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  1. Same here I really don't have any feelings for it at all. There's a ton of social media groups for Discovery, but a lot of them are really pro Discovery or anti Discovery. And they kick you out in a heartbeat.
  2. Another show that was canned just as it was getting good. Back then, I hated SG:U because it was so different. But as with other shows, it has finally grown on me but honestly I still don't like it as much as SG-1 and SG:A. Not sure if I'll check this out or not. Now that I think about it, I haven't watched SG-1 and SG:A in a very long time. Time to dig the DVDs out of the closet.
  3. It's still been doing it for me. On every visit it shows me logged out but after refresh it's fixed. Edit: Also when I click on the home link to go back to the forum main page, it "logs me out" have to refresh.
  4. What should the commonly accepted abbreviation for Discovery be? I've seen several heated debates regarding the subject and even people getting kicked out of facebook groups for using the 'wrong' one.
  5. Yeah I think DSC or any variant of that is what's trending. Also I believe that's what the CBS internal abbreviation is.
  6. Hi!
  7. It's better than it was, but I have to refresh every visit or it has me logged out.
  8. That's where I'm at.. I really want to give it a chance but my love for history/canon is getting in the way. But yea, the way the Trek fandom works is the hardcore Trekkers are the cake, but the people who never watched classic Trek (TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY) are the icing. I'll watch the pilot for free on All Access, but it better be pretty damn good to convince me to pay a monthly fee to watch 14 other episodes.
  9. It's still doing it for me.
  10. Oh where to begin...? I'll probably come across as someone who is anti Trek, not a real Trek fan... blahblah... so I have been called in some Trek/Discovery facebook groups. So be it. The production value is top notch. Everything looks great, crisp and actually futuristic. My main complaint about this thing from the time they announced it is in "prime universe" and "10 years before Kirk and Spock" I knew this was going to be bad. Very bad. Looks like my fears have been realized. As I've said, why is it SOOOOO necessary to place ANOTHER series in the mid 23rd century? Why not just leave that period alone, let the movies continue what they're doing and move on. I remember saying this back in the Enterprise days, and eventually Enterprise did grow on me, but Discovery is just another attempt by TPTB to completely erase TOS as canon and replace it with something else. To me, Discovery is NOT a TOS prequel, rather an Enterprise sequel. They might as well call this show "Star Trek Enterprise: The Next Generation." The uniforms, ship design, bridge layout and construction, all point to a natural progression of ~100 years after Enterprise. I would almost think this show IS in the Abramsverse. I'm still undecided as to whether or not to watch and support this show. But if they had only set this series after Nemesis or 25th century, I'd be totally on board with it.
  11. I've always wondered exactly when the time line split that chanced the future of the Abramsverse and Prime Universe. A lot of people think the split happened when Nero appeared, destroyed the USS Kelvin and causing George Kirk's death. If this is so, certain events that would have happened in both universes would be unchanged. The two most dangerous ones I can think of is V'Ger and The Probe. I actually wouldn't mind a reboot of The Motion Picture using Abramsverse and making The Motion Picture less boring.
  12. Agreed. CBS has done more to ruin Trek in the past 5 years than Paramount alone did in 45.
  13. Definitely will be interesting. Hate to say it tho, but I've never been so "un optimistic" about a Trek show as I am with this one. I guess it's the TOS purist in me. But I do hope I'm proven wrong.
  14. I can't think of a reason officially, but over the years I've speculated and have even read elsewhere that the reason Q acted so differently when Guinan was around was the possibility that El Aurians are somehow immune to Q's powers? Anyone know any other reasons, or have thoughts about this?
  15. Wow.. some of those names I haven't seen since then. Bringing back an avalanche of memories.
  16. Yep that works! Wow... I don't even remember posting some of that! #ImOld
  17. Yep I believe, at least Guinan, can immune herself from anything Q does directly to her like taking her away or transforming her. But if she's on the ship, as what was done in "Q Who," she would be taken where ever the ship goes. Also wondering if Soran or the El Aurian on DS9 was also immune. Or could it be that El Aurians each have their own special talent unique to themselves?
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  19. Yep, she needs to be made as regular cast member. Also I wouldn't mind seeing Carol Marcus again I think she is one of the good things to come out of Into Darkness.
  20. I also enjoy the new movies and really don't want to see them end. As much as a TOS purist I used to be, that's a lot coming from me. The cast and ship has finally grown on me and I enjoy the 2009 movie and Beyond more. I still don't like Into Darkness: I dislike it more each time I "catch it on" because I'm at the point where I'm not going to put the Bluray in to watch it. If they're waiting for an opening in Chris Hemsworth's schedule just so he can be George Kirk again, they need to rethink their idea of the story and come up with something else. And if they're having so much trouble with Discovery, maybe it is better to wait until they get their stuff straight so we won't get a rushed/subpar product. Also, horrible promotion and merchandising for Beyond and Trek 50.
  21. I wonder in the TNG episode "The Pegasus," if Admiral Pressman and the chief of Starfleet Intelligence Admiral Raner were actually agents of Section 31? Remember the season 5 episode "The Next Phase" where LaForge and Ro are "phased out" being invisible to everyone, and passing thru matter? I wonder if Section 31 decided to salvage the Pegasus in order to combat the Romulan phase cloak?
  22. It's been a while.. so here goes. Just rambling thoughts about Beyond. 1. It kicks the crap out of Into Darkness. I liked Into Darkness when it first came out, but over time the "newness" has worn off. A lot. I now consider it among my least favorites. That being said, Beyond had a good mix of action, drama, comedy and "oh wow!!" moments. It really did feel like an episode, or like a TNG season finale cliffhanger/season premiere bundled together. 2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOVVEEED Starbase Yorktown. That is one of the most beautiful areas ever conceived in Trek. My only nitpic is maybe that would have been something seen in the 24th century, but since the current tech of Abramsverse seems to be running about 80 years ahead, I give it a pass. The Enterprise docking sequence pretty much knocks the Star Trek III docking sequence to 2nd place. It was so cool seeing the 1701 going under the water like that and seeing people walking by and looking at it. It definately to me felt like something Gene Roddenberry would have visioned for future tech. And I love McCoy's remark about it being a big snow globe waiting for someone to break it. 3. The battle sequence. This one element of the movie bothers me. Don't get me wrong, its a great sequence and I've always wanted to see a Federation ship take on a swarm rather than another ship or two. But as much as I love seeing the 1701 kick ass, and get its ass kicked and survive, I do think the 1701 was stronger than it should have been given the circumstances. And Kirk was really slow about giving the abandon ship order. And then not to mention the saucer section basically survived an uncontrolled atmospheric reentry and landed mostly intact, and STILL had power enough to fire thrusters and flip it over to crush Kalara. But I have to admit, that was pretty cool to see considering what she had done lol. 4. I liked Jaylah. She was a good addition. I wonder if she'll replace Anton Yelchin RIP as a bridge officer one day? 5. Supposdly, TPTB said that the design of the USS Franklin was a coincidence in the fact that it looked so much like the NX-01? I liked its design, but I think just using an NX model would have been better. Plus the back story about it is a little fishy.. but it *can* be explained in canon as being built before the NX-01, and re-christined after the formation of the Federation. 6. The one thing I can say about Krull, is at least they gave some reason why he wanted to destroy the Federaton, unlike Shinzon... 7. It is cool how they did work some Enterprise lore in such as the MACOs and Xindi. Overall, it was a good movie. Wasn't perfect, but none are (Wrath of Khan is as close as you can get )
  23. That's odd, I went back and edited the original post and there must have been some hidden formatting in place (I did hit 'Enter' before the post). After backspacing everything and submitting, it seems the font color went to it's correct setting. Odd.
  24. I went to Pensacon in Pensacola, Florida and went to a Trek panel with Leslie Owen, who is a huge Axanar supporter and literary agent/writer, and she said that CBS had basically fired the entire art department. She also implied that there was a lot of chaos going on behind the scenes. Interview with her:
  25. From what I gathered, I think it means the Federation doesn't intend to be a bully, but it has the capabilities to do so if they wanted to. Also, think back to Eddington's speech to Sisko when Eddington's Maquis involvement was discovered. He said "In a lot of ways, you're worse than the Borg... at least they tell you their intentions.."