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  2. Understandable. I'll still be posting stuff as it comes out, regardless. For better or for worse. Case in point, we now have a view of the Shenzhou's transporter room: Which makes absolutely no sense. Why completely redesign the look of transporter tech? I get that this is older tech and the transporter room aboard the Discovery will look different, but we've seen much older tech and it still looks more like a traditional Trek transporter than this. At least the phasers look TOS-like.
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  4. I think the best thing for me to do is tune out the promotional push completely, watch the series premiere on CBS in September, and decide whether to subscribe to CBS All Access. Trailers, pictures, and interviews won't tell me whether I'll enjoy the show. Watching the premiere is going to tell me. I hope. The more we see, the less I like the look of Discovery, from the uniforms to the sets to the ships. I can't help but feel bitter about how little I care. I want to be excited about new Star Trek. But the botched pre-production/production and lengthy delays sucked all the excitement out of the show. And we still have no idea what it's ABOUT other than a vague premise. I suppose we didn't know much about Enterprise other than it being set before TOS...
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  6. And now EW has a pic of Jason Isaacs as Captain Gabriel Lorca, along with a glimpse of the Discovery's bridge. It's not much, but enough to see that the look is a bit different than the Shinzou. No sparing the lens flares in either case, unfortunately. There's a larger pic at the EW link.
  7. I usually hate to use the phrase "train wreck" but it seems to fit.
  8. And from this article: (which itself quotes from an article on Entertainment Weekly), we have yet to really see the look of the show going forward. The bridge of the Discovery is not the bridge of the much older Shinzou. So does that mean we'll be getting the Apple Store interior for Discovery? I have no idea. But for whatever reason, TPTB have chosen not to show us what we'll be seeing past the initial episode. More at the link regarding production delays.
  9. It is, but it's probably a mix of being the only way to get the series on air before December and an attempt to get people to subscribe for more than one month of binging the series.
  10. Splitting the season is a terrible idea.
  11. Release Date: September 24th 2017 (We'll see! :P)
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  13. Yes, I have every season of SG1 on DVD in a drawer somewhere, but I haven't watched an episode in years. I didn't really have high hopes for Emmerich and Devlin's reboot of the franchise, but at least it would have been something. Even that's fallen by the wayside. I suspect MGM will eventually do something with it, but who knows when.
  14. Progress, maybe?
  15. Not me. I only did "Hour by Hour".
  16. Same here I really don't have any feelings for it at all. There's a ton of social media groups for Discovery, but a lot of them are really pro Discovery or anti Discovery. And they kick you out in a heartbeat.
  17. I don't know about anyone else, but I haven't thought about Discovery once since the last time I posted in this thread. I almost can't believe how little I care about a new Star Trek series. It's weird to remember the hype surrounding Enterprise back in 2001--here at the OL and elsewhere--and compare it to the utter lack of buzz for Discovery. To be fair, the Internet has undergone massive changes since 2001. Although I haven't been looking, it's possible there is a lot of talk about Discovery on social media. Forums like this aren't where the general public or casual Star Trek fans are going to go. They'll post something on Facebook or Twitter (or Snapchat or Instagram or whatever). Just because I'm not seeing chatter doesn't mean there isn't chatter. But at the same time, I feel like there isn't much excitement for Discovery outside of the hardcore fan community (TrekBBS, TrekMovie, TrekCore, and the like). EDIT: Just came across a Collider article with some vague quotes from executive producer Alex Kurtzman. They're shooting Episode 5 right now.
  18. I haven't thought about Stargate: Universe in years, probably since it went off the air. To be honest, these days the Stargate franchise is much like the Star Trek franchise. I have fond memories of it, I wish I had people to talk about it with, and I'd like to rewatch every episode if I had time, but ultimately it's not a part of my life anymore. Sad.
  19. For the first time in weeks, when I visited today I was already logged in.
  20. Another show that was canned just as it was getting good. Back then, I hated SG:U because it was so different. But as with other shows, it has finally grown on me but honestly I still don't like it as much as SG-1 and SG:A. Not sure if I'll check this out or not. Now that I think about it, I haven't watched SG-1 and SG:A in a very long time. Time to dig the DVDs out of the closet.
  21. Anyone else remember Stargate Universe? I do, but barely. It was quite different in tone than SG1 and SGA, and it only got two seasons before being canceled. That S2 finale ended with a cliffhanger which will finally get resolved, after a fashion, with a comic series from publisher, American Mythology. The original series writers aren't "heavily involved," so I doubt this is what we would have gotten with an actual S3, but who knows? The same publisher also has an ongoing Stargate: Atlantis series, if you're interested in what Sheppard & Co. are up to. Now that I think about it, didn't that end with them landing the station on Earth? Where do you go from there? I guess I'd have to read to find out.
  22. Same situation for me.
  23. It's still been doing it for me. On every visit it shows me logged out but after refresh it's fixed. Edit: Also when I click on the home link to go back to the forum main page, it "logs me out" have to refresh.
  24. And then I got served a version of a thread that was meant for a site visitor, but the rest of the board loaded correctly for me today. Methinks we won't be staying with Bluehost once our year is up.
  25. At first I thought the title was Star Trek Discovery Aberration, thought it was quite fitting! Anyways, I am on board with DSC as well. STD is an unfortunate pairing of letters for a Star Trek show, and because of that it will most likely be the one people use who don't like the show.
  26. Thanks for sharing these. Memories, memories... I'm not going to lie, I miss the days when the OL was bustling and AIM was all the rage. My life was so much simpler back then. Friendships were easier to maintain. It didn't seem to matter when you signed on to AIM, someone was always there to talk. Unrelated: I can't believe one of my AIM screen names was Tickles McPhee. Yikes.
  27. Wow. I was never a chatter, but I do recognize some of the names.
  28. I'm siding with DSC. Leaving aside that if it turns out badly, it may be as well received as an STD, 7here's no precedent for including the "Star Trek" in the abbreviation in a series (though I suppose it's been done with the Into Darkness and Beyond films). DIS would follow VOY's convention, but it's a bit too Disney-reminiscent for my taste. I also don't care enough to kick anyone off the board for using the "wrong" abbreviation.
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