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  1. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Ooooo I miss the old formatting... Here's the cleaned up version: There are some serious plotholes in Episode 2. So the Klingons don't bother helping their stranded brethen for 6 months?! And using the stealth technology on all their ships? Starfleet doesn't come back to capture this stranded Klingon ship and get the stealth tech themselves? The Shenzhou is left abandoned, no attempt to destroy vital Starfleet technology? I can see why some fans are disappointed. This. Also, I'm pretty sure Tyler is a spy. At least, a Klingon altered to look human. It's been done before. And I'm pretty sure he's Voq in disguise. Quote from screenrant: Voq is the albino Klingon who was torchbearer and devoted folllower of the late T’Kuvma (Chris Obi). Following the Battle of the Binary Stars, Voq and L’Rell were stranded with no functioning warp drive and no food. We even learned the gruesome truth that to fend off starvation, they ate the corpse of Captain Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh). When Kol of House Kor (Kenneth Mitchell) incited mutiny and took command of Voq’s followers, Kol abandoned Voq to die on board the wreck of the U.S.S. Shenzhou. However, L’Rell, who has a romantic relationship with Voq, beamed herself on board the Shenzhou to share Voq’s fate. When last we saw Voq, he was going through the still-functioning ship’s log of the Shenzhou and learning all he could about Starfleet and the Federation. Voq’s disapperance and L’Rell’s sudden reappearance as commander of a prison ship opens up a slew of questions. How did they escape the Shenzhou? How did L’Rell assume command of the prison ship? And how did L’Rell learn to speak English as well as she did when she tortured Lorca? All of this very easily and credibly leads to the possibility that Ash Tyler is actually Voq in disguise. L’Rell told Lorca she was descended from spies – she is from House Mo’Kai, known as “watchers,” “deceivers,” and “weavers of lies” among the Klingon Empire. It’s very possible Lt. Ash Tyler is Voq surgically altered to appear human and sent as a Klingon infiltrator to the Discovery. The capture of Lorca was likely no accident nor a stroke of luck – he was targeted so Voq-as-Tyler could gain his trust by helping him escape the Klingon ship and join him on board the Discovery. While it’s unclear just how long L’Rell and Voq were trapped on board the Shenzhou and when in the course of the seven months between “Battle at the Binary Stars” and “Choose Your Pain” they could have escaped the Shenzhou and surgically altered Voq to pass for human, with L’Rell’s background as a spy, they had the necessary intel from the Shenzhou to implement such a plan. So yeah, I'm pretty sure this explains it. IF they have come up with something else, then this would have been a wasted opportunity. According to iMDb, Ash Tyler is listed all the way to at least episode 15. So unless this is to throw everyone off, he'll be around for a while. Also, another tidbit, it's possible that the same actor who plays Ash Tyler is the same guy who plays Voq. When you Google Voq, all you can find is some actor named Javid Iqbal. When you find his page, it specifically says at the bottom "Trivia: He is not the Canadian actor that played the role of "Voq" in the CBS Star Trek: Discovery (2017) TV series." Also, leading up to the launch of Discovery, no casting announcement was made about Voq. AND, Memory Alpha says: "Originally, CBS announced in December 2016 that T'Kuvma's protégé, then named "Kol", was to be played by Shazad Latif. In the final version of the series, Latif went on to portray Ash Tyler and T'Kuvma's protégé was renamed "Voq", while the name Kol was given to a leader of a rival Great House." Could it be that CBS messed up the announcement, and redid everything to try to throw everyone off? Now I know this show went through A LOT of rewrites, edits, etc. But it appears to me that there is a clandestine attempt to try to keep this stuff quiet in an attempt to surprise viewers.
  2. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Tonight's was the best one yet. Except for the F bombs.
  3. I haven't watched Nemesis in a long time so my memory isn't 100% there.. but I got to thinking about this earlier. Exactly how is it impossible to detect Shinzon's cloak? By the middle to end of the 24th century, Starfleet had the way of using the tachyon particles which basically created a net (Geordi's idea BTW). Cloaked or not, any object passing through those particles would cause interference or ripples or movement inside the net. Doesn't matter how much you bend light to become invisible, you still have mass and you still are passing through an object. Only other way I could think of to counter that effect would to have the phase cloak that Pressman was working on while on the USS Pegasus. There was no evidence his cloak had that ability. Obviously, the main difficulty would be to organize enough ships to place in strategic locations in order to launch effective nets. Or, use tachyon emitters in strategic areas but those could be popped off by Shinzon. Now, if you could find and detect Shinzon, you still had the problem of disabling or destroying The Scimitar. It took the 1701-E everything she could muster, and even with the help of the new Romulan warbirds, still couldn't disable The Scimitar without ramming it. And even THEN, it still had the ability to use it's primary weapon. It would take DS9 sized fleets to take The Scimitar out. Or maybe the USS Defiant in close quarters combat like what was seen in "Shattered Mirror."
  4. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Shutting Down December 15

    Oh, the memories
  5. 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation

    I was in the 2nd grade of elementary school. I remember liking it and missing the TOS characters. I was wanting Kirk to show up and kill Worf because he was a Klingon.. lol. I was a kid afterall
  6. Voyager theme song (The original long version!)

    That would have been good to use in "Catetaker."
  7. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Discussion (SPOILERS)

    I have to admit, this episode was a lot better than episode two. Definitely Section 31 at work here. There just can't be any other way around it. If that's not the current intention of the writers, they really need to make it so. As a die hard purist, if they throw in the Section 31 element that would be totally okay with me since S31 is in the habit of "making things disappear." In regards of the ship being numbered NCC-1031 for Section 31, I think that's pushing it a little bit. S31 wouldn't be that obvious. In regards to the spores.. IF they are capable of the instant transportation to where ever you want to go, I think this would be a good way to explain how the Iconian Gateways (TNG "Contagion," DS9 "To The Death") work. If that's the case, that would be a nice nod. And I could totally see Captain Lorca becoming obsessed and going crazy. Also, what if the biogenic research they're doing is what CAUSES the Klingons to look like the TOS ones? It is possible that the Augment mutations done in Enterprise could have been reversed by this point, so why not hit them again? Besides, in just 15 years they'd be back to normal (The Motion Picture).
  8. 15 (!) years later...

    Oh yeeeeeeah I remember those days.. back then the web hosting was terribly expensive for what little you got. The original OL's problems was more database sizes and processor usage. I remember chatting with Casey once and he told me he'd never seen a board with so much of the code hacked up and edited. No wonder it was so unstable. But all that was necessary to have the cool features we had at that time.
  9. The Son's of Mogh. the ending bothers me.

    They would have let Kurn do that, but it was Kurn himself who could not live a life with no honor, no house, and just could not simply join the Bajorian security force or even Starfleet. It was his Klingon pride. It's unfortunate because if he had only lived for another year or two he would have been welcomed into Martok's House with Worf. It's actually a real tragedy.
  10. I know it's kind of morbid.. I was just curious. In practically every circle I've been in online whether it be sci-fi, gaming, etc, there has been someone who has passed away at some point. I still play World of Warcraft and I've been to 3 in game funerals for fellow players, and know two more who have passed. If there's anyone, it would be cool to make some memorial page or post for them.
  11. OL Chats 2003

    Oh man those memories. Much simpler time back then.
  12. Does anyone visit the Wil Wheaton webesphere?

    I do occasionally I always liked his Linux posts. I remember one tweet where he said he was going to instant ban anyone who tweets him "Shut up, Wesley!" So Patrick Stewart tweeted him "Shut up, Wil!"
  13. Anyone else try out 3D printing?

    I've been playing around with 3D rendering, but thanks to some websites, you can practically download and mesh you want to print. Many artists on Deviantart have uploaded their models, and other websites have them to download. Thingieverse comes to mind. In fact, I've bought a couple 3D printed starship models at comic cons. They're really good quality. One is an original designed by the artist and it's a mix of TOS and Abramsverse Constitution Class USS Constellation. The other is a Star Trek: Beyond version of the Abrams1701. I'd post pictures but it won't let me upload.
  14. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Exactly! I was thinking, based on what was reported, that these Klingons had been separate from The Empire for, like, 2000 years so that technically could explain why they looked different. First, they weren't exposed to the Augment DNA and second, they just evolved different. Look at the subtle differences in Vulcans and Romulans. But since they had the rest of the leaders of the Klingon Houses, and they looked just the same, throws all that out the window. I can see where the similarities between Burnham and Ro Laren/Tom Paris. But I think mutiny is more serious of a charge than what Ro and Tom did. Ro just didn't follow orders and it ended up getting away team members killed. Tom left Starfleet and joined a "terrorist" group. Although both were serious charges, I think neck pinching your captain, attempting to take command is more serious of a charge.
  15. Star Trek: Discovery

    Yep, and honestly a big part of the pilot+2nd episode story is lazy writing, IMO.