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  2. Has it ever been stated why Q was so afraid of Guinan?

    If it had been personal I don’t think she would’ve gone into a defensive stance. I think Q was trying to deflect attention from himself, knowing very little of her bond with Picard...That’s kind of the gulf between omnipotence and omniscience...
  3. The Son's of Mogh. the ending bothers me.

    Somewhere there’s an awesome sequel where he regains his memory and is so vengeful he becomes chancellor just so he can punish Worf. Technically I guess he could dissolve the House of Martok, and once again be the last son of Mogh.
  4. Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV 2017-2018

    This week's episode of The Orville felt like a mashup of TNG's "Where No One Has Gone Before" and "Remember Me." I wasn't a fan of the ending. It felt like a cop out. I continue to watch all the DC shows on The CW. Even Supergirl, which it has gone off the rails this season. So boring to watch. Arrow feels very tired. Legends of Tomorrow is okay but nothing special. The Flash is maybe the best of the bunch and it's not great.
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  6. Episode 9! This truly was a great episode! When I saw this scene, I was like YESSSSSSS!!!! HELL YEAH!!!
  7. Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV 2017-2018

    I'm watching The Orville and I too often play that game as well forst, but atleast it has more of a Star Trek feel, than Star Trek IMHO. Where is the sence of wonder, the social debate, the exploration... All Star Trek focusses on is war and drama (And that fine, but there a lot of shows out there that do it way better)?!? For instance the 7th Orville episode could easily have been a Trek ep. It made me think and rethink how I/we act and interact. Like Trek used to do. When I watch Discovery it's just 42 minutes of action and drama. It comes and goes. I haven't felt the need to discus any of the eps sofar on this forum. It's GoT but then in space and with worse actors, poor music...
  8. Haven't seen the 7the ep yet, but I do agree with Harry Kim concerning the Orville. This show has the old Trek feeling, tackling important cultural and social problems. The 7th episode is a good example of how our society functions today... As for the humour, sometimes it's a bit childish.
  9. Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV 2017-2018

    I'm enjoying The Orville. I especially like playing the "Star Trek did it!" game while watching.
  10. Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV 2017-2018

    It's been renewed for a 2nd season, so you're not alone. I've seen a few episodes. It tries hard, so there's that. I can't say it's must-watch TV, but I want it to be good.
  11. Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV 2017-2018

    Orville... its cringy, predictable, cliche, and derivative. its also full of plot holes. its barely watchable in my opinion. but i have to admit that i have seen all the episodes to date.
  12. i think he's kind of awkward in person to person interactions, he would probably be the first to tell you that its not you, its him. don't take it personally. plus he has a lot of stories about being burned by the public, so i think hes generally gun shy as a defense mechanism. i've seen him in person about 4 or 5 times in the past 5 years or so at various game cons, but i've never approached him. i don't want to put him on the spot and make him feel like he has to interact with me, a perfect stranger to him. having said that, his online presence is excellent. online hes generally very supportive of everyone who reaches out to him, and he seems to genuinely care about his fans and our shared interests. i've sent him about 4 or 5 short comments over the past 5 years or so, and hes responded to almost all of them. pretty cool to be able to interact with him directly through the internet. he's very accessible online.
  13. Episode 7 watched! Wow, wow and wow! I am also watching the Orville and it's latest episode is also no. 7. And that was also wow, wow and wow! It looks like both shows have hit their stride! Even though Star Trek Discovery no longer has the optimistic feel of the old Trek, the 'drama' approach they're taking is producing some excellent episodes, and episode 7 is the highlight so far. Meanwhile Orville fills in my need for some of that good old optimistic future sci fi show, it's episode 7 was excellent, it's basically Star Trek in all but name, but less serious and with humour added in.
  14. Well if Voq is Tyler, he certainly is a good actor if he's willing to go so far to kiss a human to cover his identiy, the possibilty of a sleeper agent is still there. But Discovery contines to make me somewhat sceptical of the Voq is Tyler theory, but I'm still not ruling it out, this show has a tendency to surprise at every turn. And Disacovery didn't waste much time (pardon the pun) to do a time loop episode. Star Trek why must you always mess with temporal laws?
  15. Quite enjoyed "Lethe" and its deep immersion into Sarek's psyche. Possibly now the essential Sarek story.
  16. Interesting theory on Admiral Cornwell, https://www.inverse.com/amp/article/37820-star-trek-discovery-original-series-lethe-corwnell-theory
  17. I for one am going to give Lorca the benefit of the doubt for now. I've so far been proven wrong on so many occasions by this show that I really am just going to sit back and see where they take this. I'm though more curious how these logic extremist vulcans can defend their alleged superiority by bombing a learning center to kill a child and I don't care it if is a human child. I have a feeling they are beeing a little more emotional about the subject than they care to admit.
  18. I see no reason why Lorca couldn't be from the Mirror Universe, but just cos he acts differently doesn't mean he is either. I don't think his that 'savage', like others are saying. His just been through a lot and that can change any person's personality. Like soldiers returning from war with PTSD. As for him trying to get Admiral Cornwall killed to prevent her from relieving him, that did cross my mind. Or maybe there's nothing to it either. Maybe he realised that just fighting for survival only to lose the good things that make the Federation what it is, isn't worth it. He doesn't want to lose Cornwall's friendship or his ship and decides to rein in his behaviour. On the other hand, I don't think anyone's under any illusions, this maybe a trap. But they must chase any avenue for peace. Maybe Lorca figures if the good Admiral gets to go through some pain on a personal level from the Klingons, instead of 'sitting in a office', then she'll come around to his point of view. Also by asking for authorisation instead of just going after her, it'll make Cornwall realise that when lives are at stake, i.e. her life, waiting for slow mo Starfleet to authorise rescue, means more suffering for the people waiting for rescue. By experiencing this on a personal level, it'll make the Admiral realise Lorca has a valid point.
  19. And apparently there was an article written about this theory too from two weeks ago, https://www.inverse.com/article/37223-star-trek-discovery-mirror-univese-lorca-spock
  20. I have been thinking about this theory which I came up with over my lunch break; after watching this weeks latest episode (S01E06 Lethe). What if our Lorca is from the Mirror Universe? We know that he used to be in command of the USS Buran, and that ship blew up and killed everyone except Lorca. What if our Lorca crossed over from the mirror universe while on the Buran. He might have been figured out by the crew and in his escape blew up the ship and the REAL Captain Lorca to cover his secret and then assume the identity of Captain Lorca in this universe, reporting to Starfleet Command as Lorca that they were ambushed by the Klingons and all hands were lost. Mirror Lorca then goes on to take command the only ship in Starfleet that he knows of that could possibly take him back to his own dimension, via the Spore Drive, and he needs Burnham for some reason in this scheme as well (The "Bring her back, or don't return at all" scene). Mirror Lorca acts against what everyone would assume a Starfleet captain would act like, he's aggressive, goes against Starfleet Command often, lies to get what he wants, he guilt trips his crew by playing the dying miners over the PA in order to force them to work harder, he has an entire study dedicated to war and weapons. We also find out that he sleeps with a phaser in his bed and that he has one tucked into the small of his back (Last scene of this episode). Admiral Cornwell also noted after their night together that he seemed like an entirely different man, and when she was about to get him kicked out of his Captain seat and send him to a psych evaluation he (allegedly, Not too clear on this one) disables her phaser and then suggests for her to take over on the dangerous mission to meet with the Klingons (Which he must have deduced is a trap), then when she is captured he refuses to go rescue her. What are your thoughts? Does this theory hold up to closer scrutiny?
  21. Star Trek: Discovery

    Not a surprise at all. There is literally no way CBS could possibly cancel the series after one season. It has too much riding on CBS All Access. Cancelling Discovery would basically be giving up on the streaming service.
  22. Star Trek: Discovery

    So Discovery has been renewed for a second season. No word yet on an episode count, premiere date or whether it, too, will be split into half seasons.
  23. I partially agree to the possibility of Tyler being Voq. When one thinks about it, the puzzle pieces do fit. However due to Discovery's tendencies to blow all my theories out of the water, I'm not quite ready to fully commit to the idea, I'm just going to wait and see what the show does, because I've honestly given up trying to predict things for it since so far practically everything I've thought of has been utterly abolished in the next episode. However, I'm definitely going to hold onto that theory in reserve. And then Voq appears in the next episode.... with how this series has been going, I would be so not surprised. Also about the Klingongs letting T'Kuvma's followers rot for six months, I kind of took it from Kol how manupilates them to abandon Voq as they are really not fully committed to T'Kuvma's ideas and were really just starving them out to gain control of the ship, (the houses do seem to be still fractured even if they are all joined in fighting the war with the federation) Kol just simply had the brighter idea of waiting until they were that desperate that they would betray Voq in exchange for food.
  24. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Ooooo I miss the old formatting... Here's the cleaned up version: There are some serious plotholes in Episode 2. So the Klingons don't bother helping their stranded brethen for 6 months?! And using the stealth technology on all their ships? Starfleet doesn't come back to capture this stranded Klingon ship and get the stealth tech themselves? The Shenzhou is left abandoned, no attempt to destroy vital Starfleet technology? I can see why some fans are disappointed. This. Also, I'm pretty sure Tyler is a spy. At least, a Klingon altered to look human. It's been done before. And I'm pretty sure he's Voq in disguise. Quote from screenrant: Voq is the albino Klingon who was torchbearer and devoted folllower of the late T’Kuvma (Chris Obi). Following the Battle of the Binary Stars, Voq and L’Rell were stranded with no functioning warp drive and no food. We even learned the gruesome truth that to fend off starvation, they ate the corpse of Captain Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh). When Kol of House Kor (Kenneth Mitchell) incited mutiny and took command of Voq’s followers, Kol abandoned Voq to die on board the wreck of the U.S.S. Shenzhou. However, L’Rell, who has a romantic relationship with Voq, beamed herself on board the Shenzhou to share Voq’s fate. When last we saw Voq, he was going through the still-functioning ship’s log of the Shenzhou and learning all he could about Starfleet and the Federation. Voq’s disapperance and L’Rell’s sudden reappearance as commander of a prison ship opens up a slew of questions. How did they escape the Shenzhou? How did L’Rell assume command of the prison ship? And how did L’Rell learn to speak English as well as she did when she tortured Lorca? All of this very easily and credibly leads to the possibility that Ash Tyler is actually Voq in disguise. L’Rell told Lorca she was descended from spies – she is from House Mo’Kai, known as “watchers,” “deceivers,” and “weavers of lies” among the Klingon Empire. It’s very possible Lt. Ash Tyler is Voq surgically altered to appear human and sent as a Klingon infiltrator to the Discovery. The capture of Lorca was likely no accident nor a stroke of luck – he was targeted so Voq-as-Tyler could gain his trust by helping him escape the Klingon ship and join him on board the Discovery. While it’s unclear just how long L’Rell and Voq were trapped on board the Shenzhou and when in the course of the seven months between “Battle at the Binary Stars” and “Choose Your Pain” they could have escaped the Shenzhou and surgically altered Voq to pass for human, with L’Rell’s background as a spy, they had the necessary intel from the Shenzhou to implement such a plan. So yeah, I'm pretty sure this explains it. IF they have come up with something else, then this would have been a wasted opportunity. According to iMDb, Ash Tyler is listed all the way to at least episode 15. So unless this is to throw everyone off, he'll be around for a while. Also, another tidbit, it's possible that the same actor who plays Ash Tyler is the same guy who plays Voq. When you Google Voq, all you can find is some actor named Javid Iqbal. When you find his page, it specifically says at the bottom "Trivia: He is not the Canadian actor that played the role of "Voq" in the CBS Star Trek: Discovery (2017) TV series." Also, leading up to the launch of Discovery, no casting announcement was made about Voq. AND, Memory Alpha says: "Originally, CBS announced in December 2016 that T'Kuvma's protégé, then named "Kol", was to be played by Shazad Latif. In the final version of the series, Latif went on to portray Ash Tyler and T'Kuvma's protégé was renamed "Voq", while the name Kol was given to a leader of a rival Great House." Could it be that CBS messed up the announcement, and redid everything to try to throw everyone off? Now I know this show went through A LOT of rewrites, edits, etc. But it appears to me that there is a clandestine attempt to try to keep this stuff quiet in an attempt to surprise viewers.
  25. I personally had no problems with leaving Mudd behind, considering the last two episodes we've seen him in Star Trek (three if we count the animated series) that guy is practically asking to be shot out of an airlock. Quite honestly I was in full support of Lorca leaving him behind, though it does answer the question why Mudd was so desprate to try and run away from the Enterprise back in the original series. He's met Captain Lorca. I honestly am taking quite a liking to Captain Lorca, yeah he's clearly a dubious character, but I have so far no doubt about his loyalities, they are clearly to me aligned with the Federation. Although we hear him confess having blown up his ship to spare his crew the torture of klingon imprisonment, I don't think we have the full story here and I can't wait to see more of it. I'm once again unable to predict what the show is going to do, I had all kinds of ideas what was going to happen next and they were all blown out of the water once more. So i'm just going to sit back and enjoy the ride. Loved this episode, it's seriously shaping up to be at least my third favorite series after the original and next generation.
  26. Well Episode 5 now. So the plot moves forward and we get more focus on other characters other then Burnham. I can't believe Starfleet would just let Lorca travel on his own unprotected in a shuttle?! And when he left Mudd behind, it didn't feel right to me. Afterwards I justified it as that Lorca was thinking, Mudd couldn't be trusted. For all we know Mudd feels the Federation will lose this war so might as well make nice early with your new masters. Mudd could have sabotaged their escape. Tyler... at first I felt he was kosher. Then realised maybe their escape was a little convenient. He maybe a spy. Wouldn't Lorca who has studied the art of war, be at least be wary of such a thing. Or maybe he does suspect and will feed Tyler misinformation. Or I am thinking in circles. Without more Tardigrades, how is Starfleet gonna make this work? If they get more of them, then they risk killing them. Of course it's either the Federation or the Tardigrades. What if the Tardigrades are sentient and can communicate? That would really put the Federation into a dilemma, cos it's enslaving another species. But at the moment they can conveniently treat them as animals. Surely using the DNA transfer technique means the problem is solved. As far as we can tell, it's having to stab those things into people that hurts them? Or is it also a brain depletion issue too? But saying that, I rather risk death like this, then losing the war and been tortured by Klingons. And I think people would volunteer in this way to help decisively end the war. Which should mean Starfleet is guaranteed to win. So Lorca destroyed his own ship to 'save' his crew. It still doesn't explain how he became this person who would do such a thing in the first place. So there's obviously more backstory how he become this hardened person in the first place. Just like with Burnham the Klingon killing her parents is one factor she's gung-ho against them. So what is Lorca's story? The Discovery jumping is still a very cool effect. And the tardigrade jumping also looks cool! The end scene was creepy to say the least. EDIT: There are some serious plotholes in Episode 2. So the Klingons don't bother helping their stranded brethen for 6 months?! And using the stealth technology on all their ships? Starfleet doesn't come back to capture this stranded Klingon ship and get the stealth tech themselves? The Shenzhou is left abandoned, no attempt to destroy vital Starfleet technology? I can see why some fans are disappointed.
  27. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Tonight's was the best one yet. Except for the F bombs.
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