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  1. Same here I really don't have any feelings for it at all. There's a ton of social media groups for Discovery, but a lot of them are really pro Discovery or anti Discovery. And they kick you out in a heartbeat.
  2. Another show that was canned just as it was getting good. Back then, I hated SG:U because it was so different. But as with other shows, it has finally grown on me but honestly I still don't like it as much as SG-1 and SG:A. Not sure if I'll check this out or not. Now that I think about it, I haven't watched SG-1 and SG:A in a very long time. Time to dig the DVDs out of the closet.
  3. It's still been doing it for me. On every visit it shows me logged out but after refresh it's fixed. Edit: Also when I click on the home link to go back to the forum main page, it "logs me out" have to refresh.
  4. Yeah I think DSC or any variant of that is what's trending. Also I believe that's what the CBS internal abbreviation is.
  5. Hi!
  6. It's better than it was, but I have to refresh every visit or it has me logged out.
  7. What should the commonly accepted abbreviation for Discovery be? I've seen several heated debates regarding the subject and even people getting kicked out of facebook groups for using the 'wrong' one.
  8. That's where I'm at.. I really want to give it a chance but my love for history/canon is getting in the way. But yea, the way the Trek fandom works is the hardcore Trekkers are the cake, but the people who never watched classic Trek (TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY) are the icing. I'll watch the pilot for free on All Access, but it better be pretty damn good to convince me to pay a monthly fee to watch 14 other episodes.
  9. It's still doing it for me.
  10. Oh where to begin...? I'll probably come across as someone who is anti Trek, not a real Trek fan... blahblah... so I have been called in some Trek/Discovery facebook groups. So be it. The production value is top notch. Everything looks great, crisp and actually futuristic. My main complaint about this thing from the time they announced it is in "prime universe" and "10 years before Kirk and Spock" I knew this was going to be bad. Very bad. Looks like my fears have been realized. As I've said, why is it SOOOOO necessary to place ANOTHER series in the mid 23rd century? Why not just leave that period alone, let the movies continue what they're doing and move on. I remember saying this back in the Enterprise days, and eventually Enterprise did grow on me, but Discovery is just another attempt by TPTB to completely erase TOS as canon and replace it with something else. To me, Discovery is NOT a TOS prequel, rather an Enterprise sequel. They might as well call this show "Star Trek Enterprise: The Next Generation." The uniforms, ship design, bridge layout and construction, all point to a natural progression of ~100 years after Enterprise. I would almost think this show IS in the Abramsverse. I'm still undecided as to whether or not to watch and support this show. But if they had only set this series after Nemesis or 25th century, I'd be totally on board with it.
  11. I've always wondered exactly when the time line split that chanced the future of the Abramsverse and Prime Universe. A lot of people think the split happened when Nero appeared, destroyed the USS Kelvin and causing George Kirk's death. If this is so, certain events that would have happened in both universes would be unchanged. The two most dangerous ones I can think of is V'Ger and The Probe. I actually wouldn't mind a reboot of The Motion Picture using Abramsverse and making The Motion Picture less boring.
  12. Agreed. CBS has done more to ruin Trek in the past 5 years than Paramount alone did in 45.
  13. Definitely will be interesting. Hate to say it tho, but I've never been so "un optimistic" about a Trek show as I am with this one. I guess it's the TOS purist in me. But I do hope I'm proven wrong.
  14. Wow.. some of those names I haven't seen since then. Bringing back an avalanche of memories.
  15. Yep that works! Wow... I don't even remember posting some of that! #ImOld