rhino3d, and whichever other versions of modelling software there are out there now from other amateur (though skilled) users. That was back when I used to visit, but they may still be as active as ever. Good luck.
  9. Computer games - a waste of time?

    It depends on what ones' expectations for their time are...for whether it is a waste. If someone was willing, able, and desired to spend their time going out and amassing some sort of party-culture of friends....video games would perhaps be a waste of time. If someone wanted to read books or put together a miniature model set of the battle of the Alamo (or whatever suits their fancy)...it may be a waste, etc. Then again, to someone that doesn't care at all about reading books or amassing a party-culture, those things would be a waste of time when they could otherwise go play that new computer game of theirs.
  10. Second Generation Ion Drive

    Who exactly do you mean as "starting to use" ? ...plasma is a phase of matter, specific impulse is a term developed in rocketry long before Star Trek was ever even conceived of, so I don't think one can suggest they are stealing terms from Trek.
  11. Middle-Earth 101

    Oromë would seem to be the closest to fitting the description; though, wouldn't you say? Aside from requiring a change in temperament; however he did not seem to treat his home as an object, or something requiring devotion and care. His "settling down" always seemed to me more that he came back to the same place for Goldberry. Goldberry was also described by Tolkien as representing seasonal changes; and when we look at the description of Oromë's wife Vána...'flowers open and birds sing at her passing', it is at least superficially similar in my estimation. The reference to being without a father and eldest seems to indicate Oromë's status as the one who discovered the first born, meaning he was there in Middle-Earth's forests before any and has no father, proper. Even if not Tolkien's intention, that possibility always struck me as plausible.
  12. Halloween Name Changes

    The Avatar is someone else, but it is.... "nifty".
  13. Halloween Name Changes

    The i which I seek would be designated by ALT+0237, then like so í <--- (final request, I promise )
  14. Middle-Earth 101

    This has probably already been addressed in one of the nine pages of this thread but...... In the books, Tom Bombadil is given the One Ring by Frodo, he puts it on and it does nothing, he tosses it around, looks through it, shrugs and gives it back to Frodo after performing a sleight of hand trick for laughs. And I believe he is described by other characters in the Lord of the Rings text to be specific about how he was the oldest, or existed before anyone else in Arda. If this is the case, could he perhaps just be Tulkas, or whichever of the Valar that was named lord of the forests, by a different name?
  15. Halloween Name Changes

    Curunir, if you please. (the accented i is probably not available in font, if it is..please designate it as such, if not available, no worries. )